The epidemic of clergy child abuse

A Safe Heaven for Pedophiles

What you're about to read will probably be upsetting to most of you. As you read through the newspaper article references provided in this series, keep in mind that these people aren't NAMBLA (North Amercan Man/Boy Love Association) members; they're not vague "Satanists," Mafia kingpins, or heroin addicts. They're Christian Clergy of all brand names.

They're the priests, ministers, preachers, and religious "leaders" of our communities. They're the same moral "leaders" who scream from their pulpits about the "evils of homosexuality" and the "sin of fornication." They're the same "leaders" who demand all men (they rarely mention women) need "redemption" that "only the good lord Jesus Christ!" can provide.

A few of you might want to close your eyes and glibly claim, "Oh, but they're not True Christians" and thereby sluff the epidemic problem off of your shoulders and try to pretend it's someone else's problem. If you want to play that game then you're responsible for allowing it to continue unchecked. If you want to pretend Christians some how stop being Christians when they rape their first child, then YOU are responsible for allowing it to continue. The fact is that ending child abuse is the responsibility of all of us.

There are four unavoidable facts here:

What follows is a collection of collections. Many tireless individuals track this problem and keep specific instances of clergy child abuse in the public eye. A very heart-felt "thank you" is in order for each of you who work to expose and end this problem. A special thank you goes to Alisandra and Ammond Shadowcraft who disseminate the majority of these newspaper extracts and to the Center for First Ammendment Studies which, as one aspect of their many good projects, solicit and track cases of sexual child abuse by clergy. (See Section 5 of this exposure.)

NOTE 1: It's important to note that most of the child-abusing priesthood are married and have children of their own. When male clergy rape boys, the act isn't considered to be homosexual in nature. It is the morphology of the child which motivates the child abuser to act, not the sex gender of their victims. (There are psychology text books in your local library which cover the aspects of child abuse. For references, see Section 6 of this exposure.)

NOTE 2: Some of the descriptions of the crimes committed might sound vague and unspecific -- or describe things which the reader may never have heard about before. In some of those cases I've added a brief bit of commentary. News reports intended for the general public are often vague and self- censored when it comes to instances of child sexual abuse and at times the wording may seem unclear and euphemisms will be employed.

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