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Miss X Files #16 I HAVE A DREAM (Was The IRS Campaign)
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:48:51 -0400



Many falsehoods and inaccurate statements have been posted to ars by the cult of $igh'ntology. The purpose of these lies is to deceive you with 'spam' from their book 'What is $igh'ntology?' and to show you how robotic they are by blindly following their 'God' - eL. RUM HuB Bard, a dead psychotic criminal.


The FDA had tried for so long to expose $igh'ntology's deceptive claims, coercive tactics and fradulent practices, and $igh'ntology was VERY persistent and had HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars and an army of VERY busy lawyers. This allowed $igh'ntology to continue to practice their deceptive and dangerous techniques, both in the United States and around the world. Thus, the FDA was harassed through litigation, blackmailed, subverted through infiltration and dead-agented into giving up - temporarily.

The weight of the mission then fell on IRS' shoulders. The IRS had been conducting an investigation into tax fraud by the "church" and its founder since the early '50s, rightfully denying tax-exempt status to $igh'ntology "churches" and issuing Federal tax liens against others. It also provided accurate information to the post office to "support a charge of misrepresentation" and later sent a wealth of evidence to other government agencies.

$igh'ntology's illegalities were the subject of 1976 Congressional hearings that found that the cult's leaders had directed covert intelligence operations against the governments of various nations. Indeed, information illegally obtained by $igh'ntology had been used as a political weapon related to tax concerns. Among the materials turned up through an FBI raid on the cult was a plot to frame "church" critic Paulette Cooper. The "church" had also been conducting a systematic campaign of harassment against Miss Cooper. This plot, it should be mentioned, is particularly outrageous in view of the fact that $igh'ntology tells its members "Don't do anything illegal" in its "Way to Happiness" propaganda booklet. One of the most evil and dangerous cults on the face of the Earth, by fighting democracy and justice, $igh'ntology is truly a criminal intelligence organization, laundering money through an international network of bank accounts.

The criminal history of $igh'ntology and its blantant disregard of law fills a warehouse. In fact, it consists of tens of thousands of filing cabinets of documents obtained in the course of the last 42 years, revealing not merely a genuinely shocking variety of dirty tricks, but also an insanely evil, robotic scheme to fabricate a case - any kind of case - against any and all perceived "enemies" (critics) of the criminal cult.

Specifically, these documents show the cult's attempts to silence government officials, law enforcement agencies, IRS employees, attorneys, bank executives, media representatives and former members in order to maintain $igh'ntology's tax-exempt status. And an even more unbelievable story is now unfolding. In an attempt to conceal the fact that the cult committed such crimes, the "church" has engaged in a truly Machieavellan scheme for several years.

The plan calls for nothing short of complete infiltration and eventual takeover of all of the world's governments. As part of the agenda: infiltration of the government and the media with a network of undercover agents and the manufacture and planting of evidence. Forged documents were to be seeded by the cult into government files where, through the execution of co-ordinated program actions, they would be conveniently found and used as leverage to force the resignation of key governmental and law enforcement officials. The cult's intelligence agents were not only to be rewarded financially when the government was "reformed", but they were also to be installed as OOSA controlled politicians running a fully infiltrated government that would use the name of the Office of Satan's Affairs.

Yet, even as the cult was implementing its plans - attempting to infiltrate government offices, working out how to forge and plant documents - the Justice Department, The FBI, concerned internet citizens, former "church"

members and attorneys united to expose all. In addition to concerns over ensuing public outrage at this exposure, the cult now had to contend with another problem...

In an unprecedented effort to save face, not to mention bank accounts, the Reverend Heaver Gents tried to persuade the Department of Justice to bring some kind, any kind, of prosecution against Damien Missed Cabbage for what he had done. Justice may be blind, but it is not stupid, and Justice Department and FBI officials rebuked the Reverend Gents and refused to entertain any such lunacy or even further justification. After all, anyone could see that crimes had been committed. This did not stop the cult, however. Their rantings only intensified as Damien Missed Cabbage was being handcuffed and led into a padded-wall police van and began psychotically ranting and screaming, "You may imprison my body, but you will NEVER CAPTURE ALL MY BTs!!! You EVIL SPs!!! I WILL INFEST YOUR MIND!!! YOU WILL NEVER FIND ALL THE GOLD I HAVE BURIED!!! AND I WILL BE BACK..." Other cult leaders soon joined in chanting along, as if to be "Chinese schooling" some strange lingo that obviously had been drilled in anticipation of their arrests.

The government, with an abundance of evidence, filed 6950 counts of Felony charges against Missed Cabbage and other top cult leaders, including Lie Man Spurn Lock, When Dell Wren Olds, Kin Dreck Mocks On, URL Coolie and Hell In Cobran in Federal Court on Friday, November 15, 1996. That charges were brought against almost seven hundred Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Clearwater, Denmark, East Grinstead, Stockholm, Finland, Berlin, Johannesburg, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Tokyo, Moscow, Switzerland, Mexico City, Colombia and Boulder-based cult leaders. It charges cult leaders with waging a forty two-year campaign of illegal acts, including violating the constitutional rights of former and present members of the cult and its "public"; money laundering; tax evasion; illegal wiretapping; forced interrment of members in prison compounds; witness tampering; obstruction of justice; perjury; subterfuge; conspiracy to overthrow the US and foreign governments; murder; psychological torture; brainwashing; illegally practicing medicine; illegal weapons stockpiling; securities fraud; and kidnapping, just to name a few of the most serious charges.

Furthermore, the government made its hearings in the case wide open to the public, with mass-media announcements on radio and television and full-page spreads in newspapers such as USA TODAY, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, The Chicago Tribune, The Houston Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Clearwater Sun, The Dallas Morning News and The Detroit Free Press.

Thus, on November 18, 1996, world governmental leaders issued statements that the cult of $igh'ntology and their affiliated organizations across the US and in other parts of the world were ceasing operations. The buildings of the mother cult and all $igh'ntology "churches", "missions", social "betterment" and social "reform" groups in the United States, as well as all major $igh'ntology organizations abroad, were opened up to the public for a period of 6 months in order that former members may obtain any "preclear", "ethics", personnel, OOSA, and other files that $igh'ntology had in their possession.

A major leap was truly made towards restoring sanity and freedom in the world.

Love, Miss X


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