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24 heures - 15-04 : Co$ caught cheating
"Entheta" <Entheta@entheta.niet>
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 08:43:40 +0200

Swiss newspaper "24 heures" reported saturday that members of the local Church of Scientology org (Lausanne) were caught distributing leaflets, in violation of a municipal law.

After many ordinary pedestrians complained being harassed on public grounds by Church of Scientology staff, the city council decided in a first time to completely ban CoS activites on public ground. After an appeal by the CoS, they had to lift that ban, but edicted restricting conditions on their activities on public ground. CoS is allowed to have a booth only twice a month, at a well defined spot, market days excluded (wednesdays and saturdays) . Leafleting (body-routing ?) is only allwed one day per week, market days excluded.

CoS staff was caught leafleting at the main railways station, last wesdesday (market day) and were ordered to immediately stop. The local org head, Mrs Montangero (recently convicted and receiving suspended sentence for diffamating a critic - sentenced confirmed in first appeal) complained about religious freedom, freedom of speech, bla, bla, bla.



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