Scientology Crime Syndicate

Co$ Public Relations says:

(l) Also on this trip to Germany, Armstrong have interviews to at least three television interviewers resulting in broadcasts on Germany TV channels N-TV, B1 TV and SAT 1 TV. In addition to this, Armstrong was interviewed by the regional newspaper Taz, resulting in the article of October 28, 1997. See Wilson declaration, Exhibits Q & R.


Gerry says:

For some reason cult lawyer Wilson doesn't use a Taz article containing a lengthy interview with me which appeared a few days after this article. Instead he uses a translation of an article about the Berlin conference (for which he had already claimed a contempt in (i) above) containing a very short reference to me. Here's what Wilson says Taz wrote about me:


Die Tageszeitung 28 October, 1997

We Know What We Stand For


Ursula Caberta was there, Chief of the Hamburg Scientology Working Group, and the American Gerry Armstrong, who after thirteen years in the organization had risked the difficult departure. He reported about harassment which he had suffered from since he had publicly turned against Scientology.

[End Quote]


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