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Miss X Files #4 LRH on BLACK PROPAGANDA [20 Sep 1996]
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:20:51 -0400

The following quotes from POLICIES of the "Church" of $cientology are by L. Ron Hubbard, "Founder". Source references follow each excerpt.


"About the most involved employment of PR [public relations] is its COVERT USE IN DESTROYING THE REPUTE of individuals and groups. More correctly this is called BLACK PROPAGANDA." - HCO PL 11 May 71 Issue III "Black PR"

"Black = bad or derogatory, propaganda = pushing out statements or ideas, the term used to DESTROY REPUTATION or public BELIEF in persons, companies or nations. It is a COMMON TOOL of agencies [$cn] who are seeking to DESTROY real or fancied ENEMIES or seek dominance in some field." - HCO PL 21 November 72 Issue I - "How to Handle Black Propaganda"

"The activity called BLACK PROPAGANDA consists of SPREADING LIES by HIDDEN sources. It inevitably results in injustices being done by those who operate without verifying the truth." - Flag OODs [Orders of the Day] 17 May 71 ["LRH Command Items"]

"When PR is used for the DESTRUCTION of ideals or institutions or repute of persons, it is called, traditionally, BLACK PR. This is USUALLY COVERT and a DISTORTION OF TRUTH or a whole cloth FABRICATION." - HCO PL 7 August 72 - "PR and Causation"

"Black Propaganda is in its technical accuracy, a COVERT OPERATION where unknown authors publicly effect a derogatory reaction and then remain unknown." - HCO PL 11 May 71 Issue III - "Black PR"

"A COVERT ATTACK on the reputation of a person, company or nation USING SLANDER or LIES in order to WEAKEN or DESTROY." - HCO PL 21 November 72 Issue 1 "How to Handle Black Propaganda"

"BLACK PR also uses IMAGINATION IN ORDER TO DEGRADE or VILLIFY or DISCREDIT an existing or fancied image." - HCO PL 7 August 72 - "PR and Causation"

SOME HAVE SAID that BLACK PR, i.e., covert destruction techniques, outright fabrication of lies, destroying the repute of individuals and groups, spreading lies by hidden sources, distortion of truth, covert slandering of "enemies", degrading, villifying and discrediting opponents is an acceptable activity for a church.

The "Church" of $cientology IS EXPERT on BLACK PROPAGANDA METHODS; their leader wrote lots of policies about the subject.

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