Fri 21 Nov 97 20:23

Alec Grynspan:
The most prominent creationists such as Duane Gish, Henry and John Morris, Thomas Barnes, and Harold Slusher have all been on its board of directors at one time or another. The society and journal require that all members adhere to the following statement of belief:

[...Laurie cut the text containing the religious oath Creationists are required to sign...]

Laurie Appleton:
There is nothing of "real, deep-down", importance in any of that of course, what *IS* important is the scientific evidence.

Mark Kimes: mkimes@ibm.net
The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has as its primary tenet that the bible is an authority without error and that Creationism is true -- all evidence must pass through this filter, and anything that gets stuck in it goes in the trash. The Creation Research Society has a similar tenet -- all evidence must comply with the bible, or be discarded.

The upshot of this is that these Creationists do not examine "the scientific evidence," but rather filter that evidence, keeping any pieces which can be jammed into their preconceived notions, and tossing any pieces which cannot be made to fit with those notions.

One can "prove" literally _anything_ using these techniques. Of course, these techniques are not scientific in the slightest.

Yes, the evidence is important -- all the evidence. Just as your quotes remove the context that shows what was actually being discussed, Creationists disregard all the evidence that disagrees with their conclusion. Science? No. Honest? No. Bullshit? Most definitely.

Yes, the evidence is important. And the evidence shows conclusively that ICR, CRS, and Lorry Appletoon are liars.


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