Rena Mcgee:
Why is it important that she admit to "ritual cannibalism" to you? Why are her beliefs unacceptable to you, since they have done nothing to *you* personally, that we know of?

Judith Bandsma:
I think I'll jump in on this one.

It's for the simple reason that Annette does not look at how her attitudes impact other people. She has insulated herself in a coccoon, safe in the 'knowledge' that god loves her and that's all she needs to know.

The surety and smugness of her own place allows her to completely ignore the others that claim membership in the same club who are trying to bring back the times when any deviation from their vision meant the stake.

The burning times didn't have to happen if the people like Annette hadn't said to themselves "oh, god loves me so I don't have to do anything" and they didn't protest the injustice. The Holocaust happened in much the same way.

Sitting back and saying 'well, they weren't true christians' after the killings in the name of the same god she worships, doesn't cut it.


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