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CST Legal Papers 00 Overview and Contents
13 Apr 2000 08:02:33 -0000

The "CST Legal Papers" series of posts comprise an annoted collection of documents relating to the CORPORATION known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST), doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library."

CST owns ALL copyrights to everything L. Ron Hubbard ever wrote.

The very name "Church of Spiritual Technology" is a fraud, because CST is NOT a church, it is a CORPORATION, and therefore enjoys NO protection under the separation clause of the Constitution; Ref. U.S. Claims Court No. 581-88T, Judge Bruggink:

"CST is not a church...CST represents that it is a religious corporation organized to accomplish the activities of a church. Despite its name, CST is not itself a church... ."

There are other alleged tangible frauds now being associated with CST which are only beginning to come to light, and it is hoped that these documents will help uncover the breadth and depth of these possible frauds, if they exist. More and more allegations are surfacing of significantly altered literary works being sold as though they were the originals, with literally millions of dollars changing hands. Recent allegations and copyright records show that Scientology's "OT Levels" are perhaps forgeries, or possibly "versions" that have been created by CST or by their licensees or on a work-for-hire basis by people other than L. Ron Hubbard. The revenues from these "OT Levels" alone mount into multi-millions.

The documents being posted are:

1. CST Legal Papers 01 Assignment Agreement First mention of CST; fraudulent, because CST didn't exist at the time; Assignment to RTC of US rights to Advanced Technology, with option for CST to take over.

2. CST Legal Papers 02 Articles of Incorporation Incorporated by non-Scientologist lawyer Sherman Lenske, who also made himself a "Special Director" of CST.

3. CST Legal Papers 03 Bylaws The Bylaws prove that the "Special Directors" are all non-Scientologist attorneys, and have veto power over the Scientologists who are board members and officers. This document also establishes that CST is a CORPORATION, not a church. The Bylaws also claim the fictional existence of a "church" that supposedly has the same name, as the corporation, but no such "church" exists in fact.

4. CST Legal Papers 04 Przybylski Declaration A Declaration by then-Vice President of CST, urging the court to appoint Norman F. Starkey as "Special Administrator" of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard. Starkey then went on to collect up all the copyrights belonging to Hubbard, and transferred them to CST immediately after CST received tax exemption in the IRS secret "Closing Agreement."

5. CST Legal Papers 05 Starkey Declaration Norman Starkey also urging the court to appoint him as "Special Administrator" of the Estate. This document gives rare insights into the workings of the FOR-PROFIT corporation known as "Author Services, Inc." (ASI), which is now wholly owned by CST (See "CST Legal Papers 08 IRS Closing Agreement Excerpts").

6. CST Legal Papers 06 Covenant, Advanced Technology An agreement between Norman Starkey and the corporation known as "Religious Technology Center" (RTC) granting RTC an exclusive license to use and sub-license the Advanced Technology. This Covenant was later transferred in its entirety to CST (See "CST Legal Papers 09 Assignment and Assumption").

7. CST Legal Papers 07 US Claims Court Excerpts A landmark ruling by Judge Bruggink that exposed things that had never been known before about CST, including the fact that it was founded by Meade Emory, former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS. It also established that CST has complete power over the trademarks, even though these appear to be vested in the junior corporation, "Religious Technology Center" (RTC).

8. CST Legal Papers 08 IRS Closing Agreement Excerpts This formerly secret Closing Agreement reveals that the IRS ordered Norman Starkey to give the entirety of the FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION known as "Author Services, Inc." (ASI) to CST "without consideration."

9. CST Legal Papers 09 Assignment and Assumption The document in which Norman Starkey transfers to CST his "right, title and interest" to and in all all Covenants and Agreements regarding the Advanced Technology.

10. CST Legal Papers 10 Copyright Transfer Record The Library of Congress Copyright Office record of a transaction transferring the 7,731 copyrights from Norman Starkey to CST.

11. CST Legal Papers 11 Assignment [to CST] The document in which Norman Starkey actually transfers to CST complete ownership of 7,731 copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard. NOTE that the actual transaction takes place a day AFTER the date that the Copyright Office has it recorded as occuring on (See "CST Legal Papers 10 Copyright Transfer Record").

12. CST Legal Papers 12 Mitchell Affidavit A blistering Affidavit from Stephen Mitchell to attorney William M. Hart (of law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP), but naming other interested parties, including David Miscavige (RTC), and Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock of CST. It lays out in exacting detail what appears to be a tangible fraud in the advertising and selling of a book--purportedly by L. Ron Hubbard--called "New Slant on Life." As far as can be determined from the Affidavit, Hart had apparently threatened Mitchell with "substantial legal consequences" for communicating about the allegedly fraud. Mitchell tells Hart, essentially, to put up or shut up.

13. CST Legal Papers 13 Mitchell vs. CST Appeal The most recent legal battle in the saga of CST: the same Stephen Mitchell, along with a Kathleen Carey, are engaged in a libel suit against CST which they have now appealed after it was dismissed by Judge Frances Rothschild in Los Angeles Superior Court. Plaintiffs Mitchel and Carey claim in their Appeal that Rothschild demonstrated clear bias for defendant/respondant CST and against the plaintiffs, and that she advocated from the bench for the defendant/respondant CST.

(Note: for background on Judge Rothschild and some of the issues that appear to be in the Appeal, try: http://www.clever.net/webwerks/veritas/judge/index.htm For background on the original libel suit--which formerly named RTC's David Miscavige--try: http://www.clever.net/webwerks/veritas/mitchell/index.htm This web site doesn't appear to have been updated in some time, but was covering the original libel suit, and has some documents from the suit, and a lot of documentation regarding CST.

It is hoped that these documents help shed light on things that have been hidden and buried for decades.


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