Scientology Crime Syndicate

Staff members of the organization beat up a school girl - Code Office stated, "We have no legal means of handling"

Stuttgart, Germany
May 20, 2000
Stuttgarter Nachrichten

by Michael Deufel

Not only does Scientology continue to make headlines with its psycho-practices: recently a member even beat up a school girl. Despite that the group may continue to advertise in Stuttgart.

The event already took place several weeks ago. A mild Saturday afternoon in March: a sales crowd. On "Kleinen Schlossplatz," Scientologists were advertising for the "What is Scientology?" exhibition on 39 Friedrich Street. Four school girls who happened to be passing by discovered balloons on which "Scientology" was written in large letters. Annoyed that she had been accosted several times previously by members of the controversial organization, one of them stuck a pin in a yellow balloon. "A dumb trick," the young woman has since admitted. This sort of thing, however, drove one of the Scientologists into a rage so that he hit the 16 year old girl. "Repeatedly," she said. "A slap," is how Scientology says it. According to statements by the victim, the man had to be restrained by two passersby. The school girl got away with bruises and a headache. In the meantime, the state attorney's office has the case.

Not only are Scientology's psycho-practices controversial: do some members of the organization also tend to physical violence? "Scientologists normally avoid such confrontation," said Codes Office Director Till Neumann. The conduct of the Dianeticians in public has not now reached new proportions. Advertising for exhibitions is and always has been permitted, even if not gladly seen. Neumann said, "We try to do much, too often we lack the legal means." Offering books or expensive Dianetics courses for sale or recruiting members are still prohibited. That was decided by a judge of the Stuttgart municipal court.

But for how long? "The Administrative Court in Mannheim recently permitted an appeal of that judgment," reported Reinhard Egy. The Stuttgart Scientology spokesman sees that as a good sign. Will the Scientologists, who have been under surveillance by Baden-Wuerttemberg Constitutional Security, then soon be able to offer their questionable practices on Koenig Street? The city's administration is staying calm. "We have our line," asserted office director Neumann, "in given cases we can issue a special use permit."

That is exactly what Untertuerkheim SPD city councilman Andreas Reissig is demanding, "If that alternative exists, why is more not being done about Scientology." He would like to see all activities by the group prohibited. But not commercial advertising, as happened in March with the balloon operation by Scientology ended with slapping.


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