Scientology Crime Syndicate

Gerry Armstrong says:

So DM, and all you $cientologists, and all your lawyers, here's my legal question. How many contempts does this post from me that you're now reading rate?

For each of the thirteen contempts listed by $cientology attorney Andy Wilson, your jolly judge sentenced me to 2 days in jail for a total of 26 days. Here I've repeated all of the contempts in a single post.

Will you seek to have me jailed just 2 days for this single post? Or will you seek to have me jailed for another 26 days for repeating the 13 contempts for which you already had me ordered to jail?

Or will you seek additional jail time for my comments in this post over and above what I stated in the original contempts?

If you treat this as a single post, then it clearly behooves me to repost all my posts again in a single monstrous message. And it behooves me to assemble ever more monstrous messages, duplicating and reduplicating and re-reduplicating everything I've ever written, or anyone else has written for that matter. I have a duty, as you know, to mitigate damages.

If I'm going to get two days for saying nothing more than the spit word "$cientology," I might as well write a whole blessed book, because I'll still only get two days. I could publish a damn decology and still only get two days in the slammer.

If you treat this as a single post, for which I'd be jailed two days, surely then having me jailed 26 days for the identical content split into 13 contempts is a clear and terrible injustice.

If you treat this post as 13 or 14 or more contempts, will you treat my equally lengthy posts which do not quote my earlier contempts as 13 or 14 or more? If I mistakenly click twice on send, do I get another 26 or 28 days or more in the jug?

Obviously if your judge isn't clear, how can I be expected to know exactly what stupidity, illegality or insanity he intended.

If anyone quotes this post, or any of my posts, in response, do they get just as much jail time because they're acting in concert with me? Everyone is acting in concert with me, except those few $cientologists and your cult lawyers you have under your suppressive thumb. So do you really think any judge, even one you've bought or blackmailed, would dare to jail every wog in the wog world just to silence Gerry Armstrong?

You see, DM, the court orders that you paid all those lawyers all those poor $cientologists' millions for really are nuts. I don't understand them, and I'd bet you don't either. Whatever they say, it's obvious that they're intended to suppress me. And they don't even do that. You simply can't make things go right.

You really should just go back into the Marin court and confess that you were wrong to seek your ridiculous injunction to silence me. Confess that you were wrong to seek your insane contempt orders and warrants to punish me for not being silenced. And you should gracefully get these illegal, obscene, stupid, dangerous and suppressive orders cancelled.

I mock you and taunt you because you, through your suppressive intent, have put me in this position where mockery and taunting are appropriate. I mock you and taunt you because of the continuing threat you are to my life.


[** a notation on just how low Co$ stoops]

You have, as everyone knows, lied about me, black PRed me, had me assaulted, and tried to have me jailed on false criminal charges. You stole my art work, my original manuscript and other writings. You've threatened me, my family and friends. You've tried to silence me by abuse of the law and by extra-judicial intimidation. You lied about me in order to get your billion dollar tax exemption. You've run dirty intel ops on me and you continue to run your dirty ops. It is a small step from what you've done to murder, and I know that you are fully capable of murder.


I mock and taunt $cientologists because they support you in your lies, your black PR, your assaults, your false criminal charges, your theft of my art and writings, your threatening me, my family and friends, your judicial efforts to silence and suppress me, your billiion dollar tax fraud, your dirty intel ops. $cientologists would also support you in murder. Just think of Lisa McPherson.

And while I mock and taunt you and your $cientologist supporters, I also ask you and them, politely and calmly, to rethink what you've done and continue to do to silence and harm me. I ask you and them to communicate with me politely and calmly to eliminate the threat you are to me and eliminate the need to mock and taunt you.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Gerry Armstrong


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