Scientology Crime Syndicate

Thomas Szasz is Founding Director of the CCHR.

Here's his opinion on the use of cocaine, heroine, and LSD:

"I believe we ought to consider the possibility that a free market in drugs is not only imaginable in principle, but, given the necessary personal motivation of a people, is just as practical and beneficial as is a free market in other goods. Accordingly, I support a free market in drugs, not because I think it is -- at this moment in the United States -- a practical policy, but because I believe it is right and because I believe that -- in the long run, in the United States -- the right policy may be the practical policy."

The CCHR wants to deprive you of your access to prescription psychotropic drugs while making it legal for drug pushers to sell their street drugs in every playground in the United States.


Thomas Szasz is Founding Director of the CCHR:

"Because we have a free market in food, we can buy all the bacon, eggs, and ice cream we want and can afford. If we had a free market in drugs, we could similarly buy all the barbiturates, chloral hydrate, and morphine we want and could afford."

The CCHR wants to make barbiturates, chloral hydrate, and morphine as freely available to you as bacon and eggs. -----------------------------------------------------------






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