Scientology Crime Syndicate

Co$ Public Relations says:

(j) During that same visit, Armstrong gave an interview to Berliner Zeitung, resulting in an article in that publication, an examination of which article clearly shows that the interview given violated the Injunction. See Wilson declaration, Exhibits M and N.


Gerry says:

Exhibit N is an English translation of the October 27, 1997 Berliner Zeitung article made by the cult. Here's what Wilson says the article says about me:


In Berlin is currently the American ex-scientologist Gerry Armstrong as guest; once staff member and biographer of sect founder L. Ron Hubbard. In 12 years in which he was in Scientology he was several times locked in in the so called "Rehabilitation Project Force," the sect's own punishment camp. After his escape from Scientology, he is being pursued mercilessly by the "religious" organization and is being spied upon. "The demonstration is especially to impress the Americans" said Armstrong to the Berliner Zeitung. He calls the Scientology leadership as "cynical and dangerous." The presence of Armstrong in Berlin should create uncomfortableness to the sect. The unusual date of the demonstration to the midday time points to it that the Scientologists want absolutely to come into the prime time on US news.

[End Quote]


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