Ben Gaines
Christ founded all my beliefs... not the [Catholic] church.

Brian Fields
Ok... So, you believe that Christianity died with Christ and was re-born with Martin Luther... Makes perfect sense.

Do you hold Christmas on December 25?

The Catholics CHOSE that date arbitrarily in order to convert the Romans, who believed in the Solstice (Yule), more easily.

Do you use a Wreath?

The Catholics STOLE that little idea from the Pagans in Europe. It is not mentioned in the bible, nor does it have anything to do with Christianity. On a further note: Neither does a tree, most tree decor, hell, even "Deck the Halls" is a pagan song re-converted. Oh, and neither is Holly or Mistletoe, or a Yule log...

What about Easter? Do you hold it when the Catholics do?

Catholic-chosen. 'Nough said. Also, the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs were taken from the Pagan holiday that it was intended to replace.

Do you believe in a Trinity?

So do Catholics. They also believe in the generally accepted idea of what Christianity is - The belief that Christ was the son of God, was born, taught, and died for humanity's sins.

Do you believe in ANY writing after the Gospels?

CHRIST WASN'T even alive... The only force in place at the time was the beginning of the Catholic Church.

How about your Bible... The specific books (Except for the Apocrypha) were all chosen by commitee by the Catholic Church.


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