Scientology Crime Syndicate

- Mark Bunker arrested in Chicago - Transcript / Set-Up?
- Mark Bunker arrested in Chicago - Set-up?
- Outrage in Chicago Mark Bunker is arrested
- Mary Anne Ahmad on the Mark Bunker Affair
- Some info on Mark Bunker's arrest in Chicago
- Evidence disappears in the Mark Bunker affair
- Mark Bunker follow up. Vilinsky connection/Death by auditing
- Stacy Brooks Announces that Journalist Mark Bunker of Xenu TV was Attacked
- Transcript, Fox-13 News segment about Mark Bunker hammer attack
- Brutal hammer attack in Clearwater
- LMT- Lead story on Fox13 News
- Xenu TV gets Attacked and Scientologist Helnwein capitulates
- News from Germany: Man attacks camera with hammer
- SP Times: How much oddity can one town take?
- Hammer man attacks ARD team while filming


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