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28 Jan 2000

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The prosecutor that investigates the Church of $cientology requests to declare two high charges of the Franquismo movement

El Pais, 02.05.1989

The judge Vázquez Honrubia requests information no the Interpol and Scotland Yard on the sect

The prosecutor Carlos Ladron de Guevara, that investigates the summary of the Church of $cientology, it has requested Instruction Court number 21 of Madrid that declare two high charges of the Franquista regime.

Sources of the investigation of the case have indicated that the object of these petitions is to clarify determined extreme on the introduction of the sect in Spain, caused that is establish in the period 1969-1975. The judge José María Vazquez Honrubia, headline of the Court number 21, will decide soon on this issue. While, the judge has requested information about $cientology to the Interpol and Scotland Yard, thus as to the Moroccan Interior Ministry.

The two high charges whose comparecence before the court that investigates the sect of $cientology has been requested are: Luis Rodríguez de Miguel, sub-secretary of the Ministry of the Interior [then of Governance] in 1973, and Luis Mayans, general Mercantile Navy director in the year 1975. In the first case the comparecence will be impossible, since Rodríguez de Miguel expired 19 of 1982 April, questión that it seems do not know the district attorney's office of the State.

Rodríguez de Miguel was the second of the Ministry of the Interior when the responsible of this department was Carlos Arias Navarro. In 1974, Arias was named minister of the Housing. In 1980 February, already in the Democratic era, it was promoted to attorney general of the Supreme Court.

As far as he is concerned, Luis Mayans, responsible for the merchant marine, Performed his professional labor the the Navy. The district attorney's office also requested that they appear before the instruction court the undersecretary of the merchant marine in 1969 and the general delegate of Criminal Investigation [now Judicial Police] in the year 1972, dependent of the Interior Ministry.

The fiscal Ladron de Guevara requested the comparecence of these high charges of the franquismo on 5 of April, in addition to requesting until nine formalities on the summary of the the $cientology. On pastWednesday the judge Vázquez Honrubia accepted, through judicial resolution, all the requested formalities and postponed the decision on the statement of the high charges, until is requested the cited documentation.

Reports petition

The formalities interested by the district attorney's office and approved by the instructing justice are centered in requesting of various ministries (Interior, Foreign, Trade and Marine) the files that work in their dependences be able with respect to the ships Royal Scotsman and Apollo and to the activities of the entity Operation and Transport Corporation Ltda.(OTC)

This society is considered as the embryo of the Church of $cientology in Spain, according to the investigative sources of the facts. The mentioned sources consider also to the two ships cited as " information platforms" of $cientology. To these vessels was denegated the tie in Spanish port, though after it forgot such negative. The source informants consider that the activity of these two ships and of the OTC are the principle of the designated operation "SNOW WHITE", consistent, in introducing $cientology in the Spanish administrative studding.

The judge José María Vázquez Honrubia has approved that is requested information to the Interpol and to Scotland Yard on the "activities displayed by the members of the mentioned association with the referred ships", according to indicates the decision.

"To request also information of the Ministry of the Moroccan Interior on the expulsion reasons of that pais of the ship Apollo, toward the year 1970s, and of activities of the OTC, had the importance that for the clarification of the facts object of this cause could have said information", adds also the resolution of the fiscal, approved by the magistrate instructing.

The fiscal petition requests furthermore that is directed a "communication to the British Naval Ataché" to request "information on activities of $cientology and incidents occurred in the year 1970's protagonized for this supposed sect, also as activities made for the members of this institution by means of its ships Royal Scotsman and Apollo, being as that it has knowledge of its expulsion of England in reason to activities that they can keep great similtud with displayed them in our country".

Last November, the judge Vázquez Honrubia ordered the detention of numerous members of $cientology, between them the maximum directing of the sect, the commodore Heber Jentzsch.



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