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Zenon writes:

I received the following text with a request to publish it. So I do. ====================================================================

The current leader of the Scientology crime syndicate, Mr. Rear Admiral David Miscavige, appears to have stated that he dislikes public buggery. This leads one to wondering how Mr. Rear Admiral David Miscavige _knows_ that he doesn't like public buggery yet, setting all that aside for now, let's grease ourselves up and delve deeply into this fascinating subject:

Much everyday Latin words of the Romans dissappeared when it became mostly a Clerical and Scientific language in the Middle Ages. One Latin scholar told me the Romans had a verb which meant 'having a raddish rammed up one's butt'. It was the penalty for public buggery. I wonder how you would conjugate that verb... I shoved, he shoved, we shoved... - http://www.mpsc839.org/mpsc839/ALMANAC/09SEP/30.HTM

If I'm not mistaken, I believe one can get that done in Las Vegas and in certain sectors of North Hollywood. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Romanic phrase for "having a raddish rammed up one's butt" was possibly "Having a Miscavige." It could be the Latin root of the more common phrase "Having a Miscarriage." All three are considered by some to be, if I may conjugate that verb, equally messy.

With all these stupid asses running around in cutoff army fatigues, goatees, billowing peasant skirts... these black clothed Hamlets, sitting in dozens of cafes filled with dozens of other Hamlets, are not artists. They are pretenders, pretentious frauds deserving of nothing but ridicule and scorn. They should be spit on by every lover of truth, honesty, and art. They should have their pants pulled down and be publicly buggered, for that is what their "art" is. They are the ones that exclaim, "Ah, my life is art!" Bullshit! No one's life is art. What is produced and shared with society is art, everything else is public buggery. Since these people are obvious false, pretentious, and despicable I will not be one of them. - http://www.ennui.org/rone/other/cynic-manifesto

There's an interesting perspective on things. Perhaps Mr. Rear Admiral David Miscavige merely fears poorly-rendered art. Some of the more unusual performance art which his dead god Laugh-a-lot Ronald Hubbard engaged in doubtlessly put Mr. Rear Admiral David Miscavige off somewhat on poorly-rendered art. After all, performing a play wherein tomato plants have past lives is something that I don't believe even the National Endowment for the Arts would fund. (Indeed, dead god Laugh-a-lot Ronald Hubbard had to make his cult followers pay for such High Theature'. Poor public buggers.)

And let's just gloss over and ignore that reference to goats, shall we?

A son's sexual act with his father (Genesis 9:22).

A Rear Admiral's got to learn _somewhere_!

The ancient world practice of public buggery to humiliate captives in war. Public buggery to humiliate a foreigner (Genesis 19:5). Obviously Lot did not consider the attackers incapable of having sex with his daughters. Anal penetration of another man for mutual pleasure (which might be in view in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 - anal sex is now known to be the most common cause of AIDS, so this might be a health law.)


Male temple prostitutes who offered sex to men (possibly the situation in Deuteronomy 23:17, 1 Kings 14:24 ?)

<giggle giggle>

The Greek practice of men using male slaves for various sexual acts. - http://www.bway.net/~halsall/lgbh/lgbh-brow-resplat.txt

That one goes on and on. I'll save you from the blow-by-blow description. It leaves one feeling chapped, husked out, tired... _fufilled_. Perhaps these exercises are what Mr. Rear Admiral David Miscavige was talking about when he expressed his displeasure of public buggering.

Well, I think we've probed deep enough into the phenomena of public buggery.


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