Wed 26 Nov 97 9:36

Ken Young:
Humans are supposed to have limits, have a soul, etc. Do you really want humans to be considered to be animalistic?

Sue Armstrong:
Too bad to burst your little bubble but humans aren't vegetable or mineral. (Except in your case, where both apply.) Humans are mammalian animals. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

Ken Young:
Hate to burst -your- bubble, but there is a difference between us and your every day cat or dog. We are human beings, not animals. When we lose our souls, stop being able to talk, and no longer have the skills that belong to humans, then I might agree with you.

Sue Armstrong:
Uh, there are plenty of adult humans who CAN'T talk. Do they not have souls? Babies can't talk - do they not have souls until they're able to learn to do so?

And what skills, exactly, "belong" to humans?

Since you seem so full of abhorrence when confronted with the idea that humans are animals - from your tone, I suspect you feel that animals are somehow horrible, nasty, dirty things - I have included the following text. I'm sure any dog owner would appreciate the truth of it.

Ken Teel:
kennyct@iconn.net Apparently Mr. Young has fogotten basic high school biology. The field of taxonomy clearly shows that humans are Homo sapiens, primates in the animal kingdom.

The denigration of other beings and the domination of the planet are doctrines set forth in the Christian's precious bible. The book of Genesis claims that the Earth is humanity's to subdue and dominate (Gensesis 1:28). This is typical arrogance.

Neglecting the obvious fact that the environment is humanity's "master" (we are NOT the environment's masters.) Without realizing that we are but tenants on this planet we are doomed to be evicted by the environment itself.

This domineering attitude shows a glaring lack of respect and compassion for other beings and is yet another fine example of what Christianity (as opposed to other cultures) has reaped.

Intolerance, conquest and domination are some characteristics of Mr. Young's religion. His inability and/or unwillingness to see that keeps him in his ignorance. The ignorance of Christians at large and their denial of reality makes it almost certain that the atrocity of the Christian machine will continue. Regardless of the damage it does.


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