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CST Legal Papers 09 Assignment and Assumption
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1. This "Assignment and Assupmtion" is the document wherein Norman Starkey transfers to the CORPORATION known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST) ALL of the licensing agreements Starkey had earlier made with the corporation known as "Religious Technology Center" (RTC) for use of the Advanced Technology.

2. CST is NOT a church; it is a CORPORATION. Ref. U.S. Claims Court No. 581-88T, Judge Bruggink:

"CST is not a church...CST represents that it is a religious corporation organized to accomplish the activities of a church. Despite its name, CST is not itself a church... ."

3. IMPORTANT: In the licensing agreements referred to in this document, NO COPYRIGHTS ARE ASSIGNED OR TRANSFERRED TO RTC. Only the rights to USE and SUBLICENSE the Advanced Technology to other organizations is granted.

4. Date this document was executed: 29 November 1993

Here is the document:



This Assignment and Assumption (RTC) is made and effective this 29th day of November, 1993, by and between NORMAN F. STARKEY, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B ("Assignor"), and CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, a California nonprofit religious corporation ("Assignee"). Reference is made to the following described agreements between NORMAN F. STARKEY, as Executor of the Will of L. Ron Hubbard or as Trustee of Author's Family Trust, and RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, a California nonprofit religious corporation ("Agreements"):

Title Date

(a) License Agreement September 17, 1987

(b) Advanced Technology Covenant-Estate/RTC November 30, 1988

(c) Addendum to Advanced Technology Covenant- Estate/RTC May 13, 1991

L. Ron Hubbard died on January 24, 1986, and NORMAN F. STARKEY was appointed Executor of his Will by the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court on February 18, 1986. On January 3, 1989, said Superior Court ordered distribution of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, including ownership of various interests in the Advanced Technology, the subject matter of the Agreements, to Assignor [Starkey]. The agreement by and between Assignor [Starkey] and L. Ron Hubbard, dated January 23, 1986, establishing Author's Family Trust-B, requires distribution to Assignee [CST] of all assets held in trust by Assignor [Starkey].

In consideration of Assignee's [CST'S] agreement to perform all of the obligations of Assignor [Starkey], if any, under the Agreements, Assignor [Starkey] hereby assigns, transfers and sets over to Assignee [CST] all of his right, title and interest in the Agreements.

Assignee [CST], in consideration of the foregoing assignment and transfer by Assignor [Starkey], hereby assumes and agrees, on behalf of Assignor [Starkey], to perform the obligations, if any, imposed upon Assignor [Starkey] under each of the Agreements.

Notice of this Assignment shall be given by Assignee [CST].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Assignment and Assumption as of the date first above written.

__________[signature]__________ NORMAN F. STARKEY,
Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B

The foregoing Assignment and Assumption is hereby accepted and agreed to in accordance with its terms.



JANE McNAIRN, Its Secretary


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