The source for this is unknown. As it is, few extremists in the Christian community have ever tried to reconcile the following with their hatred of gays.

An engineering professor is treating her husband, a loan officer, to dinner for finally giving in to her pleas to shave off the scraggly beard he grew on vacation.

His favorite restaurant is a casual place where they both feel comfortable in slacks and cotton/polyester-blend golf shirts. But, as always, she wears the gold and pearl pendant he gave her the day her divorce decree was final.

They're laughing over their menus because they know he always ends up diving into a giant plate of ribs but she won't be talked into anything more fattening than shrimp.

Quiz: How many biblical prohibitions are they violating?

  • Well, wives are supposed to be 'submissive' to their husbands (I Peter 3:1).
  • And all women are forbidden to teach men (I Timothy 2:12),
  • wear gold or pearls (I Timothy 2:9)
  • or dress in clothing that 'pertains to a man' (Deuteronomy 22:5).
  • Shellfish and pork are definitely out (Leviticus 11:7, 10)
  • as are usury (Deuteronomy 23:19),
  • shaving (Leviticus 19:27)
  • and clothes of more than one fabric (Leviticus 19:19).
  • And since the Bible rarely recognizes divorce, they're committing adultery, which carries the rather harsh penalty of death by stoning (Deuteronomy 22:22)."

So why are they having such a good time? Probably because they wouldn't think of worrying about rules that seem absurd, anachronistic or -- at best -- unrealistic. Yet this same modern-day couple could easily be among the millions of Americans who never hesitate to lean on the Bible to justify their own anti-gay attitudes.

-- From 'And Say Hi To Joyce' by lesbian columnist Deb Price.

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