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Scientology defaults on $190 million lawsuit

The Public Research Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada issued a statement February 5, 1998 claiming that Scientology's Church of Spiritual Technology defaulted on a $190 million lawsuit, possibly the largest dollar-amount default.

According to the foundation, the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) was named as a defendant in the lawsuit in October, through an amendment to the original suit which was issued in July, 1997. The CST did not file legal motions or respond in any way, resulting in a default in the lawsuit on February 2, 1998.

The reasons behind CST's failure to act are unknown, says the Public Research Foundation, but it may be connected with the organization's secrecy. CST's Articles of Incorporation guarantee the anonymity of its trustees, directors, special directors, and officers. Responding to the lawsuit may have meant disclosing the identities of these anonymous individuals.

The lawsuit is a libel case. Plaintiffs Stephen Mitchell, Lisa Precious, and Kathleen Carey are accusing Scientology-related organizations and individuals with producing a publication called "Public Warning" which defamed the plaintiffs. The publication contains a "Special Briefing" from the "Office of Special Affairs International" and copyright permissions from the L. Ron Hubbard Library, the name under which CST is doing business -- all this according to the Public Research Foundation.

The Public Research Foundation itself is a bit of a mystery. For more details, see the foundation's February 5, 1998 press release at alt.religion.scientology, or contact them directly:
Public Research Foundation
HCR 38, Box 66
Las Vegas, NV 89124
Phone: 702-873-2343
Fax: 702-873-2115
Email: prf@mailcity.com


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