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From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@raids.org>

Bfd5816@aol.com: When you see that the path you have chosen leaves you empty and void of God

Fredric Rice Responds: When you find evidence for any god, you might wish to forward it to my attention -- not to mention to the Nobel Society so that you might collect your prise.

Bfd5816@aol.com: and your body feels like a shell that is an empty container.

Fredric Rice Responds: <laughing> Did you know that the Heaven's Gate cult "left their containers" and joined a flying saucer trailing the Hale-Bopp comet? Now why do you use the same idiot terminology as a suicide cult?

Bfd5816@aol.com: Hurn back to God

Fredric Rice Responds: Have any evidence for these gods of yours?

Bfd5816@aol.com: and call to Him and he will show you great and mighty things which you know not...call to Him and He will answer you.

Fredric Rice Responds: Okay. "Hello? Zeus? Apollo? Odin? Hello? Anybody home?"

Guess they all stepped out for pizza.

Bfd5816@aol.com: You don't need a zip file to turn back to God.

Fredric Rice Responds: <laughing!> Ah, you must be complaining about the Walk Away package. It's not ment to make you upset, dear, it's ment to help you find the courage you need to just walk away. If you bothered to check, there are a number of courageous testimonials from people just like you who managed to find the courage from within it took to realize they had been duped and just walked away.

Spend a little more time reviewing the materials and when you're ready, we'll be here for you. I promise.

Bfd5816@aol.com: Leave the septic tank of bitter thinkers who pervert you with false ideas of Him....

Fredric Rice Responds: Of who? Sammy Davis Jr.? Elton John? Weird Al Yankovitch? Do try to be specific when you rant disjointedly, please.

Bfd5816@aol.com: walk into the pure Light that is from God

Fredric Rice Responds: And yet humanity suffers from Dark Ages when religion is at its peak. Perhaps while you're finding evidence for these gods of yours you might want to also find evidence for this unusual light of yours. Most light comes from the Sun which only covers half of the Earth at any given instant. I would be most interested in learning of alternative light sources which I might market.

Bfd5816@aol.com: and walk across the bridge that He sent to you

Fredric Rice Responds: Is that anything like the Scientology "bridge to total freedom" wherein one gives up all reasoning abilities and allows oneself to be brainwashed to the point where one rants disjointedly like you do?

Or is this like the many other frauds who sells a bridge in Northern California spanning a bay?

Bfd5816@aol.com: - available to you through His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth...

Fredric Rice Responds: Have any evidence for this god construct?

Bfd5816@aol.com: who was dead, but rose from the grave so that you may have a God who is alive....

Fredric Rice Responds: Golly. Just like Lord Krishna and Mithra -- and many other gods and goddesses -- centuries before the Jesus construct was created.

Bfd5816@aol.com: He calls to you to come back to Him....

Fredric Rice Responds: No wonder it couldn't hear me calling. His line was busy trying to call me.

Bfd5816@aol.com: Come Home....

Fredric Rice Responds: Er, I am home. I got home at around 5:30 today.

Bfd5816@aol.com: You who are weary come home...there is a warm place waiting for you...

Fredric Rice Responds: <laughing> No, I won't bend over for you. Thanks, flattered, I'm sure, but no.

"Warm place" indeed.


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