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CST Legal Papers 04 Przybylski Declaration
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1. This is a Declaration of a Daniel J. Przybylski, purporting to be Vice President of the CORPORATION known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST).

2. The Declaration is dated 4 February 1986.

3. Przybylski misrepresents CST as a "the 'Church'". CST is NOT a church; it is a CORPORATION. Ref. U.S. Claims Court No. 581-88T, Judge Bruggink:

"CST is not a church...CST represents that it is a religious corporation organized to accomplish the activities of a church. Despite its name, CST is not itself a church... ."

4. The following note was in the original posting regarding paragraph #3 of the Declaration: "The copy this was OCR'ed from appears blank where the letter 'B' should be, as in 'Author's Family Trust-B'. But the hyphen is visible, as though it should be followed by the 'B,' and the exact number of spaces exist where the 'B' could, and seemingly should, be. This adds some confusion, because an EARLIER Will established an 'Author's Family Trust'--no 'B'. Was the 'B' whited out? If so, was it before, or AFTER the document was signed? Is the confusion intentional?"

5. Something else odd is that the actual day date in January 1986 is also in question, appearing to be at least partially unreadable. This raises the question of whether there was another will executed in January of 1986 on a different day.

6. Whichever Trust is being referred to, this Declaration states that CST is the "principal beneficiary" of that Trust.

Here is the Declaration:



I, Daniel J. Przybylski, declare the following to be true and correct:

1. I am the vice President and a Director of Church of Spiritual Technology (the "Church").

2. The Church is a California non-profit religious corporation.

3. The Church is the principal beneficiary under the provisions of that certain trust created by instrument [?dated 23?] January, 1986 and named the "Author's Family Trust - [B?]"* (the "Trust").

4. The Trust is the principal beneficiary under the Will of L. Ron Hubbard, filed in the Superior Court of the State of California in San Luis Obispo County.

5. The sole trustee of the Trust is Norman F. Starkey, who is also named in said will as the executor of the probate estate of L. Ron Hubbard.

6. As the principal beneficiary of the Trust, which is in turn the principal beneficiary under said will, the Church urges said Court and any other court having jurisdiction:

(a) to appoint said Norman F. Starkey as Special Administrator of said probate estate, if there shall be any delay in the probate of said will or the appointment of the executor of said probate estate, and

(b) that, because said will waives bond, and pursuant to the provisions of Probate Code [Section mark] 462, no bond be required of Norman F. Starkey as such Special Administrator,

7. The execution and delivery of this Declaration are authorized and directed by unanimous action of the Board of Directors of the Church duly taken in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and bylaws.

I declare under penalty of perjury the above is true and correct.

Executed this 4th day of February, 1986, at Los Angeles, California.



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