Anti-war protest, Los Angeles, 22/March/2003


On 22 March 2003, approximately 23,000 (my estimate) anti-war peace marchers gathered at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine in Los Angeles. We then marched to the CNN building to protest not only George Bush's oil war against Iraq's citizens, but also to protest against the media's lack of coverage of the dead children of Iraq and the lack of coverage of the massive world-wide protests against George Dubya Bush's oil war. (One news station commented that the 50,000 at the previous week's protest had only 300 protesters present.)

While I and my sons were out, we also dropped in on the monsterously criminal Scientology crime syndicate and took some photographs. This is near North Hollywood so finding freakish organized crime gansters who think they're infested with aliens from outer space dressed up in little toy sailor suits walking around the streets of Los Angeles is to be expected.

I oppose Scientology's abuses and George Dubya Bush for many of the same reasons. Something like 65 of these photographs are coverage of the anti-war protest, the rest were taken because the Scientology flying saucer cult was in the area.

prot000.jpg - On the 101 Freeway heading into Los Angeles. This photopgram is included in the series to show what kind of weather we had over the city. Last week end at the 50,000 + protester strong rally, it was raining buckets.
prot001.jpg - Before the start of the massive anti-war peace march, my sons and I walked down Hollywood Blvd. where we were pleased to discover a small gaggle of the bizarre cultists that the rest of the world usually thinks of when somebody mentions the name "California." These poor people were herded quickly into the building when I walked up and started to offer them free information about Xenu, Body Thetans, OT3, and the Marcabian invasion fleet from outerspace, something these flying saucer cultists only learn about after paying their cult leaders something over $187,000 US dollars. We take about 10 photographs of this phenomena before we get into the actual anti-war protest.
prot002.jpg - A much better picture of the unhappy, miserable, blank-eyed robots who've paid good money to have the Scientology cult steal their souls from them. I had asked a number of the people whether they were going to participate in the anti-war rally and none of them even knew there was one scheduled. Indeed, I seriously doubt whether any of them are aware that their unelected mock "President" has even launched a war.
prot003.jpg - One robot informed me that they were too busy to participate in the anti-war rally, too busy saving the world (which means they're too busy reading Hubbard's freakishly bizarre and utterly insane ranting set to paper.) I pointed out that one of the "tenants" of the cult is to work for a world without war, then asking why they're not joining the protest. I got silence back on that question. Here's one of the brainwashed robots on the telephone reporting back to his masters that a "Suppressive Person" (that would be me) was in the area.
prot004.jpg - A picture of cult leaders herding the remaining robots into the building quickly so they won't be able to hear all about Xenu. I informed them all that they could get "free OT3" here, free today all day. What's interesting is that these criminals had no idea a massive protest was going on and so didn't try to get money and customers for their frauds by working the crowds. Thing is, anti-war protesters are pretty good and discerning scams and frauds like Scientology so perhaps the cult did know about he protest but decided it was a wasted effort to see if anyone could be swindled.
prot005.jpg - Further down the street we ran into this character. These insane criminals dress up some of their mentally unstable followers to pretend they're police officers only the insane kooks aren't allowed to haul around firearms and they're used to keep Scientologists from escaping. These criminals are guards that watch cult followers constantly as they move from building to building or from vehicles to buildings, watching to make sure that nobody makes a break for freedom or jumps into a taxi to escape. A large number of cult victims are sons and daughters who disappeared into the crime syndicate and whose parents are looking for them.
prot006.jpg - The criminal enterprise has disjointed advertising out, always on the make for new customers to swindle. These crimnals actually tried to disrupt the relief efforts in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York and were caught then thrown out by force. These Scientology criminals were assisting the terrorists by trying to block the victims from getting mental, empotional, and physical help. The crooks were quickly caught then thrown out of New York but that doesn't stop these criminals from claiming they were there in large numbers and actually helped instead of tried to disrupt the efforts of all the heros who came to New York.
prot007.jpg - A couple of more pictures of the crime syndicate then we'll get to the protest. Here you'll find a fenced in area that the crime syndicate uses to contain its followers as they disembark from vans and other vehicles the cult uses to move its brainwashed victims around in. Here you will find some of those insane kooks parading around in toy sailor suits, thinking they're what the cult calls "Loyal Officers" who fought and defeated the Galactic ruler named Xenu 75 million years ago. Cultists aren't informed about these flying saucer tenate until long after they're brainwashed and have pain in hundreds of thousands of dollars to the crooks, then they're sold the information. I was on hand to hand it out for free and did so verbally -- which pissed the crooks off considerably.
prot008.jpg - I thought I would show what some of the controllers in this cult look like. There are people who are assigned the task of controlling the other brainwashed sheep. These types are dominant loud mouthed bitches, quite often, nothing at all female left after Hubbard and this insane cult gets through with them.
prot009.jpg - This behavior is also rather common among Scientology victims. Quite oiften you'll find them standing on the sidewalk blank eyed with their mouthes open noty moving. One of the tasks of the controlling people and the kooks dressed up trying to pretend they're police is to touch them or gently nudge them along to get their motor functions working again. The phenomena has actually been called the scieno stare and it is an outward exhibition of the mental dysfunction that derives from prolonged exposure to the debilitative mind control these people subject themselves to. In the book "Demon Haunted World," Carl Sagan noted that L. Ron Hubbard is the only known person who has ever managed to write something that drives people insane. This poor female needs serious help.
prot010.jpg - Getting toward the end of these cult photographs, really... there's something like four more, as I recall. The people in the shops around the protest site had some amusing tales to tell, as you could imagine. Someone in a nearby coffee shop told me that he wanted to be as far away from the kooks as possible on they day they "finally go off." They were actually expexted by many to "finally go off" at the end of the year 1991 when the crooks failed to end the mentl health industry as scheduled (their crime bosses had been selling the claim to its followers for decades and the end of the year was yet another good indication of the core criminality of these crooks.)
prot011.jpg - The address of this flying saucer cult if anybody wants to sign up and hand over their wallet and their brain (in either order.) Dubya's war is all about oil. This organized crime syndicate is all about money. Judges have called this criminal enterprise "lclkassically terroristic" and yet George Dubya Bush hasn't gone after them. Do a Google search on the name "Eliot Abelson" near the name "Gambino" and you'll note that the Scientology crime syndicate works with people of the more traditional Gambino Mafia crime syndicate.
prot012.jpg - Okay, we're taking a look down Hollywood Blvd. before the protesters start showing up in large numbers. I wanted to show what the area looks like before, during, and then after the protest (actually I left hours early.)
prot013.jpg - A look down Vine before the protesters start accumulating. We'll turn left here onto the street you see, then later a right turn down Sunset to collect at the base of the CNN building. Actually the cops blocked off the street in direct violation of our Constitutional rights but that's typical in George Dubya Bush's Nazi America -- and getting worse by the day.
prot015.jpg - While waiting for the mass protest to start gathering, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to get photographs of myself pausing under the Scientology cult's signs for a moment's reflection on the insanity and gullibility of some people. Since Dubya wasn't handy to pose next to, Scientology's monument to stupidity was the next best thing. Yes, that's a green peace symbol on my face, "Scientology Kills" T-shirt which annoyed the poor bastards pretty much, and a drum that black protesters helped me keep time on.
prot016.jpg - The other side of the hand made protest sign one of my sons made. We actually ditched these signs when activists brought enough professionally created ones for other people to use; signs with sticks.
prot017.jpg - A better look at the protest sign's message. Some of the electronic equipment seen here shows some of what was brought to the area. We also brought some good military grade Omni spectral analyzing equipment and low-speed Morse/Baudot type decoding equipment to record some of the emissions in the area.
prot018.jpg - Abacus holds a protest sign in front of the flying saucer cult's business office. Abacus has done work with Amnisty International, engaging in protests and pickets against human rights abuses and against the inhuman sanctions against the Iraqi citizens over the past 12 years.
prot019.jpg - Okay, we're going to stick with the anti-war protest from now until the end of this series. The beginning of the staging of the protest is shown here. There was some shade though it wasn't really needed. Many people didn't know enough to bring hats since it was their first time ever protesting against anything. Water was brought by a number of groups which was given to people who have never spoken out like this before and didn't know what to expect.
prot020.jpg - Abacus keeping an eye on the general area and watching for safety issues and people asking for help or directions. I'd very proud that my sons take an active interest in opposing war and marching for peace. The Internet has made finding the truth about the motivations for fascists a simple matter of bringing up Google and performing searches. Since the United States media censors or otherwise refuses to tell the American populace the truth about anything of significance, news sources from other countries can be checked to see what it is the American government's right-wing media is not telling us. I wish we had the Internet when I was in High School.
prot021.jpg - More organization while few people (only a thousand or so) are in the area.
prot022.jpg - A number of tables were set up at the staging area to sell T-shirts and buttons and what not with an anti-war theme. My initial impression was that these people were using the anti-war protest to make money. But as the protest started gathering people, I saw lots of people taking donations or nothing at all in exchange for such things -- though most people paid for them. It looked to me to be people providing T-shirts and what not at cost, trying to pay for the publication expenses of their literature and web sites. I don't know about the variation in spelling of the name Iraq we see here.
prot023.jpg - This one's amusing. Here we have a press whore, a guy who'll take money from corporations and the US government in exchange for lying to the American public. I got a handfull of these bills the Press Whore was handing out and they look pretty amusing -- and truthful. One can purchase America's media and program them to lie to the people about anything, all it takes is the right amount of money.
prot024.jpg - Abacus again with a new T-Shirt. We can see more people entering the staging area, getting organized, and then relocating down the streets of the city.
prot025.jpg - Worry. I've always loved MAD Magazine and Al. "What? Me worry?" Here we have an amusing picture of the fascist war criminal George Dubya Bush, the theocratic madman with his finger on the button and an IQ estimated by the best at around 80. (There's a group of professionals at some University I read about that measures President's IQs and, though Dubya isn't the President, since he pretends he is he got his estimated as well. His is the lowest ever based upon the cocaine addled criminal's writings and comments made without teleprompters. Scientology could help him with that!)
prot026.jpg - Heil Bush! War is racism as well as a way for the wealthy to acquire more wealth. The fascist ideologies of Dubya include his "Patriot Act" and his "Total Information Awareness" rapes of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. His "Faith Based Charities" is theocracy, pure and simple. A way to pay back his right-wing religiously insane backers for their help in hijacking the Presidential election. Welcome to Nazi Germany remade in the United States thanks to Dubya, a cocaine addled drunk with an IQ around 80.
prot027.jpg - The cops checking out a suspicious person and, it looked like, handing out a citation. The cops did a good job -- a very good job; I was surprised. The videotape incidents for their own protection but they also video tape people for their fascist motivations. This guy here with the video camera was taking covert footage of the people helping to organize others, video tape that the fascists will catalog, identify, and classify for later database retrieval as part of the growing fascism in America.
prot028.jpg - Same cop trying to hide behind a bus while videotapeing some of the organizers of some of the groups here. Be sure to get good tight shots of people's faces so they can be rounded up when it's time to start exterminating citizens for "treason."
prot029.jpg - Another view of these police officers. I spent some time taking photographs covertly myself. The cops, as I said, did a very good job keeping the peace and after we started heading toward the car, I stopped to talk with and personally thank about 50 of them, thanking them fro coming out and making sure the protest went safely. Almost all the cops welcomed my thanks and many confirmed that they were glad it went so well. Some of the cops had flowers handed to them by protesters and the cops were good to us.
prot030.jpg - Okay, what I think is the final series of photographs of the cops here.
prot031.jpg - Nope, this is the last one. The camera I'm holding is below my belt, aimed in the general direction of these guys though not aimed very well. The one with the camera saw I was paying attention to him however didn't appear to notice that my camera was clicking off frames. He looked away but brought his camera toward my direction so I brought my protest sign up and covered my ugly mug just because. He got me full later and we both laughed. Bad cop. No doughtnut.
prot032.jpg - Yeah, there are GIRLS at these protests. If that's not enough to get the guys motivated into coming out, nothing will. This photograph was taken accidentally. A dog is being held on a leash by the woman on the right and I had asked if I could take photographs of the signs on the dog.
prot033.jpg - Here's one side of the mutt's protest sign. "K9s Against Land Mines" as I recall. The protestr sign got washed out of the mixer here but I do recall that it said something like this on one side.
prot034.jpg - "Let me pee on Bush" on the other side of the dog's protest sign. I can't think of a better suggestion, off hand, other than hauling him up in front of the Hague immediately there after and trying him for his war crimes.
prot035.jpg - We're still an hour and more ahead of the time we're supposed to start marching. The crowds that are sticking at the staging areas here are growing though most people are all along Hollywood Blvd. and along Vine. I'm standing on top of a concrete block which has a lamp post embedded in it.
prot036.jpg - Still on the concrete block, we take a look along the corner of Argyle and Hollywood Blvd.
prot037.jpg - I tried to get a view of the large numbers of people accumulating across the corner but couldn't get a good shot past the crowds, even though I was about 6 feet higher than anybody else (except for the people in the buildings all over the area who were watching the massive rally.)
prot038.jpg - Helicopters were all over the place, both police as well as media however as usual -- for the most part -- the media declined to actually show just how many people come out to protest against Dubya and his oil war fascism. Organizers had estimated some 30,000 time time out though I estinate it was actually at minimum 23,000. Last week end in the pouring rain we had 50,000 people easily out protesting against Dubya's oil war. Here we have one of the helicopters in orbit, picking up all of the city streets starting to fill up with protesters.
prot039.jpg - A picture of the Taft Building. I had tried to get a picture of the people -- actually a variant of police officer identified by the electronic equipment I had brought -- stationed at the top of this building. No such luck since the focal length of the camera is hard coded. I got the clear and scrambled audio, though, even the spread spectrum stuff that the authorities were sold by some crook who must have told them it was secure stuff nobody could unravel. Law enforcement and related agency telecom units often get touted as secure by commercial entities who are in any event ten years behind the military grade equipment available to some of us special few (because we're so damn good looking, you know.) Any way, most of the clear and encrypted audio traffic was just keeping tabs on police and citizens, directing officers on the ground to establish the identity of individuals located at grid coordinates the authorities had worked out in advance.
prot040.jpg - Browser and one of the organizers for the many different groups. We're still about an hour from the official start of the protest. The police, as you can see, are as thick as flies around Dubya's slack jawed mouth.
prot041.jpg - Still before the actual march begins. We take a walk across the street to get some idea of how many people are filling the sidewalks in some of the major streets.
prot042.jpg - Looking down Hollywood Blvd. The next street is Vine which is also jammed up with protesters.
prot043.jpg - Another quick look while the traffic light is with me. I believe we have another coming up next. The cops managed to get the vehicle traffic cleared once the march actually began however we managed to accidentially capture one driver in his car who parked and sang along with the singing and drumming once we got started.
prot044.jpg - Yep, more of the same. I saw a protester almost get run into by a car which I suspect was an accident rather than deliberate. The car managed to stop in time to keep from hitting the protester. The protester turned to his left and held his protest sign in front of the car that nearly hit him, held his pose for about 5 seconds, and then resumed walking across the street. Many of the cars had drivers that were watching the protesters and trying to read the signs and look at the amusing pictures and photographs people had put together.
prot045.jpg - After walking across the street we get another look only this time I thought these police officers were worthy a couple of frames. Helicopters and motorcycles are the only way to run down evil doers in this city. Here we have a string of Mary units who are about to turn on their squealers and take a high speed left onto Hollywood on their way somewhere.
prot046.jpg - And they're off! Sirens blasting a path in front of them. We didn't have any problems at the protest until about five hours later, so I believe this series of cops were getting into position because we were about to start the march.
prot047.jpg - And another shot at the cops -- so-to-speak. Behind them, incidentally, on the corner of Argyle and Hollywood Blvd. there's parking though it filled up pretty damn quickly after this.
prot048.jpg - Oh! Here's a photograph of the protester that almost got run into. I forgot I took a photograph. Notice the position and attitude of the protester's body? It's kind of like fending off the nearness of vehicular death mixed with showing the cause of his expected death his picket sign in a last act of patriotism before being killed -- kind of like the picture of the rabbit giving the finger to the hawk just because the rabbit is shredded.
prot049.jpg - It's time to start going; at a couple of minutes past noon, by my watch. All the tens of thousands of peace activists flow from the sidewalks into the street, spreading out from the compacted clots of humanity that had collected on the sidewalks.
prot050.jpg - From here on we get pictures of the march from the ground level. We're heading West, I believe it is, down Hollywood Blvd.
prot051.jpg - We pause, march, pause, march... singing and pounding drums and tin pans while we do so. There is a group of people ahead of us that have practiced their music and chants and we stick close to them because it's good stuff.
prot052.jpg - From here on, it's pictures of the march. You'll see us tern left onto Vine, then a right onto Sunset.
prot053.jpg - March
prot054.jpg - March
prot056.jpg - March
prot058.jpg - March
prot059.jpg - March
prot060.jpg - March. You will notice that I spend some time taking pictures of the police officers sent out to keep us safe. I miss the baby blue helmets and the rubber bullets though the urban combat suits are more comfortable and the pepper ball rifles cause less damage to little children. Shotguns were also kept stored in places around the city streets, each cache given designations discussed over the encrypted radios. A number of vehicles put into position by the cops along the various streets were given numerical and alphabetic designations and were used as waypoints for cops when repositioning officers over the radio.
prot061.jpg - March
prot062.jpg - March
prot063.jpg - March
prot064.jpg - March
prot065.jpg - March
prot066.jpg - March
prot067.jpg - March
prot068.jpg - March
prot069.jpg - March
prot070.jpg - "We support peace, not Saddam." nobody here supports Saddam or his own brand of fascist depotism. We do not need to emulate Saddam in the United States, however, by instigating a war against Iraq merely to secure that country's oil reserves.
prot071.jpg - March
prot072.jpg - March
prot073.jpg - March
prot074.jpg - March
prot076.jpg - March
prot077.jpg - We're leaving the area, going back the way we came. Here's a look at the carnage -- which is not all that bad. Litter was being picked up by activists along the way so it wasn't very messy.
prot078.jpg - Turning around we see Abacus and Browser with a backdrop of the protest as it's still going on. The protest itself will continue for several more hours. Apparently after another two or three hours or so, four asswipes come in and join the protest only to climb on top of a television news van and starting to jump up and down on it. The cops took care of these bastards quickly and, I hope, locked them up for a few weeks. We don't want people like this at protests, do we?
prot079.jpg - More of the same...
prot080.jpg - More of the same...
prot081.jpg - More of the same...
prot082.jpg - More of the same...
prot083.jpg - More of the same...
prot084.jpg - More of the same. And we're done! It was a good protest and everybody was safe. The next one is this Sunday on the 30'th. Contact me for information if you wish to find out where and when that massive protest will be. It'll be in the same general area and you can get specifics by bringing up



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