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Date: 19 Sep 1999 19:08:02 -0700

The Art of Deception

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Dedicated to Paulette Cooper and all those who went before


Hubbard was master of only one thing, the Art of Deception. Where he learned it is currently a subject of discussion. The roots of the control mechanisms used by Hubbard may have come from a mix of stage magic, mind control, esoteric writings, perhaps inspired by the work of George Orwell, author of ‘1984' or what are known as black magic or satanic techniques used for the subversion of the will.

Wherever it came from, it has the distinctive scent of evil.

However, one doesn't need that answer to solve the Scientology problem. It is only necessary to familiarize oneself with the pattern of conduct of those who use this ‘black art' to become effective at neutralizing their evil influence over oneself as well as others.

I've been thinking about how he does it - attracts good, well intentioned people, into his palace of deceptions. I've also marveled at how he manages to keep up the deception for so long. But not as much as I marvel now, that this deception is tolerated at all, in modern society anywhere, much less in the United States of America, the purported leader of democracy and freedom in the world.

For 20 years I wondered exactly how Hubbard caught me in his trap. My desire for this knowledge was to protect the public order and safety. As bright as I might have been, when I was 17 years of age, with as much understanding of how things worked, that I could have been deceived in such manner is just reason for pause and contemplation.

Because if these techniques could induce me to invest the best decade of this life furthering this madness, I dread to consider what it could induce others. I left Scientology after ten years involvement, with my life, which is more than I can say for a number of people I knew and befriended personally during my involvement. I also left with my core sanity, more or less intact, but wish to remind my good reader that it took me 15 years before I could even consider those questions for which I thought Scientology had answers. Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a God?

I am not going to address those questions here, as this missive is not about those things. It is about one thing that claims to have those answers but, of course, does not.

Introduction to the Art of Deception

Late at night you may have seen it, the picture of a volcano and "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health", in the TV advertisements along with the latest exercise gadget and a magic blue laundry ball (note 9) that cleans clothes. Here are the Scientologists, late at night, trolling for the clueless. Call 1-800-FOR-TRUTH, they tell you. "For Truth" seems to echo for a while after reading it, now, doesn't it? Well, hang onto your hats, I'm going to work fast here, and tell you in my best Paul Harvey style, "The rest of the story" behind that weird looking volcano.

That odd looking advertisement is the tip of a tentacle of an veritable octopus of corruption of almost galactic proportions, and it all started with a book called "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health."

Before you even buy this book, it manages to use a technique called deceptive implication. In the title is the word "Science," just as in SCIENtology, the implication is that there is science at its core. Of course there is not!

After resisting efforts to get involved with Scientology for a considerable period, I finally decided to give it a try. This supposedly wonderful technology of the mind was, after all, developed by a nuclear physicist, in order to cure himself of crippling wounds received during active duty as a highly decorated Navy hero.

Of course 25 years later, sitting amidst piles of documents, including a copy of Hubbard's official Navy record and a copy of his transcript from George Washington University, I found that the entire premise for Dianetics and its spawn, Scientology is, and has always been, a complete fraud.

Hubbard was neither a war hero, highly decorated, wounded in action, nor a nuclear physicist. His discharge papers reflect the only affliction he seems to have acquired while in the Navy was an urethral discharge.

If the entire stated premise for the creation of Dianetics was a lie, then it follows that everything that comes after it must also be a lie.

The first challenge for Scientology is getting an opportunity to present these and the other implications described above.

There are four major vectors that this virus of the mind is using to permeate society.

1) Books written by L Ron Hubbard. Dianetics is one of the most popular, and is likely one of the most effective for reasons explained later.

2) Front groups. C.C.H.R. - Citizens Committee for Human Rights, W.I.S.E - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, and a veritable alphabet soup of groups all designed so that you won't know it is Scientology and L Ron Hubbard's Art of Deception at work.

3) The best agents for this deception are their own already hoodwinked members, using word of mouth. They are paid a fixed commission of 5% or 10% for inducing others to spend money on Scientology.

4) There are also indoctrination and recruitment centers, in major cities around the world, currently posing as bona fide "Churches" in the United States under an unprecedented secret closing agreement with the United States Internal Revenue Service. This agreement was granted after a private investigator set up and video taped a certain IRS Commissioner having sex with a 12 year.

This is statutory rape, not just a compromising situation.

I imagine our own government would prefer that this mess get swept under the carpet.The private investigator was most likely working double-blind. This describes a pattern of conduct. An operative will be working for one law firm which in turn is working for another law firm, which is working for Scientology. Thus any potential legal discovery process is blocked bythe Attorney/Client Privilege.

. This the pattern they use for their dirty tricks operations, for which they have a long and ignoble documented history. These indoctrination centers refer to people who are not Scientologists by the term, "raw meat". The most popular way they find their "raw meat" is to use street hawkers, who pass out seemingly innocuous tickets on street corners that offer "TO ADMIT ONE" to a free movie and personality analysis.

All of this is well documented elsewhere. This piece is not going to be about how bad they are. Most people know that. In fact, it is becoming difficult to hand out flyers about "How bad they are" on the street these days, as most folks say,"I KNOW"! But what these same people don't know, and what is most important to those who are currently under the spell of Hubbardian Cosmology don't know, is the purpose of what you are reading right now, and that is to explain how the machinery of deception works.

Now ladies and gentlemen, here is the rest of the story.

Scientology's Step Number One is "FAIR GAME"

Scientology's use of the FAIR GAME LAW [c] L Ron Hubbard, will be disputed only by deluded adherents. This maxim has been described in court cases as the policy used to "if possible, destroy utterly" those who seek to "harm" Scientology. What is harmful of course, is truth, public inquiry, and government scrutiny.

However, this technique starts at the first contact with the public.

There is a published drill called the "DISSEMINATION DRILL" which consists of the following patter. First, talk to the person for a while. The excuse commonly used to initiate this "talk" is a "FREE PERSONALITY TEST." In my opinion the test is useless, and is just a stage prop, onto which your attention is directed by the implication of value of the "evaluation."

The "evaluation" is merely the opportunity for the manipulator to locate something that Scientologists call your "RUIN." This is the thing, item, pain, loss, vulnerability, that you think is the source of your highest concern as a problem in your life. This is the thing that is "ruining" you.

The drill that is practiced is called "FIND THE RUIN."

Now once you locate what is "RUINING" this person's life, regardless of what it is, he or she will state this:

"Scientology can help you with _________[that]. [Insert the ruin found during discussion of the personality test evaluation]

The facts show that Scientology cannot help you with "THAT." In fact, those few that do ‘think' this way, turn out generally to be in a state of induced conviction. They feel that they indeed found a solution, only to find out years later that it was no more than a hidden effect described later in this essay, and the placebo effect, as expressed by the headline on the poster in "The X-Files" Agent Mulder's office - "I want to believe".

Of course, if you don't get "THAT" handled immediately, Scientology's trained- in-high-pressure-sales-techniques salesmen will lead you to believe that you might get "THAT" handled after the next expensive auditing step. This continues until all your money is gone.

Alan Walters at "Kowledgism" and Mike Goldstein of "Idenics" both tell me they have handled hundreds of cases of people who never had handled what they came into Scientology to handle. The alternatives to Scientology that try to take the few diamonds that were there and use them without the lies, and deceit, seem to handle these things quickly, then folks just get on with their lives, forgetting auditing. As Mike Goldstein laments, there isn't much money in it, because it ‘handles' these little things so quickly.

Thus, in Scientology, "FAIR GAME" starts at the front door.

Dianetics - The on Ramp to Scientology

Once a person is thus duped into opening this book, the entire implication of Dianetics is to get the trusting adherent-to-be to mock up a reactive mind. How this Reactive Mind works is explained in grisly, pedantic, lugubrious, detail. Now, after learning how this fabrication, this piece of science fiction, the 'reactive mind', purportedly works, Hubbard uses this as the program to trick you into creating your very own reactive mind.

Scientology even has the gall to promote Dianetics as "The owners manual for the mind."

They claim that purported way out of this 'trap' which is life on earth as we know it, across the Bridge to Total Freedom [TM], is Dianetics and Scientology. However, if anyone did in fact get across this bridge, I assure you that you would not be reading this right now.

Scientology's Bridge to Total Freedom is no more real than a theatrical production, or just a painting on the wall, of what Spiritual Freedom might be like, and for enough money, they will gladly paint you into the picture.

Instead of ability, you are given a picture of people who look able. Instead of a Bridge, you get a picture of a bridge. Instead of a "bank" or "reactive mind," you are merely tricked into painting in this part yourself. Almost like a paint-by-numbers picture. This is what creates the Scientology trap. In Scientology words, you continue to create the "reactive mind" in order to then audit it. Of course all this is at great investment of your time and money.

Wait, wasn't the Clear realization basically "yeah, you made it all up anyway?" The Clear realization is my PROOF of this CONCEPT. The official Scientology [TM] Clear Cognition being "I MOCK UP MY REACTIVE MIND" or "I MOCK UP MY BANK" or "I CREATE MY BANK."

The concept of the reactive mind was obviously fabricated. This is psycho- political warfare, where ideas are the weapons instead of bullets. It is essential that anyone in contact with those living under the spell of L Ron Hubbard's lies familiarize himself with these concepts, so that they might effortlessly articulate them at every opportunity, to break these good folks, once just like you and me, out of this deception- induced trance. Instead of just saying "Scientology is evil" or "Scientology is bad," explain this to those people under the undue influence.

It becomes "Scientology deceives you in this way" as described herein.

Dianetics teaches you in grisly detail how this complicated fabrication is constructed. While you think you are learning the "secret" of the human mind, you are instead being set up to swallow Scientology as the ultimate solution for mankind. And of course "ultimate solutions" go on to make otherwise unconscionable acts possible.

The "reactive mind" you are then tricked into creating, or "mocking up" is that very same 'reactive mind' that you spend years getting rid of in Scientology. Pointing out this conundrum to a scientologist would be both a potentially devastating mind warp as well as one which turns the powerful mechanics of the trap to our advantage.

All of this can be explained in 'Scientology speak' in compelling fashion. Please use this while picketing them, and during any contact with their basically good folks who have been snookered.

Scientologists will chant, "You haven't tried it, You won't know until you see for yourself" at anyone who dares criticize Scientology's outrageous and bogus fabrications masquerading as claims of efficacy.

Scientologists say "you can't understand it except by doing it" and some people buy that. These are the same people who believe a heroin pusher who claims "trust me, you won't get hooked".

Misdirection of Attention - Another Magic Show Technique

Any questioning or inquiry by those being introduced to the Scientology mind control program is dealt with by careful and deliberate misdirection of attention onto many, many, little details; rundowns, actions, clay table training, and Training Routines, word clearing, etc. ad nauseam.

Scientology uses this identical pattern of misdirection of attention technique on judges as well as government officials, media and critics on the Internet. They baffle people with details that are meaningless, seeking to fixate on inconsequential details - all with one express intent and purpose, to ensure you miss the big picture.

"Ye shall know them by their acts"

It's just that these ‘acts' are appropriate fare only in a carnival magic show.

"Reality" in Scientology is defined as "AGREEMENT". To maintain the apparency of this agreement critics must be silenced, especially anyone who points out how the trick is done. We are dealing with nothing more than a magic show...of global proportions.

One hell of a trick.

Gradients of Deception

So how does one, on a gentle gradient, slide a person from one 'reality' into a manufactured, and in the case of Scientology, a science fiction style, 'reality'?

By telling him many self evident truths.

With which he agrees, and nods his head.

Salesmanship books teach this technique but instructing the wanna-be high producer salesman to get the target's head nodding in assent.

A person will not believe a lie, if it is stated alone.

You must CLOAK the lie you are trying sell in truth.

So I tell you a self evident truth. You think, "Yes." I tell you another one and you think, "Yes," nodding your head at same time. I tell you another self evident truth. You think, "Yes."

I read you a bit of Aristotle. You think , "Yes," [ but I don't tell you this is Aristotle ].

I read you some Plato and you think, "Yes," [ but I don't tell you this is Plato ]. I read you some Freud. You think, "Yes," [ but I don't tell you this is Freud ].

By now you feel that I am very clever indeed!

This product has been SCIENTIFICALLY tested! You think, "Yes", because of the implication of the "also a lie" that "Hubbard was a Nuclear Physicist.

Then I read you my science fiction. You think, "Yes", [ but I don't tell you this is my old Science Fiction! ].

The world needs my collection of truths. You think, "Yes, if the prior is true, then this is OBVIOUSLY true too!"

I have these secret levels wherein I explain the secrets of the universe. You think, "Yes, if the prior is true, then this is OBVIOUSLY true too and a good idea. I wouldn't want to ‘ruin ‘my ability to receive this vast knowledge by doing something out of order".

I have the only bridge out. You think, "Yes, if the prior is true, then this is OBVIOUSLY true too!" But you have to give me your money and your life. You think, "Yes, if the prior is true, then this is OBVIOUSLY true too!"

You are now in the jaws of the trap!

Oh and one more thing, you must not speak out about the things you find that are not right, or if you disagree at some point in the future, OK?

How much of my product do you want?

Congratulations, You have just been sold!

"What an astute, lucky man I am," you think, "Yes, indeed I am, I have found what I have been looking for all my life!"

You are now a Scientologist!

The Black Art of the Confidence Game

The Art of the "Con man" is the building confidence to gain the credibility needed to then get the money.

Now some might say, "Well this is just basic marketing" and indeed they are correct. Marketing is the art of creating "perceived value" but with one caveat - there is the assumption that the commodity in question in fact has some inherent intrinsic value to begin with.

In Scientology, the entirety of the effort is to create a sense of perceived value, starting with a perceived sense of Hubbard's genius and ability.Scientologists use a big chart, you will find it on the wall in any indoctrination center, called "The Gradation Chart." This document states, for example, that the ‘ability gained' of attaining all of the courses available in Scientology up to "OT Level 8" will give you "Ability to be at cause, knowingly and at will over Thought, Life, Form, Matter, Energy, Space and Time subjective and objective."(Note 10)

Well, now, doesn't that sound like fun?Sure sounds like an effort to create perceived value here. But then if just one person ever atatined this, I would likely not be here to tell you these ugly truths.

The only intrinsic value of Scientology is the vast amount of money that an artfully engineered con game can extract from its targets. Much of this, to the tune of $26 million a year (Note 8) is fed to lawyers to ensure that the public at large will not find these things out until after they have exhausted all their money, ruined their lives, and now, penniless, try to fight a well financed legal machine!

What a brilliant scheme! By the time they find out what it is all about, if they are still capable of rational thought processes, they will likely be unable to defend themselves, so the lawyers can have a skeet shoot!

Complexity is Merely Another Tool

Scientology is proud to describe L Ron Hubbard as a prolific writer. When you walk into a Scientology facility and look at the bookstore, there are hundreds of L Ron Hubbard titles. The implication of this is simply, "Well there must be something to it." The inherent complexity of what they call their technology is nothing more than an additional tool, and a very effective tool, in their toolbox of deception.

As the years have gone by, I have determined, that if it doesn't make sense to me, chances are it does NOT make sense. Lets call this bafflgab. Now, when you enter the Hubbardian Belief systems, you are confronted with piles of material. In addition to the implication that "there must be something to this", there is an immediate assumption that one will never be able to grasp it all. I contend that this is fabricated on purpose. Just to have that exact effect.

In the litigation in RTC Vs Lerma, Scientology filed six inches of filings to my Judge, ex-parte, that means without me being notified. In six inches of filings they stated that I was in possession of "stolen property". Based on this the judge authorized a search and seizure on my home, on Saturday morning at 9:30 AM, August 5th, 1995. (Note 11)

Judge Brinkema was later informed that what I had scanned, turned into text and posted to the Internet, was merely a copy of an unsealed public court record, from the Central District of California. This was the infamous Fishman document. It contained 61 pages of purportedly Trade Secret and Copyright super dooper "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY" of Scientology as exhibits, as well as the notorious "Christ was a pedophile" issue purportedly a ‘forgery.'

Long time scientologist Kendrick Moxon, however, tabbed it as a copyright violation while reviewing my seized computer at Earle Cooleys K Street law. Earle Cooley again invoked bafflegab and said to the judge, "Well, that just goes to show you have to have experienced people doing the searches".

He failed to mention that Kendrick Moxon had been a Scientologist for 20 years, and was one of the indicted co-conspirators in US Vs Mary Sue Hubbard in 1982, the largest domestic spying case in US History.

Just like in 6 inches of filings they filed to get the raid, Earle Cooley failed to mention that is was a copy of a public record in a court case. Judge Brinkema found this so outrageous that she raised this issue herself in so many words in open court.

One experienced litigator, early on in the case remarked about the voluminous filings, even Judge Brinkema complained about the huge filings. The massiveness of the filings was an attempt also to raise the expense in lawyers time to digest this torrent of paper, in order to run us out of money, before we could finish the case.

Which they did.

This experienced litigator pointed out to me that the technique Scientology was using was this: You see this huge filing, well, it implies that there must be something there, some merit to the motion.

Once again, just like the bookstore crammed with books, just like the thousands of taped lectures that you must buy and listen to.

This all implies "There is something there"

But there is nothing there!

The amount of material one would have to digest to sort it all out is beyond what one man could do in a lifetime. Ah, but what better way to both maximize the amount of money you get out of a person and make the runway long enough they never get to the end, because if they do, they just might find out what Michael Pattinson did.

That there is nothing there!

So the same tactics used to recruit ‘raw meat' are used on all "raw meat". Judges are just more "raw meat." To be expertly manipulated, in exactly this manner, so there is never a chance, under their horrific caseloads, especially with the current level of understaffing, to sort through the bafflgab.

Pretty clever, don't you think?

Pattern used in Dianetics is Repeated on Secret "Upper Levels"

Allow me to refresh your memory about this important concept. Dianetics describes itself as a blueprint for the mind and introduces something called the reactive mind. What this book really does, to anyone who reads it and 'thinks' they "understand it and that it makes sense" is this:

Dianetics, causes the reader to assume his mind works this way, and by implication, Dianetics causes the reader to MOCK UP HIS OWN REACTIVE MIND

The proof of this conjecture is that after thousands of dollars of 'Scientology auditing' the final end cognition - realization, is in fact a true one - "I MOCK UP MY REACTIVE MIND". Damn straight you do, only it doesn't occur to you that you mock it up because of you read DIANETICS!

So here we have the perfect scam.

A book that by IMPLICATION causes the adherent to create a mock up of a reactive mind - Hubbardian style.

Then a complex, expensive, gobbldegoop, technology that extracts the maximum amount of money for relieving the same situation it created.

Now this PATTERN OF CONDUCT repeats itself on the UPPER LEVELS that these charlatans, and their shyster lawyers such as Earle Cooley, pedantically describe as ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY.

Oh, and speaking of shyster lawyers. Earle Cooley kept repeating this phrase, "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY" over, and over, and over, at every opportunity, in full capitalization too. During depositions, in pleadings and in court, he was using this same technique of manipulation by implication that Hubbard used in Dianetics, the Modern "SCIENCE", etc., and "SCIEN"tology to deceive the public. In an attempt to exert this same undue influence, this same coercive persuasion was used upon United States Federal Judge Brinkema, in RTC versus Lerma.

Hubbard only initiates those who have reached a state that I like to describe as "Being willing to believe ANYTHING". That is my definition of a Scientologist in the "afterburner stages" of the scam. Which are designed to consume any money they might still have left.

By inventing Body Thetans and the exclusive Copyright and once Trade secreted means of removing them, NOTS {New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetan), auditing, and the story of Xenu and the Space cooties which is called "Incident II", a part of OT Level III.

This purported incident that happened 75,000,000 years ago. It concerned the evil ruler XENU, who after calling in the inhabitants of ‘this sector of the galactic federation' for income tax audits, captured them, froze their bodies in ethylene glycol, antifreeze, transported them to earth, stacked up the billions of inhabitants around volcanoes and then blew them up with hydrogen bombs. In the ensuing melee the disembodied spirits were gathered up with an "electronic ribbon" and "implanted" using electronic force beams and bad movies. They were then packaged into clusters and attached to you and me. This is the source for many of the ‘clusters of body Thetans' that are stuck all over you. I assure you I am not making this up, but Hubbard did, and tells you this is the way things are. He calls this scene of his magic show: "The Wall of Fire"

These same materials state that premature exposure to them will cause a person to be awake for days, unable to sleep, and then die of pneumonia. Shortly after I posted these documents to the Internet (Note 6), the New York Times closed an article discussing how dangerous this material was supposed to be with a memorable sentence. It described this claim of death to those not prepared by Scientology's expensive ‘techniques' to mentally deal with this ghastly secret with one line:

"However, no epidemic has been reported."

Oh yes, and one more thing, about the volcanoes, you know that volcano in the advertisement for Dianetics on last night TV, that is supposed to be a subliminal reminder to your soon to be acquired "reactive mind". That volcano is supposed to remind you of this incident and compel you to buy the book.

Hubbard even has a good laugh at you, when you are told to 'run' the incident described in this once secret level, from the beginning up until you see the picture of the "THE PILOT SAYING "I AM MOCKING IT UP"

I bet he's a jaunty looking nautical pilot with bad teeth just like Hubbard.

Now, like one of those late night gadget commercials, "Wait, there is still MORE":

At the END of this fraudulent ‘BRIDGE TO TOTAL FREEDOM' [TM] Religious Technology Center, there is another grand revelation of massive import. Here is what you find out after you have swallowed this $300,000 "WHOPPER"

"I now know what I am not, and am ready to find out what I am" [source for this is Michael Pattinson "New OT8 completion" that now considers Scientology to be a complete, and utter fraud].

Give me a break, isn't that why many of us joined Scientology to begin with?

Maintaining the Illusion - Some techniques

Once you enter the Scientology Circus tent, in order to maintain the illusion that "it works", the stage is carefully choreographed. The things that you are allowed to view are the props crafted to imply that Scientology is truly a road to ability and ultimate truth.

Much is made of a few deluded big shot Hollywood stars' names, but they are just stage props for your deception. Much like that old TV series Mission Impossible, where identities are stolen and situations fabricated in order to gain access to the target.

Only the target in this case is your wallet.

To maintain the illusion, whenever someone inside the show awakens, and realizes that it is in fact, just a show, they are spirited away, and whisked from view.

You are told that they had a "psychotic break", and that they are they ones who are crazy. You are very sane, you see, as long as you give your money and your life to Scientology and are not concerned about things going on outside of Scientology's tent.

The policy used to accomplish this is called "disconnection policy" and the policies for handling folks, called "Handling PTS" [ PTS = Potential Trouble Sources ] There is also expensive ‘auditing' that you must pay for to fix these "troublesome conditions" , which stem mostly from just asking hard questions and exercising common sense.

The public mark soon learns how to avoid these pitfalls, and go along with the program, so he won't have to spent the extra money to get his reward of a ‘good feeling' from his auditing experience, and can get up the bridge as fast as possible.

RPF - Rehabilitation Project Force, nice name for a ‘Church' Gulag

Those adepts who have had the misfortune to become employed within this organization, and in my opinion, those who know too much, and could possibly provide damaging testimony against them, have another treat in store for them.

It is my informed opinion that the intent of these intentional stress inducing ‘Slave Camps' is to systematically create either a broken willed, obedient, robot slave, who can now be trusted to never talk critically (much like the two sad lovers in the end of George Orwell's 1984), or to try to intentionally destroy their minds, so that they will be unable to testify against Scientology in a Court of Law.

The physical descriptions of the actual brain damage that occurs when stress levels stay high for extended periods of time indicate that this technique would do much to erase the memories these folks would have otherwise available to them, if called upon to testify.

A similar pattern of conduct of destruction of testimony exists regarding hard documents and evidence critical of Scientology. This long running program was titled "Operation Snow White". It's entire intent was to remove any information critical of Scientology from files, wherever they might be found.

This express intent to destroy evidence is also the reason Scientology sought, and then acquired, the huge volumes of evidence, and information, gathered by the old Cult Awareness Network. Today, if you call the Cult Awareness Network, a Scientologist answers the phone, being owned, controlled, and staffed by Scientologists.

This is a page right out of George Orwell's ‘1984' where the government was rewriting history to make the present conditions acceptable. Here an organization that would love to run the world is already hard at work doing just that.

Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force is Scientology's "Operation Snow White" for the human mind, the intent and the result is the same.

Now for some details about why I feel this is true.

Induced Brain Damage by Scientology

The following information is based on animal studies- rats, monkeys, dogs and the like. Quoted from: "Animal Models of Depression and Schizophrenia" from section on "Exhaustion Stress".(note 2)

"Hatotani and colleagues (1982) exposed female rats to forced running in an activity wheel until the animals were exhausted, as indicated by rectal temperature reaching 33 C or less [ body temperatures go below normal ] After exposure to three sessions of forced running, each separated by a 24 hour rest period, spontaneous motor activity in rats is markedly depressed for several weeks. This depression of motor activity was marked by complete suppression of the diurnal peaks in spontaneous motor activity seen in non stressed animals."

They go on to describe physical evidence found of changes in brain physiology in various parts of the brain including the hypothalamus, that manages memory.

"Chronic Stress Model First introduced by Katz, Roth, and Carroll, this model is generated by exposing rats to a succession of different stressful conditions over a period of either 2 weeks (Roth and Katz) or 3 weeks (Katz et al, 1981a), stressful conditions consisting of mild uncontrollable foot shock, cold swim, changing of housing conditions, reversal of light and dark periods, and food and water deprivation. "

What I found important was that the stressed rats preferred sugar water solutions to plain water and that various physical changes in brain physiology were noted after examination of the brains themselves, some of these changes were noted to take an extraordinary amount of time to reverse themselves.

Also noted and measured was an increase to cortisteroid levels in the brain. Cortisteroid levels are elevated when there is cellular damage, and one of the functions of this powerful hormone is to destroy damaged cells, however chronically high levels of this hormone directly cause healthy cells to be damaged.

Isolation/separation-induced depression in monkeys.

"Behavioral responses that appear similar to those seen in severe depression have been elicited by separating young monkeys from their mothers and normal social setting or from their juvenile peers. Following separation, animals initially display high activity accompanied by much vocalization; this is labeled as the stage of "agitation" or "protest" and usually lasts 24-36 hours. Following this, this behavior pattern changes markedly, with the animal then showing decreased activity, huddling and self clasping, dejected and saddened facial expression and generally decreased activity and exploration. (E.g. Kaufman and Rosenblum 1967; McKinney et al. 1971 )"

This sure looks like the RPF, ( Rehabilitation Project Force) Isolation & running programs have induced brain damage as a product of their use by Scientology.

After telling members that the Rehabilitation Project Force will help them the result is destruction of personality through induced stress related damage. The constant subliminal electric current supplied by their E-meter, described in the next section, might also be a considered a hidden stress vector.

This is also the intended result of Scientology's harassment and litigation techniques, to cause enough stress to the individual, that they get ill and die, or are induced to commit suicide as their lives, friends and livelihood are systematically ruined.

In Spain, Scientology is under indictment for just this - Inducement to Suicide.

I admire these men who would learn this information, and publish what they learn from animal studies..

At least the "Evil PSYCHS" as Scientology describes them, have the integrity to use animals... AND to disclose what they find, for the betterment of man.

Unlike Scientology that runs these horrific stress programs on people with the intent of destroying their minds or in some cases pursuing them until death results as they did to Lisa McPherson.

Psychiatry does this only to animals so that humans can benefit from the knowledge.

Scientology does this to humans so that Scientology may benefit from their silence.

The Real Secret - The Hidden Influence

In The FDA versus Article or Device Case [The E-Meter] the Federal Government held that "by itself the E-meter does nothing"

But ladies and gentlemen that was a conclusion based upon the hard science available at that time. [ 1971 Gissell Decision ] It is now 30 years later. The same science that brought the controls on electro-magnetic radiation limitations for computer monitors is new science. And it is not the varying magnetic and electric fields that cause harm - it is the transformer like, induced electrical currents in the human body due to those electromagnetic fields.

This area of this inquiry is not yet concluded. Preliminary data indicates that, if the published NATO, USAF, IEEE and European Union's electro-magnetic Field (EMF) exposure limitations which are expressed in field strength, are converted into an equivalent current through a conductor described as the circuit between one's left hand and one's right hand, then, the E-Meter exposes a participant in the Scientology charade to an order of magnitude greater exposure than what is considered ‘acceptable' by published government recommendations.

Measurement made by this author, (who spent some time while in Scientology actually involved in the building of E-Meters) , of a Mark Super VII [TM] model of Scientology's E-Meter yielded the following: The E-meter exposes the human body to a hand to hand current of an average value of approximately 300 Micro Amps. 1/3rd of the value that is generally considered noticeable by a person. In fact some members have reported to me, being able to feel the current go through their bodies.

I am now going to outline 2 different analogies in order to illustrate the hidden danger here. Electroplating

When a metal such as Chromium is plated onto another metal, as in the production of chrome-plated hardware for automobiles, the rate of deposition of chromium metal onto the metal article is a function of the current in amperes and the surface area being plated.

One can deposit the same amount of metal at one tenth of one ampere in 1 minute, as one would deposit with 1 hundredth of an ampere in ten minutes - or - 1 thousandth of an ampere in 100 minutes, or at 300 microamperes, the process would take 5 hours.

There is an electrical unit called a Coulomb, which is in fact defined in terms of grams of metal deposited. It is a unit of charge. In fact it is an actual discrete number of electrons - or charge carriers.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics by Robert C Weast Ph.D., 1968 defines the coulomb as: "A unit quantity of electricity. It is the quantity of electricity which must pass through a circuit to deposit 0.0011180 grams of silver from a solution of silver nitrate. A coulomb is also the quantity of electricity on the positive plate of a condenser of one- farad capacity when the electromotive force [ voltage ] is 1 volt.

The point being that if the number of actual charge carriers is what is the factor, that is, if it is the actual ionic transfers that do the work [ plate the metal] or as I will illustrate later that mediate actual activity at the cell wall boundaries, the opening and closing of ion exchange pathways through individual cell walls, THEN the E-Meter cannot be said to do nothing. It *IS* having a physiological effect on internal and external cellular functions.

The magnitude of charge provided to a human body in a 2.5 hour exposure to the E-meter is approximately 3 coulombs

The magnitude of charge provided to the human body by a set of three shocks used in a single treatment of Electro Convulsive Shock therapy, ECT, is only 1.2 coulombs

Ironic isn't it, that Scientology's pet arch demonic enemy, Psychiatry, in shock treatment, give people 1/3rd the dose of electric charge that Scientology will give the unsuspecting public in one session?

Pain Killing Effect - or the Induced Endorphin Effect

There are various devices on the market, all licensed for use by the FDA under the direction of a physician, which consist of two electrodes which are applied to various parts of the body. As in the treatment of lower back pain. These are called TENS units - TENS is an acronym for transient electro-neural stimulation. There are many flavors of these devices, including devices that have been clinically shown to provide pain relief from the effects of the electrical currents they put through your body. The method by which these devices provide the sensation of pain relief has been the subject of much investigation.

The surprising findings indicate that direct electrical stimulation of human body tissues evoke a release of various peptides. Peptides are messenger molecules that have specific sites on cell surfaces to which they bind. These sites, called receptor sites, are extraordinarily specific to individual peptides.

It is remarkable that the body has a group of peptides called endorphin. These particular messenger molecules evoke a pain killing effect when they bind at their specific receptors. The opium family - morphine, heroin, codeine, etc. all end up traveling a metabolic pathway to create morphine, and morphine - the most effective pain killer as well as most addictive one - binds at the same sites as your bodies own endorphin.

One theory of how electrical pain killing works, is that it induces the body to release its own endorphin. Studies have shown that a small electrical stimulation with a small morphine dose has a therapeutic effect of a larger clinically significant dose. Which indicates there is a close relationship between these two factors.

The actual amount of charge delivered to the body by many FDA approved medical devices is of the identical order of magnitude of the small current provided by the Scientology E-Meter.

Thus I conclude that the E-meter directly provides a pain killing adjunct to the implied result of Scientology auditing technology's release state.

This is also the source of the sag effect. This is a case of a participant feeling great after auditing, yet having a sagging emotion tone some few days later - as his body's endorphin levels go down past normal in a hang over effect, in which, like a heroin addict, he wants another dose, only it is of auditing.

John Travolta merely substituted the Scientology [TM] belief system, together with its subliminal, hidden, electrically induced endorphin 'rush', for cocaine. He thinks he is 'better', because the electrical addiction is hidden from him, he was just given a substitute.

There is another theory titillating me lately; that actual nerve synapses, the repeaters on a nerve trunk lines, when artificially stimulated, [irritated ] for thousands of hours by the DC current of the E-meter - might look, and READ on the E-meter just like BODY THETANS... you see Hubbard said, that if someone doesn't "Have any body Thetans" when they get to OT III, "send them back to do more auditing at the lower levels" { to hold the cans for a good long time} until the BT's "appear" no doubt..

Perhaps it's just the E-meter current induced damage that becomes the Body Thetans. Hubbard used to hold the cans for hours upon hours doing ‘research'.. I also heard tales of his ranting and raving like a madman about his "damn body thetans". I bet by this time that may have had thousands of irritated nerve synapses. I discussed this with Michael Pattinson, Full OT8, and he said he thought he had tons of BTs until he put the CANS down, and they gradually went away.

Dennis Erlich told me that he could feel the electricity when he held the E-Meter electrodes. He said that he thought it was a factor when he first left Scientology. The research I've been doing supports this rather tenuous conjecture, in many surprising ways.

So that's my summation of what the real secret is of this scam.

How long would I have to send a subliminal electric charge through your body, while telling you things that you wanted to hear, until you thought that I was truly ‘the one who had all the answers'?

This is the CORE secret.

Near the center of Scientology's onion of deception

Note: In 1997, faced with falling income and statistics around the world due to increased exposure of their true nature in the media and on the Internet, Scientology ordered an upgrade to all of it's E-meters that raised the shunt current going through the participants body, promoted as a way to make the E- Meter more resistant to induced ‘body motion' and make it more sensitive, in a desperate effort to hold onto its dwindling number of adherents. This was called the "Quantum" upgrade. (Note 7)

Protecting yourself

The coercive tactics described herein are used by any organization that is built upon deceit. To avoid this trap, wherever you find it, here are a few recommendations:

A) Never trust anyone who tells you there is anyone you must not talk to, specially if they were once friends or family.

B) Never trust anyone who feels they have the answers to the universe. One day there was a man who had been suffering effects from association with the Scientologists. He was a religious man, a minister, so I played the snippet of one of L Ron Hubbard's lectures in which Hubbard's voice say's "There was no Christ". After playing this perhaps five times, the reverend looked at me, blinking, and said, "Brother, I have seen the light". I was told by Reverend Bellamy that I should become a Minister. I asked the good Reverend why? He asked me, "You tell the truth?" I said, "yes". "You hold the truth to be sacred?", I said "yes". And the good Reverend then said, "Because Truth is God's word, you should become a Minister, that's what you do" . I have no quick comeback for this to this day. But it does mediate my view of what truth is, and where you shall find it.

The Scientology entrance to the Hubbardian belief systems territory uses a pattern of unattributed excerpts of past great philosophers, making an appeal to reason and common sense, while systematically destroying the repute of all prior friends and sources of information except the wisdom of the ages as plagiarized and fictionalized by Hubbard. This pattern is not exclusive to Scientology.

These tidbits of prior art are woven together into a compelling matrix that makes the inquirer think that what comes next is AS TRUE AS THE STOLEN PRIOR ART. And what comes next?

The lies.

Other systems of mind control use similar tactics, all disconnect you from your family, all make less of your friends and anyone you ever considered an authority or source of knowledge.

While titillating you with pieces of wisdom, you will be given one source, a guru, the leader, the con man, who will then take your heart's joy at being shown these pieces of wisdom and then use your heartfelt joy to make you do his bidding - as this has now become 'the way'.

When it becomes your way, you are in a cult.

This purported unique 'way' is in fact a program that demands your obedience or you are dismissed from the group. That demands that you separate yourself from all others who might disagree. That demonizes those who hold opinions that are not part of the program.

This is mental slavery.

This is one person or group following a formula designed to control you and impose their will upon you.

This is why there is a first amendment that no voice should be silenced by the state.

The founding fathers never conceived that voices could be silenced by gag agreements in abusive civil litigation conducted outside of the spirit of the law.

They never conceived that corporate entities would be granted those same constitutional protections intended to protect a citizen, meant to protect the individual from tyrannical, despotic, governments.

Physical slavery was abolished in America.

It has been replaced by mental slavery as the means to accomplish building empires of lies charading as wisdom, and in America we find them cloaked in religiosity using what appears to be the crossed out cross of Satan.

The Carnival Show:

If you say Satan with a lisp it comes out Thetan

Could Hubbard have been this devious?

Scientology is like a 19th century seedy carnival side show, whenever someone in the audience would yell out how the trick was done, he would be dragged outside by a couple of toughs stationed there for this purpose, and beaten up. Scientology's demeanor is identical to this, only in the ‘civil' 20th century they use lawyers. And the entire sordid affair is cloaked in bogus religiosity. P T Barnum, the father of the circus, would be proud. That John Travolta and Tom Cruise are entranced by this particular sideshow, should be interpreted as evidence of the mastery of bald-faced lying, sleight of hand, misdirection of attention, and linguistic trickery used by Hubbard that Scientology then keeps the tent flaps tied shut, so that the deluded cannot or will not look outside, is just confirmation that it indeed is merely a plot to deceive.

Secrets for Influence or Profit

I was asked, "How does Scientology maintain its hold on John Travolta and Tom Cruise?" And feel this deserves attention. There are 1100 pages of sworn under penalty of perjury testimony on my website from the 1982 Clearwater Commission Hearings. Video of these is also available on another website, http://www.xenutv.com.

Many ex-members testified, including an old friend, Scott Mayer. He testified that he took confidential information of a very personal nature which had been taken from a lady's "confessional formulary files" with him to visit her. And he let her know in no uncertain terms that she would cooperate or it would be made public.

The hearings went on for 4 days. Each person was asked whether they would have chosen to get involved with Scientology at all, if they had known that the information that they divulged during the ‘auditing experience' could and would be used against them if they every turned against Scientology.

All said NO not one of them would have gotten involved.

Every little thing you ever did, or you knew about that someone else did gets written down. This would include the Scientologist that was a roommate with William Jefferson Clinton in college. Now I know for sure, based on the pattern of this evil, Scientology knows far more about Mr. Clinton that just whether or not he inhaled. They know everything his college roommate knew.

What does your old college roommate know about you?

This is probably Scientology's 2nd most powerful secret, and it too is completely reliant on the use of the E-Meter. I have built these devices and a trained scientologist can make them work as a formidable lie-detector. Think about the implication this has.

Source for the E-Meter

In 1940's and 50's it was still possible to find "electric shock machines" configured like the drug store scales - "Your weight for a Penny". These devices existed when Hubbard was a kid, consisting of an insulating phenolic platform, with two round brass balls like the globes on the top of a staircase banister... 5 inches in diameter mounted at the top on the right and left of the pedestal that the subject would place his/her hands on. Electric shocks were considered therapeutic, and were the subject of numerous, pseudo-medical device patents in the early years of the development of electricity. There is doubt in my mind that the perception of "relief" was accomplished by the induced release of endorphins [the human body's own pain killers, which bind at same sites in the brain as opium, heroin and morphine] from the induced cellular damage. I bet the "Old Man" [as L Ron Hubbard is referred to by members,] when he was a child, came across these devices. I bet he stood on one, placed a penny in the slot, and held onto the round electrodes... and noted that he felt better.

Gordon Bell recalls those shock machines "being all over carnivals" and Alan Walters recalls seeing them when he was a kid "in railway stations and fun parks". I bet he (Hubbard) remembered this when he met Volney Matheson, the inventor of the E- Meter; and I bet he hoped you would never read these conjectures today.

In Hubbard's own writings he suggests that the part of the organization responsible for attracting new folks into the magic show, "go carny", to create the largest influx of marks. [‘mark' is slang for a person targeted for a deceptive scheme, used by carnival ‘barkers' ‘barkers' refers to the men that would stand outside a side show, shouting admonishments to get an unsuspecting ‘mark' to pay his dime and go inside and see the show.]

Earle Cooley claimed in front of Judge Brinkema that all Scientology cares about are its copyrights, and the secrecy of the upper levels.

That was a lie.

Just like his statement in front of Judge Brinkema that his religion prevented even he from reading the OT Levels in The Fishman Document Then some time later he told a reporter in Boston that he was not a Scientologist.

Just another misdirection of attention in the global magic show.

You see I was on staff in Washington DC, at Scientology's organization when it was on 19th Street, back in the 60's. When I got involved in back then, was stressed over, and over, and over, again as being an "Applied Philosophy".

I did not suspect anything else was going on, really, until one day, I was ferreting though old Hubbard tapes and materials in the little room next to his old office across the street, and up the block a bit. There I found a dumbwaiter which I noticed was between the 1st and 2nd floors. I pulled it down. And what did I find?

It was filled one half full to the top with Hubbard's Mark IV model E-Meters!

When I asked why there were so many of these devices in a dumb waiter, I was told that during the raid conducted by the FBI that initiated the E-Meter, Article or Device case that resulted in the Gissel decision, they were hidden there, and the agents doing the search never pulled the rope. I did not ‘connect the dot's' until just recently.

Even when suddenly, in 1967 or 1968, there were orders coming down from Hubbard and "PreClear folder administration files" became "Confessional Formulary", and a cross was dragged through the door.

Staff members considered it a joke then, as we watched the Ministers Collars appear, I now consider it a complete fraud now.

When I consider all the litigation about the story of Xenu and the body thetans, I am reminded of the story of Briar Rabbit, who called out, "Do anything to me, but don't throw me into the briar patch". Scientology's feigned ‘Briar patch" is the story of Xenu and the body Thetans. For Scientology, complex copyright law, is just an opportunity to create an expensive litigation tar pit for their target, especially when abused with the express intent, of enforcing silence.

You see Hubbard, (in a manner similar to the Romulan Cloaking Device in Star Trek) created in 1954, and then invoked into the mainstream indoctrination centers, what I call, "Scientology's Religious Cloaking Mechanism", which became the outer layer of the Scientology onion of deception for one reason and one reason only.

To protect the E-meter from our own United States Government's investigation.

A method for inducing a Scientologist to ‘snap' out of it

I had been an active Scientologist for a decade, having been in the ‘elite', and fascist, "sea organization", joining them for the voyage of the Bolivar out of San Francisco Harbor (immortalized by the 1970 hit song, "Ride, Captain, Ride upon your mystery ship...73 sailors set sail, out of San Francisco bay, here's some of the things that they had to say.."). I took my first adventure in the ‘elite" Sea Organization, management arm of the Hubbardian belief systems with my old friend Scott Mayer, with Captain Bob Young at the helm. I ended up as Financial manager for what is now Bridge Publications, built E-meters, and sometime later got a marriage license and blood tests to marry the boss's daughter.

I have been on the receiving end of one million, seven hundred thousand dollars of Scientology's most brutal litigation* (note 5). Now, after many pickets, hundreds of hours in many conversations with ‘true believers', and after successfully exiting some of those, after 30 hours of radio talk shows, and 5 years actively fighting to expose Scientology on the Internet, and in the media - the following are some techniques I have found successful in breaking the coercive persuasion trance.

If one understands how the mechanics of Hubbard's prison for the mind is constructed, it should be possible to turn this knowledge to our advantage and use their own programming to extract them! After all, they are the ones living a lie.

Hubbard explains two important factors, whether they are true or not in the real world is of absolutely no significance, as they are a fact, by definition, in the Hubbardian belief territories.

Hubbard defines an incident of ‘pain' as a combination of "heat, cold and electrical" all occurring at he same time. Hubbard also states that if you date and locate the beginning of an incident it helps make it able to be reduced. Hubbard goes on to state that when one determines the duration of an incident the perception of the incident, the awareness of what occurred in it, will return.

Well now, as our targets are living in a world thus defined, lets use. First, determine exactly how long the person has been an inhabitant in the Hubbardian Belief Systems Territory. Then when you have finished explaining how the Hubbardian E- meter supplies a subliminal electrical current to their bodies, ask them to tell you how many hours they have held the E-Meter cans. (They call the electrodes ‘cans' as they are typically tin plated soup cans). This establishes the duration of Auditing experience, and in their world might turn on the perceptions of it, as an incident.

I would then get the adherent to discuss how he go into Scientology. Trying at all times to locate the instant that he made the decision that "THIS IS IT". What you are doing is using their own definitions of the mind construct that they have agreed is "true for them", to get them to ‘run out' the incident of their involvement in this charade.

I would do this prior to engaging in the patter below.

I find it useful to view the target as if he were someone who was running a computer program, not unlike Windows 98, but instead of reality, this operating system evokes complete control over him, by explicit and implicit command structures. Evidence of this is contained in what is effectively an internal innovation in Scientology: "DUPLICATE SOURCE" - that means run the program exactly as written. This makes a computer out of one's mind. This program defines "The boundaries of the realm known as Scientology, and ALL THAT OCCURS WITHIN IT, while defining in terms that ‘make less of them' all sources of critical information outside of the Scientology program.

I have held signs that state simply: WHAT PROGRAM ARE YOU RUNNING? I sometimes ask WHOSE PROGRAM ARE YOU RUNNING? I don't know if they work. I do know the Scientologists were told not to look at the signs, including mine. Before you attack the subroutines of a person's belief system, you must first make that person aware that he is in a belief system, or as I like to say, "Running a Program'. Their condition could also be described as running a script, as a participant in an elaborate theatrical. All these analogies are viable.

Before one can attack a complete operating system for defining a reality, you must realize that it is an operating system that includes definitions of you and your efforts as being "all lies, paid for by the evil psychiatrists" or just "nutballs" or "suppressive person" - all forms designed to "make less of it", "it" being your efforts to expose the truth, instead of Hubbard's fictional view of reality as rendered by his PROGRAM running in the target's mind.

You see if the minds of Scientologists have been expertly programmed, or, as some say, infected with the mind virus called Scientology, it is very difficult to make them let go, as they know their program is right because "auditing works" for them, at least that is an apparency for them.

So I do this.

I explain how the "Bridge to Total Freedom" [TM] by ‘Religious Technology Center', claims to go to a state called OT, or Operating Thetan. I point out how the old gradation charts used to state that at OT level VIII one was "total cause over Matter Energy Space and Time", I then point out to the fellow how *IF* there was just ONE OT... if there was just one person who had a shadow of the super abilities that Scientology makes its adherents dutifully toe the line for, in promise of its realization, then "I WOULD NOT BE HERE".

I chant this at them: "No OTs in Scientology, if there were just ONE OT, you would not be listening to my voice right now"

They do not like this, as it reminds them that they are all there waiting to achieve a promise, which, like the story about "The Emperor's New Clothes", does not exist, except as part of the stage magic show called Scientology.

I explain to the person some of what I have described herein previously, with emphasis on how Dianetics tricks you into mocking up something called the "reactive mind", and how the "E-meter may help to induce a euphoric response to the expectations of the "Auditing Experience" and that "There are NO OTs in Scientology".

And of course the target is rejecting all of this all along. But that's ok, just depending on time, repeat these concepts gently as long as time permits.

You are baiting a hook, to pull him out of the illusion.

After a while, when you intend to end off the conversation, tell the fellow this:

"OK, so you don't feel you are the target of deceptions by Scientology or Hubbard, or in any sort of trance, stage play or illusion, or running any kind of mental program. right? {emphasis on ‘right?')

He agrees.

"So how about this, lets make a little friendly wager, ok?"

He agrees.

"Here's the deal" [ then I state with emphasis, command style, with ‘intention', very directly ].

"The next time you hear the words, ‘Pick up the cans please, this is the session' you will remember everything we discussed in this conversation today".

Now the fellow has just denied all of your allegations, and agreed to this wager... and you have commanded him, (he is after all running a program) to recall this conversation at a very specific time, a time in which Scientologists are at a heightened level of expectation - as those words: "Pick up the cans, this is the session" commence every auditing action with an E-meter!

And what will he have to deal with at the beginning of his next auditing?

What fun! Turning the stage play against itself!

He will have to tell his auditor ALL ABOUT THIS. And it gets repeated again!

And hopefully he notices.. Gee, that guy was right, I *AM* running a program.

This is one technique I think might crack the mind armor that Scientologists wear under the guise of "Thinking for yourself".

I don't know if it works, but the last two public Scientologists that were assigned to keep me busy during a picket have yet to be seen again!

And at the last picket, I was studiously ignored...

On L Ron Hubbard

Two different people have contacted me, both saying that they had seen his private notebooks, with the invocation written in the margin saying "That all men shall be my slaves and all women shall grovel at my feet".

Hubbard goes on to convince you that only in Scientology are the answers to the secrets of the universe. Only in Scientology is the key to escape what Hubbard himself describes as a Prison Planet. What better way to make you a slave, than to play the part of the grand director, and trick you, yes, FAIR GAME YOU, into building Hubbard's prison for your mind, for Hubbard, for the good of Mankind! For the good of "the agonizing future of every man woman and child on this planet" { from Scientology's Policy, "Keeping Scientology Working" which should more accurately be titled, "The show must go on"} What better way than but to convince you with lies and artifice that only Hubbard's pseudo-technology has the key to something they peddle called "Total Freedom"[TM] Religious Technology Center.

No wonder you can't find the key. It is not there!

No wonder your Scientology experience was so much about money, and the dreaded "reg cycles" used to extract it from you, where you would be mentally beaten with the same steel bar of your cage that you had been tricked into creating.

Scientology is about slavery.

Only in Scientology, the inmates are conned into building and managing their own prison.

The Real Wall of Fire

I doubt even that Hubbard's purportedly death-defying ‘discovery' of the secret OT Level III, "The Wall of Fire" was even an original idea, much less discovered as part of any research of any kind. You will find in the 1882 edition of OAHSPE "A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on Earth" there is a reference to "druijas" the term used for spirit entities, being gathered up from all over the galaxy, packaged in ‘vessels' and transported in ‘winged space ships' to earth by the billions. The is called in this book, "The Wall of Fire". The identical name, for an almost identical story line, that Hubbard sells you as Operating Thetan Section Three. It is also amusing to note that Dianetics, Hubbard refers to "automatic writing", and it just so happens that this same book OAHSPE, is claimed to have been written by "automatic writing".

The challenge for those of us who had once been hooked, line and sinker by Hubbard's elaborate fabrications and plagiarisms, is to work to bring this to closure and do whatever we must to bring the scales of personal justice back into balance.

The rule seems to be to do whatever one is best at, to use whatever gifts one has, to best advantage. We each have unique gifts to bring to this table. All of them are valuable to the degree they help educate the public, to a point, that there is no one left to deceive.

The citizens effort to expose Scientology is viable. It won't stop. The one big gift from Scientology to ex-members is the gaining of an acute awareness and revulsion to any group, organization, person or thing that seeks to deceive, manipulate and enslave the minds of men - for profit, monetary or otherwise.

It is up to us, the ex-members of Scientology to determine if this one lesson unto itself has been learned well enough. We certainly had the master of deception as teacher.

We will see if this acute awareness of the techniques of deception - and the price paid by so many - provide sufficient insight and motivation - to undo this as well as other patterns of mental manipulation and control which fester in society like slow growing cancers, by feeding upon the goodwill of the trusting and naive.

What those of us who have gained this knowledge, do with that knowledge, will determine if all the years of deception, the broken lives, the lonely parents, the buried bodies, are in fact in the end, worth something.

This is the responsibility of those who have breached the real wall of fire, DECEPTION.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man" Inscription inside the dome of the Jefferson Memorial, in Washington DC, by Thomas Jefferson

Let us join in devotion to this Founder of America's cause and do something about the Scientology problem NOW, while we still can!

"Slave chains forged of lies are stronger than the finest steel. And those so enslaved, seeing neither chain, shackle or lock, can't free themselves, if only shown a key. Our mission, then, must be in order to set them free, to gently guide their minds, to where lies hid their key"

Thank you
Arnaldo Lerma, 6045 N 26th Road, Arlington Virginia 22207
PS: Locksmiths Wanted

The Internet is the Liberty Tree of the Millennium I would prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak Secrets are the mortar, binding lies as bricks together, into prisons for the mind

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Secrets are the mortar binding
bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind.
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
The internet is the liberty tree of the 90's http://www.lermanet.com


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