Scientology Crime Syndicate

Co$ Public RElations says:

(k) On October 28, 1997, Armstrong traveled to Hamburg, Germany where he appeared at a public event. During which, Armstrong committed further violations of the terms of the Judgment, as reprinted in the October 28th edition of the Frankfurter Rundschau. See Wilson declaration, Exhibit P.


Gerry says:

Here's what Wilson says, in a poor translation, the October 28, 1997 Frankfurter Rundschau article says about me:



Scientologists protest in Berlin/Ex-functionary describes persecution of apostates

A former executive member of Scientology, the American Gerry Armstrong, voiced on Monday in Hamburg serious reproaches against the organization and against the US government. According to his own account, Armstrong was a member of Scientology from 1969 until 1981. Amongst others he has been in the Sea Org, the elite unit of the organization. He would have personally worked for Scientology-leader Ron Hubbard.

Scientology restricts the rights of its members, says Armstrong. After his resgnation he himself has been physically attack and put under surveillance. The organization pursuit him with five legal proceedings - with success. He has been sentenced by a US Court not to talk anymore about Scientology. In camps to un-educate apostates it is being attempted to break their will.

Armstrong accused the US-Government for not taking actions against the "fair game practice" of Scientology which intends the systematic destruction of enemies. There are proven indicatos that high-ranking representatives of the US-Government and Economics have connections to Scientology or are even members.

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