Scientology Crime Syndicate


Biannual ARSCC (wdne) SR (Status Report)
04/Jul/00, flr

01/Jan/00 - The Lisa McPherson Trust is scheduled to open yet does not
            open until 06/Jan/00.

02/Jan/00 - Photograph forgeries: Arnie Lerma learned that the Scientology cult doctored photographs taken at their new-year's millennium event to try to deceive the media, wogs, and their followers into believing they have more followers than they currently do. Arnie discovered the deception and alerted the media and quietly alerted the ARSCC (wdne.)

See http://www.raids.org/xenuxenu.htm

06/Jan/00 - The Lisa McPherson Trust opens! Initial reports from Ground Zero indicate that the several people who live in the Clearwater area stopped by to express congratulations and to offer assistance and support in many capacities.

12/Jan/00 - Civil trial in Clearwater: The Judge compares the Scientology cult and its behavior to the tobacco industry and further compares the picketers and protesters, to surviving family members and loved ones of people who have been killed by tobacco use.

Cult uses "Samurai Bob" photograph in last-ditch effort.

The cult also keeps "yakking" at the Judge for four hours after the Judge informed them he had made his decision, eventually telling the cult to go away and that he would mail them his decision.

13/Jan/00 - Cult starts canceling Arnie Lerma's postings heavily due to the continued discussions about the cult's attempted deception of the doctored photographs.

13/Jan/00 - Cult somehow manages to get white lines drawn across a street and an injunction against a number of the staff of the Lisa McPherson Trust from crossing the lines. The cult apparently has to pay off-duty police officers to watch the lines but the Clearwater Police Department is using resources for that watch.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State were contacted, as was the ACLU in the Tampa area. The unconstitutionality of granting a criminal organization that tries to demand it's a religion would have been cause for Lemmon to find such an injunction untenable. No agency contacted, however, felt the violation to be of a serious enough nature to rectify.

15/Jun/00 - Criminal cult officially "dead agents" Mr. Arnie Lerma and Fredric Rice by posting meandering hate rants about them from publicrelations@scientology.org.

A web page was created with appropriate copyright notice and is at http://www.raids.org/joyjoy.htm . With the webbing of the official Scientology statement, the Scientology crooks continue their "dead agenting" using throw-away e-mail accounts rather than their official Scientology cult e-mail account.

19/Jan/00 - Suzanne Montangero, "President" of the cult's offices in Lausanne got sentenced to 10 days in detention and fined 2,000 L (some $1,000 U. S. Dollars) which was apparently paid to Francois Lavergnat, founder of "Group for the Protection of Family and the Individual." The cultist had "dead agenting" Francois and the Judge smacked the bitch down smartly.

20/Jan/00 - Fredric Rice talked with XXXX XXXXX who works for a company that sells television shows to run on the BBC, London, about her crew doing a comedy show on the Scientology cult. Fredric apparently was successful at talking XXXX XXXXX out of such a notion since the comedy show was never done.

22/Jan/00 - Dr. Stephen A. Kent wrote a detailed affidavit showing how the cult's "Introspective Run-down" is not religious contrary to the claims of the cult. The affidavit is 1429 lines lone, 72 sentences, and contains numerous useful references including Internet web links.

26/Jan/00 - Mr. Mark Bunker, televideo journalist for Xenu TV, was assaulted and detained by off-duty police officers under the pay of the Scientology crooks. He was eventually arrested by real, on-duty police officers. Mr. Bunker was videotaping an attempted refund where two people who trying to get back some of the money they were swindled out of.

The Chicago police stole the videotape that was in Mr. Bunker's video camera and later claimed that the camera was empty.

The two victims who were trying to get some of their money back also have outstanding lawsuits against the Scientology crooks due to the damaging effects of the cult's quack medicine practices that they were sold -- the so-called "Purification Run-down" that often results in damaged livers due to the insane amounts of niacin that L. Ron Hubbard tells followers to take.

28/Jan/00 - The Scientology crooks impersonate a Federal Express employee to gain access to the newly-opened Lisa McPherson Trust's President's office to throw a copy of a temporary injunction following Mr. Minton's pushing a cultist in the face with a picket sign and the cultists' (David Howd) subsequent street acting wherein the cultist practically tried to play an attempted murder victim.

31/Jan/00 - The Squirreling.ORG domain was registered.

01/Feb/00 - Journalist Mark Bunker gets attacked by a mad cultist with a hammer. XenuTV was out videotaping with a German television crew when Richard Bernard came out of a house and started attacking Mr. Bunker with a hammer.

Two video cameras caught the attack and when police came to investigate the attack, they did not arrest the suspect or even want to take a report. The cops in fact threatened to arrest the journalists!

When some good cops arrived at the incident, the video was shown yet still no arrest of the hammer-attacking suspect has yet to be made (04/Jul/00.) The cops were said to have been asking the D. A. whether they could press charges against the cultist. Apparently the copy fear the Scientology cult so much that even mad cultists attacking journalists with hammers isn't a crime any more.

02/Feb/00 - Mr. Safe announced the creation of Squirreling.ORG which will host all of the known documentation covering the Scientology cult's "squirreling" of L. Ron Hubbard's writings.

04/Feb/00 - Cult ringleader Mike Rinder accidentally identified Gottfried Helnwein as a cult follower even though Gottfried has had a six-year-long lawsuit in Germany against a media outlet which "outed" the fact that he is a cultist, claiming, I believe, defamation at having been wrongly accused of being a Scientologist.

05/Feb/00 - Gottfried Helnwein dropped his six-year-long lawsuit after cult ringleader Mike Rinder accidentally identified him as a fellow cult follower, negating the alleged basis of the lawsuit. No word has yet been offered on whether the people who were being sued are going to file charges against Helnwein and the Scientology cult.

08/Feb/00 - Wayne Shellow of the Clearwater Police Department issued a document assigning police officers to watch over the cult at the white lines painted on Watterson north of Cleveland. The text makes it a crime for any non-cultist to cross the white lines during certain times.

The ACLU and Americans United in both California and in Tampa, Florida, were given copies of this document.

The BBC reports that a French Committee has suggested that the criminal Scientology business be banned outright in France. The report was given to the Prime Minister by Lionel Jospin, calling the cult "extremely dangerous."

[ Additional activity in Clearwater not reported here upon the advice of the ARSCC (wdne) AKC (ass-kicking committee.) If the ban on reporting ever gets lifted, this ARSCC (wdne) reporter will update this biannual report. ]

09/Feb/00 - USA Today reports on the French Committee which accurately describes the Scientology cult as "extremely dangerous."

Reuters reports that the Scientology cult will ask some 174 other cults -- and real religions -- to join them in ranting about Francoi's report covering the need to ban the Scientology business from France.

10/Feb/00 - Mr. David Cecere leaves the Lisa McPherson Trust to find employment elsewhere in Clearwater.

14/Feb/00 - The first Artist's Conception of what Club Xenu will look like was posted to the Internet.

The Scientology cult was officially banned in Russia. The cult was banned under Article 171 of the Russian Criminal Code -- Illegal Business Activities.

15/Feb/00 - Scientology crime syndicate ringleader Ava Paquette admitted to canceling Beverly Rice's postings on Deja.COM claiming (as always) copyright violations but "forgetting" to provide evidence of same. The cult ringleader references sections of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which requires the the cultist to file legal charges within a set period of time. Un-surprisingly, that period of time has elapsed.

17/Feb/00 - Anti-Reg posted more run-around from the criminal cult on his/her refund. He/She mentioned the Fox Network news event scheduled for 21/Feb/00. Fortunately Anti-Reg did not publicly mention what the coming event was all about... Which should be the Narconon prison fraud in Orem, Utah, he's privy to. Anti-Reg is the one responsible for discovering (or in fact aiding) the fraud and getting it to the media.

Anti-Reg then posted more details, this time giving the air date of the television event as 22/Feb/00, channel 13, 9:00 p.m. He was instrumental in helping with a prison Narconon in Provo so he knew the dope on the scam.

Anti-Reg reported that the cult removed all references to Utah from their Narconon web site. State officials had ordered the criminal cult to remove it all.

At almost midnight, Anti-Reg reported again, stating that Utah Court Administration officials have officially dropped the Narconon scam from its Juvenile Court system. One cultist named Annaliesse Calder who runs the scam was informed that their contract would not be renewed.

Said contract expired at the end of June right before the issuance of this biannual ARSCC (wdne) report.

Anti-Reg gets massive amounts of "very well done!" from the good guys, and is credited with likely saving people from the deadly effects of the cult's "Purification Run-down" in the State of Utah.

18/Feb/00 - Mr. Keith Henson reports that the cultist lawyer Sam Rosen came to town to depose his wife on a bankruptcy issue. Mr. Henson reported that this cultist doesn't wash his hands after going potty.

Keith also produced a copy of his wife's declaration which describes the cult's racketeering she was privy to. She reported physical threats made by cultist Rosen against Mr. Henson, repeated for the court. Mr. Henson's wife's declaration is _great_ stuff.

19/Feb/00 - Ms. Stacey reported two insane cult follower rants in public, one in a deli and another at a car wash. In both places, frazzled women screamed at her and then fled, telling everyone subjected to the insane display that they would not come back to the establishment.

Ms. Stacey merely informed everyone who watched that the cultist is a Scientologist and people simply nodded knowingly then got back to what they were doing before the exhibitions.

The cult's ringleaders apparently decided that the adverse public reaction to these latest attacks were far too negative to keep up and no further examples were reported.

22/Feb/00 - Anti-Reg's exposure of the Narconon scam in Utah:

Mirele (Ms. Deanna Holmes) reports on #ScientologyLies that the Scientology cult tried to claim that Narconon isn't a Scientology front and tried to demand that it's a scam they none-the-less "support." Anti-Reg isn't around at the time of the airing of the media event he started and Mirele has attempted to get in touch with Anti-Reg.

A judge was reported as having fallen for the scam and was in fact sentencing children unknowingly to the Scientology cult for drug-related violations of the law. The Fox reporter used the cult's own publications to prove that Narconon is a Scientology front.

Andres Heldal-Lund was on American Talk Radio WMCA with Mr. Bob Grant discussing the Scientology cult. RealAudio has been made available by Anti-Cult.

Mr. Robert Vaughn Young posted several messages to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup that are highly significant. Additionally he made court transcripts in the killing of Lisa McPherson publicly available.

26/Feb/00 - Scientology crooks in Copenhagen gets told they can't create a cult school for children. The country reports that the cult was denied the school because "Scientology does not promote qualities such as openness, tolerance, and respect for others." So the school remains a day-care center that can't get funds from the State to operate as if it were a real school.

29/Feb/00 - The Los Angeles Times reports that France recommends the "dissolution" of the criminal Scientology cult. France reports on the syndicate's "clear strategy of infiltrating and of trying to influence State." The report covers the fact that the Scientology cult is all about money. A spokeswoman for the criminal cult spouted the traditional and always-expected "witch hunt" claims as programmed.

The Los Angeles Times' article also covered the many raids in Europe of late. The "Cult Information Center" reports that "Scientology is the worse group, the most sinister."

01/Mar/00 - Mr. Chris Owen reports that the United Kingdom's "Data Protection Act 1998" goes into effect and that the cult's "pre-clear folders" files and their GO/OSA files are all illegal now.

Italy reports that since the Scientology cult charges its rubes money, the cult has to pay taxes on the income.

04/Mar/00 - Anti-Reg picketed the Scientology cult in Salt Lake City and reported that a cultist came out to extort him into silence. Anti-Reg refused to sign-away his Constitutional rights and the cultist stomped away, called the cops, and demanded that Anti-Reg was trying to extort money from the cult.

The cop arrived and got to educate the cultist all about "wog law," the Constitution of the United States, and particularly the First Amendment. Anti-Reg says he'll picket 13,058 hours since that's the amount of money that the crooks owe him for "services" not rendered. Anti-Reg hasn't demanded any of the money back that he was swindled out of.

08/Mar/00 - The Lisa McPherson Trial that was scheduled to begin today did not take place. Expecting that the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup would be scanned by the media for news about the trial, the Scientology cult spammed the newsgroup heavily, repeatedly injecting copies of their "what is scientology" spams that the forum has been tens of thousands of already.

One lurker commented upon the willingness of the cult to "lie any lie no matter how obviously false."

15/Mar/00 - Mr. Mark Bunker of Xenu TV went to Chicago for a pretrial on the allegations that he resisted arrest when to unidentified off-duty cops working under the pay of the Scientology syndicate jumped him. Mr. Bunker covers the fact that the State claimed there was no video tape in the camera that he was using to film a refund.

April 4'th 2000 is reported as the date of the next meeting.

17/Mar/00 - It was reported today that Belgian authorities "find fraud" in Scientology's finances. No surprise. Belgium also finds that the crooks are practicing medicine without a license and are also illegally keeping data files on people and are spying on people. No surprise there.

24/Mar/00 - Mr. Mark Bunker reports that Judge Pennick ruled that the infamous white lines may be crossed by anyone when they're not protesting the cult.

27/Mar/00 - The crooks got a Judge to sign a subpoena that is bizarre and vague and named 43 people and a vague "anyone" listed on a Lisa McPherson Trust flier. A process server acknowledged that the Scientology cult he was working for was "scum."

The Scientology crooks are trying to find out who inside of their own organization is working with the Lisa McPherson Trust to reform their organization to put an end to the criminal activities of their cult.

04/Apr/00 - Mr. Mark Bunker of XenuTV should be in court today on that attack by the two dirty cops that attacked him in Chicago.

07/Apr/00 - Hamburg: Mr. Robert Minton and Stacy Brooks came on the request of Sect Commissioner Urula Caberta to describe Scientology activities.

08/Apr/00 - Judge Moody rules that the criminal actions the crooks engaged in that killed Lisa McPherson are not protected religious activities. She said that religious rights have nothing to do with the homicide.

18/Apr/00 - In Berlin, the Scientology cult booked rooms to hold a "what is scientology" propaganda sells pitch at a Best Western Hotel. When the hotel found out that the cult had lied to them about the meeting and had turned it into a public event rather than an internal cult event by publicly distributing half a million advertisements for the event, the hotel canceled the cult's appointment for the meeting.

The hotel said that the cult sounded like it was going to hold a closed meeting, not a public one. Other companies complained about credibility problems with having the criminal business located in the same hotel as their own company.

19/Apr/00 - The Berlin Youth Union protested against the Scientology cult today in Steglitz.

27/Apr/00 - Rumor has it that the Scientology cult got raided today in Florence, Italy. There has been no confirmation of this report.

11/May/00 - Movie reviews of L. Ron Hubbard's and John Travolta's "Battlefield Earth" have started to be written around the United States in large numbers. The unanimous conclusion: Overwhelmingly it's the crap that everyone had hoped it would be; another massively beneficial public relations nightmare for the criminal cult.

What's wonderful about these movie reviews is that nearly all of them cover the fact that the movie is based upon Hubbard's book and the fact that Travolta thought he was going his mad messiah a favor by producing the film. Indeed, one review said that to Scientologists, this horrid movie "is like watching the Pope accidentally catch fire during Mass."

16/May/00 - Raided again!

The Paris operation was raided by the Sefti, the division which goes after frauds governing information and technology. This raid netted the arrest of one Mare Walter.

The crooks tried to hide some computer servers behind electrical cabinets and, when discovered, first claimed they some how didn't belong to them. Then the crooks tried to claim they "forgot" all about the servers.

23/May/00 - Mr. Robert Minton found innocent!

It took less than 20 minutes and the details are few yet the attempt to setup Mr. Minton failed. This was the battery charge where street performer Howd tried to setup Mr. Minton.

The jury was shown that Mr. Howd was under orders, backed-up by once-secret internal cult documents covering the full spectrum of "fair game" and "dead agenting" and the like. And in the videotapes shown, it was seen that the Howd cultist was faking being hurt, opening his eyes, seeing that a camera was on him, and then quickly shutting his eyes. The street performer also got up from a prone position, handed over some identification to a cop, and then resumed the prone role of the attempted murder victim.

A reporter asked a jurist why Mr. Minton was found to be innocent. "It was a setup." Additionally it was reported by the paper that nearly all of the jury members declined to give their names to the press or to make a statement to the media since they knew what Scientology would do to them.

29/May/00 - In Amsterdam, Ineke Franssen has instigated a lawsuit against the crooks to get her "pre clear folder" -- the "maintenance" of which by the crooks is illegal in the Netherlands.

02/Jun/00 - It was reported in a French newspaper called "Liberation" that Mr. Robert Minton will be suing the criminal cult due to the "dead agenting" libel and defamation that the cult had published and disseminated about him in France.

Mr. Minton's lawyer is one who previously helped cult victims so he's fully "up" on everything there is to know about the Scientology crooks.

25/Jun/00 - Another homicide at the cult's armed and fortified compound at Gilman Springs near Hemet, California. This latest one is an electrocution.

At first the crooks told the authorities there was a building fire, then told the cops it was a traffic accident, and eventually told the cops it was an electrocution. The crooks also tried some insane "shore story" about the woman following squirrels into the underground electrical room to keep them from being electrocuted themselves.

At least two protesters were protesting the death of Ashlee -- a young girl who had been killed when one of the cult's contractors was operating a tractor at night without lights, road signs, flares, or any other normally-expected safety devices.

Both protesters -- Barb and David Rice -- reported that the cult sent out GO/OSA cultists to try to get them away from the southern end of the cult compound and to draw their attention away from the emergency vehicles which were arriving. Had the protesters known what had happened, they would likely have immediately informed the local media for coverage on the evening's news.

29/Jun/00 - Injunction against at least some of the individuals of the Lisa McPherson Trust has been lifted. Cultist Mary Story testified that the injunction shouldn't be lifted because she didn't want the Lisa McPherson Trust to "harass" Scientologists.

On cross examination, the cultist was asked what specifically constituted harassment. She said that she didn't want cultists to see picket signs. In other words, no harassment, just an attempt to deny others their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech.


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