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Co$ Public Relations says:

(b) On or about October 14, 1997, in violation of the Order, Armstrong created and caused to be widely disseminated by means of the Internet a documentary work which violated the terms of the above referenced Judgment. See Wilson declaration, Exhibit F.


Gerry says:

And here's this one:


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Date: 14 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT
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On Sun, 12 Oct 1997 04:07:54 GMT, referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson) wrote:

On Sun, 12 Oct 1997 01:09:47 GMT, grady@tidepool.com (Grady Ward) wrote:

Do you believe that similar steps should be taken by the U.S. government? Should all businesses owned by Scientologists[tm] be labeled and prospective employees warned? What makes this different

No, I don't. However I guess we both also agree that we ought to keep lawfully investigating this criminal cult for the mischief that is an organic part of their nature.

Investigating an organization is not equal to investigating individuals who happen to belong to the organization. The government can investigate individuals who belong to the Mafia if those individuals are suspected of criminal activity. The same goes for Scientologists[tm]. What the U.S. government cannot do is to label pejoratively all individuals who belong to a group, whether that group is the Mafia or the CoS.

Diane Richardson

Yes, the US can, does and should. "Gang member" is a pejorative. So is "convicted fellon." So is a member of the "Cultists Dedicated to the Destruction of Sanity for Our Leaders' Own Pernicious Purposes." The US uses such labels in its legal briefs and other public statements.

Scientologists, to be Scientologists, must do exactly what they're told to do by the cult's leadership. That fact should be used by the US in its legal public statements concerning Scientology, or Scientologists acting for Scientology. The leadership of Scientology is involved in a mafia-like criminal enterprise: fraud, extortion, human rights abuses, etc. When the leadership eliminates all such criminal practices from its operations the US would then be justified in removing the pejorative label "Scientologist" from its legal public statements concerning Scientology or Scientologists acting for Scientology.

Any country is completely justified in calling Scientologists "Scientologists" and treating them as if they are under the domination of a cabal of criminals dedicated to the destruction of sanity in that country's citizens and institutions for the cabal's own pernicious purposes, because that is what Scientologists are. It has almost nothing to do with the Scientologists' "beliefs" about the "tech," "ARC," or Xenu, etc., etc. Those things are just part of Scientologists doing what they're told to do: believe this, believe that, don't believe this or that, read this, say that, do this, don't do that, tell this lie, hurt that guy. All for the leaders' own pernicious purposes. That's the danger that people in governments have come face to face with. Germany has apparently said, "This is not right." The US has apparently said, "Wow, what a great idea."

But the US is wrong. It isn't a great idea. It isn't right.


[End Quote]

A funny note. The cult excised the name "Xenu" from the hard copy they filed in court. Hee, hee, hee.


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