Scientology Crime Syndicate


1) Any fraud or deception used to get money from members using their credit cards, or loans from lending institutions or their families YES I know plenty. A tactic was prevalent in Sweden, France and Spain to make public take multiple loans witholding the fact that they had several of them already.. One particular girl I remember clearly was from Sweden. I sec-checked her extensively. She had paid for her whole bridge at Flag up to OT VII by taking 17 loans from various banks in Stockholm. She had lied on her loan applications at the incitement of the FSC Stockhorn. (her name was Ingrid Ostlund, I forgot her married name). Her mother who is now OT VIII and which I sec-checked as well (Vega Ostlund) also took some false loans but on a much smaller basis than her daughter. :An active FSM from Sweden, Lena Akesson, who also was my pc, exported this habit of false loans to Spain, as she was very, active there as well. I sec-checked people who took excessive loans under false pretenses at her incitation. Several flaps occured as a result and a CMO Int mission was sent to handle. She was the first new OT VIII completion to get declared suppressive (she is on the SP list provided by Factnet). I sec-checked a new OT VIII completion from Spain on the subject shortly after he completed OT VIII (I was ordered to sec-check him despite that I was OT VII and he was OT VIII because I was the only OT 7 Nots auditor- there was and attempts to see-check him on the ship in English were a total failure as he knew no English whatsoever. (I only accepted auditing him after receiving a Telex from Sin' C/S Int and IG Tech on it). His name was Javier Munoz. I had given him his whole upper level bridge from OT Eligibility to Solo Nots EP check. In France the two IAS reps who were both OT VII completions (De Petigny) and were my friends and pcs were declared suppressive. They raised IAS donations by making people borrow from rich public. Because of the tremendously high pressure to get income NOW and that loans once applied for in France could take 2 weeks to get approved, it was found expedient to get French businessmen to sign them TRAITES which is illegal to use for any' purpose but legitimate business and commerce. It was an interest free method of getting a short tenm loan. Businessmen were made to borrow money against each other and once the loan was approved they were reimbursed. However one of them defaulted on his paying others and a DOMINO effect occurred where about 20 businessmen couldnt pay back, some of them had legal obligations with non-scientologists partners and goverment contracts. A CMO Int mssion was sent to handle and a new OT V who was as well my friend and pc was ordered REIMBURSED of ALL HIS IAS DONATIONS. (Note CMO Int ORDERED the IAS to reimburse and it is the on1y case I know of where IAS donations were refunded. Since the person, whose name is Dominique Pizzinat was a patron of the association, his refund exceeded $40 000.00) Dominique Pizzinat was the director of a Music School in Paris called "Ecole du Rhytme" who funnelled much of its funds toward Scientology. He is even mentioned in a book "L'enfer des Sectes" (The Nightmare of Sects) published in France where the major sects in France are discussed. Several additional pcs of mine were involved in. this scare and I had to seccheck them. One of them from Angers told me how he was forced to get involved. In Lyon, France there is a trial against Scientology for fraud. Included amongst the defendants are Danielle Gounord, president of the Church of Scientology of France and a long term pc of mine that I have sec-checked extensively.

While I do not recall of any illegal acts she mentioned to me off-hand, I recall that the church financed the printing of handouts against the ADFI (equivalent of CAN in France) to attack it. I have seen it. The handout only gives generalities and is libellous. A catholic priest, parson of a small village, is also on trial. Lou'Ls Michel Brolles made several of his parishioners in Southern France and in Belgium finance his bridge at Flag. He did all 3 Ls and New OT VIII. I 'know him from the night he discovered Scientology and I delivered his new OT VIII eligibility sec-check. He used funds aimed at Charity for Scientology. A rich public from Switzerland, Albert Jacquier became very distraught over having financed for $300 000 in loans for Scientologists so they would take Flag services and never being back. He attempted suicide after completing OT VII and being denied OT VIII after it had been promised to him and he'd paid in full. He was by then a virtual destitute. I audited him at his home in Dunedin ( a suburb of Clearwater) after he had a motorcycle accident where he "wanted to die". I personally lent money at the request of the captain FSO to one of her staff. I lent $2 500 to Lisa Baumgarten so she could pay back American Express for expenses she owed them,, and avoid her, going to court. Lisa Baumgarten was D/FCCI PO for call-in. I was hidden the fact that she'd blown, 3 times from the S. O. before and was a drug revert. ,after ! !end her the money, she blew and got very rapidly declared. I was forbidden to make any attempt to collect that debt as she was an SP and I a SO member. She never paid back a penny. I lent $2 000 to King Peeters so he could later rejoin the S.O. He paid 30% of his debt and joined the S. O. before he paid back and he blew and never paid anyhing back. Both of those people signed me a promissory' note. 2) Any fraud, deception, or unethical high pressure tactics used in Scientology's sales, advertising, or registration actions Yes Plenty several of my pcs were severely disturbed by false promises from registrars. The most infamous involved Martha Higareda, a rich Mexican businesswoman She was made to pay over 2 million US dollars to pay for Me,rican trainees. A lot of money was dilapidated and books and E-meters that were not needed were sold so that the registrars would get 15% commissions on those sales. A scare was for some Trainees to get their free E=meter and then sell them, pocketing the money for themselves. Martha Higareda left the Church. As her long time auditor, I am the only person at Flag she fully respected. She would repeatedly get upset with high pressure tactics to get her to "donate" money. She became very' hard to handle. I eventually became the only person at Flag who could calm her down. She knows no english. She did up to OT V. A pc of mine, named Francesco Da Pasquale was debited $2000 more on this credit card than he had authorised. As a result, he went beyond his limit. He was very upset about it as this was a non authorised debit. I have heard several times Flag rcgistrars, such as Per Almquist debitinig credit cards of public without their OK as once a Flag public has made a payment by credit card, the Church now has their number on file and can instantly, debit more money. As of recent years, , money procurement has become an all out effort on the phone. Letters are considered too slow and phone regging is very extensively used. People would get scared and threatened into buying. A typical example is the OT VIII scare in 1990. it has been well hidden by the church that several people died shortly after completing new OT VIII. Three people who were in their early 50's died of cancer, months after completing new OT VIII. As a result, the New OT VIII C/S was RPFed (Laura Wolfe, wife of Milton Wolfe who was jailed on behalf of the GO and later ended up as CO FSSO (FSSO: Flag Ship Service Org, The service org on board the Freewinds.) The replacement C/S, Sue Walker, wife of Jeff Walker, one of the original Class XlI who was Snr

C/S Int at the time ( and who later blew and got declared I'm told - If he got declared he should be contacted, he was a very good friend of mine and we had much respect for each others. I do not know of his whereabouts or if he returned to the church, He was from New-Zealand) she ordered under scare of Death the auditing of many new OT VIII comps at Flag to check for unflat earlier levels, (Grades, DRDs, Clear and See-checks). As a result I audited a dozen of OT VIII's at the order of the C/S FSSO, Snr C/S Int and IG Tech. There was no one to audit OT VIII public who could do it in Italian or Spanish. (Incidently one of these, Antonella Peghin, revealed to me in session the confidential EP of new OT VIII and several confidential actions done on that level. These OT VIII pcs were told that they had to return to Flag as they were in danger of dying if not doing so. A particular OT VIII, Firmin Sanchez from Spain, who was a race car driver in Spain and had been twice champion of Spain and who was racing the Dianetic Car in Spain was particularS,' upset and scared about it. He had run lightly, on his previous DRD, despite the fact that he had been a heroin addict in the past. He was made to spend 2 intensives on a NOTs DRD and other actions. Amongst the people who died of Cancer, I recall. Edith Hodgkinson, from either Edmonton or Vancouver in Canada. After completing OT VII, she paid for OT VIII and joined the S.O. at Flag. She did OT VII and 4 months later, one night woke up with incredible pain. She was rushed to the hospital and was found to have advanced liver cancer. She died a few months later. Her car was never properly transferred after her death and was used by the Medical officer and other staff for some time. Lucinda Martinez, a spanish speaking only public from Mexico joined staff and was coerced to donate her Solo NOTs (which she paid in full as a public) from the demonstrably false statement that all staff' can get solo NOTS for free at the FLB. She was made to give that money to The Way to Happiness. The most happy people of the cycle were the registrars who got several hundred dollars commissions. She never did Solo NoTS and left staff. This is the typical way those projects are financed. High pressure sales to get people who have no money to empty their FSO accounts to pay for ASI, IAS, WISE, :ABLE. In 1992, the FSO was too broke to pay its SCA awards. SCA are rebates given on people completing services. SCA were months in some cases before being paid. Those who protested, were ordered to see-checking. A pc of mine from Spain who had planned her trip very exactly by using those awards was stuck at Flag for over a week as she didnt get her SCA. She had to cancel her plane flight and pay one week hotel room, because the FSO was too broke to pay. There wits a lot of upsets at the time on the FSO renegging on its promises. i recall, Barry Klein, a pc of mine and the world top FSM for several years, complaining that his selectees were flapping about Flag not keeping its word. I recall a reasonable attitude about it. When I wrote KRs on this violation, I was attacked by treasury: and told "We cant pay". would order people to donate to the church and buy Flag In 1983-84, the Int Finance police auditing under threat of permanent expulsion from Scientology lot all future lifetimes. Many people paid under duress for Flag sec-checking. The majority were from Missions. This is the last , period of true affluence for the FSO GI. GI has remained level ever since. 3) Any of Scientology's alleged financial frauds, not limited to postulate checks. credit cart! seams, student loan scares, Author Services "Special Properties" seams. or Scientoiogy asset transfers After I had received a substantial sum of money as compensation for being injured by a drunk driver. A registrar, Per Almquist, sought to sell me a fraudulent item he claimed to be LRH E-Meters. It was merely a meter of another color bearing a reproduction of LRH signature. It was valued at S40 000. I refused and I was harassed until I made a scandal that reached the Captain

FSO. The president of ASI herseft, Fran Harris, told me it was a scam, when she talked to me on the phone later that week. A nurse who was on OT VII and from Paris, France, used money that was given to her by her patients to pay for Scientology. I recall on the sec-checks I gave her, that she was scared that if it was found out, she would go to jail. Such a transfer of important sums of money from a patient to its private nurse is illegal in France. The church knew the full details about it. It went on HCO reports but since the money was all paid to the church, no harm was seen. It' the money had not been given to Scientology, then she would have been heavily been reprimanded and forced to make a restitution by the Church. I am not sure but I think her name is Annette Quevillon. 4) Any fraud or deception used by Scientology front groups to recruit new members into Scientology, or attack Scientology's adversaries There is a Base Flag order that state that public who arc in bail standing with WISE are, not to be processed in the FSO until handled to the satisfaction of WISE INT. There is another issue a S.O. ED stating that patrons of the !AS are to be given preferrential service at the FSO and theh' pc folders are marked as such. Both issues are staff issues but they are not confidential. It is even written on the arrival routing forms. 5) Anyone who was fair gamed or had their reputation destroyed by Scientology 6) Any abusive or illegal practices surrounding Scientology's money back guarantee or policies governing refund or return of advance payments When I allended a tech meeting I was shown an advice by LRH stating "THE FSO has NO REFUNDS". Also there were 8 millions dollars of pending refund claims when I left in 1992. Claims would be paid in order of Flap importance and as a rule only those who took a lawyer would get paid, the rest would go on a long waiting list. Per policy any return of money leads to expulsion..Any Dof P and tech sec will see his stat penalised for any refund request received that week that cover his area, whether or not }-.is area ever handled that pc. However, the penalty is waived if the person is handled. As a result effort will be made to hide refund requests or find all sort of tactics to dissipate them. One method was the tranfer of donation. PC X wants a refund, He is told to authorise that debit for books, meters or Way to happiness or the various Scientology front goups. Rich pc Y will give him money or merchandise or service equivalent to the value, as he was going to pay that money to the church anyway. This continual juggling of moneys was very prevalent in Div 6. The main motive was to avoid the harsh penalties (RPF, months with no liberties, 18 hours days public humiliation, seizure of one's own property., denial of food or berthing if Management found you as the WHO for not handling those refunds. In short many illegal and juggling actions of church members are committed by desperate people who are, like the heroin addict during withdrawal, read); to any extremes to avoid more penalties and unusual and harsh punishments. 7) Any abusive actions such as copyright and trademark abuse taken by Scientology to inhibit the religious freedom of its members or former members or to inhibit the freedom of such persons , to practice theit-freely chosen religion I was shown and I saw people getting comm-eved for Copyright infringement for just doing out-tech. I recall a pc of mine who was OT VII and now OT VIII, Enrique Espinoza, from LA. who along with another scientologist, gave courses on making money and selling. The courses were like many such courses that exist nowadays. However, because people were taught something else than LRH and and because they were made to pay for those seminars (trek public was almost exclusively scientologists), he was attacked and accused of running a "squirrel group". He was commeved. His

commev staled that he was using other practices (Wog fmance and economics and based his seminar "according to the laws of supply and demand - a wog term for promotion"). I see-checked him for 2 weeks at his own expense and was ordered by management to find his "crimes". He had none. He was definitely victim of an injustice from utterly ignorant Scientology executives. 8) Any psychological or physical damage you suffered throuogh your association with Scientology In my first year after I left, I was out of balance... I had been thoroughly indoctrinated to NEVER question authority even in my own mind, that LRH tech was THE ONLY THING IN' THE UNIVERSE THAT WORKED. I also was expecting any executive to jump instantly at the throat of anyone who was idle or not doing his job..After all reasonableness is suppressive. I had trouble finding a job, it was the recession but I had little to offer in my CV. No University diplomas and 20 years of work for a fanatic religious sect. The few jobs, I found were in telemarketing, sales or service representatives. I found myself working to people who were vulgar or had no education and intelligence and I felt quite unhappy to be reduced to that level, as I knew I had a far superior intelligence and abilities. I eventually found work in a computer company after educating myself fully in the area. Physically, I have developped a chronic congestion in the sinus around 1977 when I was at Flag and I have had it since. Since it was impossible to get in the last 10 years any medical expenses approved, my teeth fell apart. Contrarily to its written promises, health care was not provided as needed but only. to those who flapped loud enough about their emergencies. My wife was made to do the purif UNECESSARILY. She was a new recruit from Bulgaria and since she didnt have a high OCA score ( she didnt know English well and no OCA in her language), she was ordered to do the purif as her first step. In her country, drugs are not available, medecine are dispensed with great parsimony and insecticides and food preservatives are as a rule not used as the country has no money to pay for luxuries. So what drugs preventing case gain could my wife have in her body'? None, her drug list contains only a few glasses of wine, aspirin and a few antibiotics. She did the purif and experienced nothing except headaches. She eventually attested and has had hormonal troubles since. She saw several endicronolgists and was prescribed several medecines to repair the damage made by high doses of niacin and other megavitamins. Of course, the staff purif has essentially no supervision, and the church washes its hands of any consequence as the staff' purif is only for small fry. The last several months I was in the S.O. I was submitted to harassment and unusual punishments. I had been the top producing Class XII auditor that year followed by Minty Alexander. It was the beginning of september 1992. I calculated the Well Done ,Auditing hours of the top class XlI auditors and I found I did 2100 hours that year (1500 on L's), then Minty at 1950 hours (1700 on L's) and Bodil Tucker (1800) (1400 on L's). John Eastment who was Snr C/S Int came on a mission to prepare the terrain to a reign of terror in the FSO. He announced that out-tech was rampant. He established martial law for all tech and Qual with mandatory musters at 7h30,4AM followed by an Ethics program to be done by ALL (Upstats and downstats alike). The indication was made that we were ALL out-tech and out-ethics. We were on this ethics program all morning and then auditing or working until 11 PM. At 7h30 AM there was no breakfeast arranged as this was prior to meal time so also, we had to spend the whole AM with no food and expected to give "PERFECT AUDITING"..after a few days of tiffs regimen of inadequate sleep, enforced no brealfeast and continual hammering that we were ALL OUT ETHICS, I caved in and started to introvert heavily and wondered what I did to pull all this in. My auditing in the last year had been superb, I had handled some of Flag hardest cases to rave results, I was the top producing class XII

auditor. No week passed without a pc of mine writing a commendation on me to the captain FSO. We were all ordered to do a video. In the video, I presented, I nervously moved the TA during the pc metabolism test, therefore obscuring it. The rest of the session which was on L-10 went free and the metering was correct. However I didnt prevision the video prior to sending it to Snr C/S Int. Snr C/S Int had made the false statement publicly that he was on NO ETHICS MISSION. It was a complete falsehood as it was the heaviest ethics trip, I witnessed in 20 years of Scientology and by far the heaviest one since 1978 (year I got into FSO tech lines and therefore witnessed all of its tech activities). I was publicly removed from post with no commev (contrarily to LRH policy and John Eastment wrote me a nasty note saying "DID YOU or didnt you falsify., the meter read on metabolism?" HAVENT YOU WRITTEN ON THE W/Ses THAT THERE WAS A METAB READ WHEN IN FACT YOU COULNT SEE IT'?" I replied politely that I didnt see the video and that If I had my error would have been evident and I would have seen that it gets corrected. John Eastment decided of course to interpret this reply as a CONFESSION of false reports when in fact, I merely stated that If I had seen the video, I would have been sure to not make the same technical error ever and give better auditing to my pcs as a result. John Eastment decided with no further consultations, that I felt that the only error I would admit to was no coveting up successfully a false report. He then ordered the CO CMO CW, to write a note on all staff bulletin board to denounce me a a liar and dishonest person without even bothering to confront me with his "evidence". When I was routed to HCO, I protested that it was a violation of policy. Even the MAA and HAS acknowledged it but they stated that PT orders from Senior management had to be complied with or they would be removed, and subjected to horrid punishments themselves. At the same time Minty Alexander, second top producing class XII got removed from post. She got removed for being ill on the day of an ordered reunion for all tech and Qual. (Being ill and not having been told that short of a death certificate, no one was allowed to miss meeting, she missed it. She was also removed for having earlier opposed the cancellation of family time and for refusing verbal orders from her D of P. Her punishment: to redo the EPF. My opinion is that I couldnt see a reason for that penalty except in an attempt to break her. She redid the EPF in 4 days. She passed the exam with 100%. She was upset because public were being denied service (who paid $1000.00 an hour to be audited by me or her) for only someone vendetta. She felt she handled nothing and she claimed correctly that her punishment violated all LRH policies on Justice. I witnessed her talking to her daughter in HCO. Aged 17 her daughter was Justice Chief Clearwater, the senior Ethics and justice terminal at Flag. I still remember her exact words: "I'm sorry.. morn, my hands are tied. Anyone else pull this kind of stuff, I'd have it cancelled within the hour and Comm-eved. But with those people I just cant". The order had come from Mark Yager, John Eastment and Norman Starkey. Her punishment is an example of punishments that have been a big favorite of Scientology top brass in the last 8 years: unusual punishment. At the complete opposite of the US Bill of Rights, the current Scientology, management feels that they, are above policy, can wave it at their whim and that unusual and cruel punishment is the ideal way to maintain their dominion on a dwingling church. By maintaining people in a state of terror and shock. people will be jolted out of any frame of mind to oppose their desire and do any questioning or seek to defend their own rights. I was finally told to get an ethics change or go to the RPF. I then started to dream up that I had sabotaged every case, plotted to rum lives and other gruesome acts, though I was still unable to recall any specific (there being none). I was therefore assigned to the RPF and assigned Jim Sydejko as an auditor and Senior. I refused the assignment 'as overt-product maker' as it was per the statement of my C/S, Cram off and even all my pcs false. I saw this as a deliberate attempt to

break me as Jim Sydejko had been declared suppressive person a few months earlier by IG Tech himself for missing W/Hs on a pc who sued the church and created a major flap immediately after in Canada. Having received essentially no correction since then, he was then going to be my auditor. Needless to say his auditing 'wasn't worth the fee'. Jim Sydejko is a lunatic and a fanatic, his thinking is extremely complex and he is perhaps the best example I know of the degraded level that one sinks after accepting too much hardship from the church. He is the type of person who would not bat an eyelash at the though of committing any crime in the name of the church including murder and accept with no defense the sole blame for it. He is able to have only one viewpoint: the one he thinks he is ordered by the church now. It led me to the convinction from an earlier doubt that I should leave the Church. Also my wife who was very new to Scientology couldn't agree about all that ,and an enforced separation for months or years. She threatened to leave and create an international incident. I was ordered onto MEST (hard physical work). The MAA, a 19 year old mexican girl who never knew anything but Scientology made it clear that since I was being fed and berthed I had to provide the FSO with exchange. Never mind the :fact that I had audited over 30 000 hours for them their public or that I had produced over $100,000.00 VSD in a single week a month before. I had to work to earn a shabby meal and living in shoddy. appartment. I was assigned to RENO org and was made to work on the demolition of the CB. I was ordered to carry old timbers to a truck. I was denied any gloves. When I insisted it was hazardous handling old rough pieces of timber bare hands, I was handed a pair of stiff filthy gloves that gave me nausea just by looking at the gross slime that was encrusted onto them. I saw how the purpose was to degrade and break people. I worked with RPFers and I was shocked at the degree of debasement they were at. No one tried to be treated humanely, no one complained at not being Wen any human rights, that even mass murderers are granted after being convicted. There was a tremendous amount of filth and unwholy dirt in the dust raised by the demolition of that 80 year old budding. After 4 hour of such work, I left, having reached my physical limit and feeling ill. I felt relieved at the thought that had I accepted the RPF assignment, I would have been unable to quit when exhausted and been coerced into working until severe illness or worse. Within 24 hours I was acutely ill. My left leg which was still sensitive after my major accident just 1 1/2 year earlier was swollen and starting to turn purple. I saw the MLO. She informed that the FSO was too broke to pay. I said that since my ailment was directly related to my having performed work for the church, Workman Compensation Insurance would be able to cover and the church would be spared that expense. To my amazement, she replied that the church had not been paying its premiums and that the insurance had been cancelled. I was flabbergasted to learn that in complete defiance of the law and its contract, that any and all medical expenses would be borne by I alone. In fact, later on I found it was a tactic of the church to get foreigners amongst its staff to return to their own country. of origin to get free expensive treatments, by falsely stating that they had not left their country, when in truth they were ,US residents and were sent in their country to get free medical care. (An example of perjuries of that kind is explained later) I went to the doctor, a scientologist who was not ashamed to demand me to pay $150 for treatment. When you get $30.00 pay, this is no small amount of money. (Dr Minkoff, at the Countryside clinic in Clearwater). The doctor marked my scars and purple infection, indicating that unless they had definitely receded by new AM, I should be admitted to the hospital. I didnt want to be admitted to the hospital as the church made it clear it wouldnt cover any of my medical

expenses and I would be stuck alone and with no one to come to my help. My wife had been offloaded and she was ordered off Flag premises. My wife became misemofional about the immoral behaviour of church members who treated me like an animal and who ordered her to leave Flag and divorce me without even consulting me. I was myself ordered to DISCONNECT from her and to DIVORCE her and trust OSA to handle any resulting flaps and to accept my RPF assignement. I was even locked up in a room with 3 people: the Dir I&R FSO, the Qual Sec for Staff and the RPF MAA all shouting at me how wonderful and correct the RPF was. I didnt break and made stronger my resolution to leave. I knew, for one thing, that no one would raise a finger to protect the church if my wife attacked it and I would be at total effect and be completely blamed for it if I accepted that RPF assiogment. I 'knew that staff are always too busy complying on David Miscavige orders to do their own job. I requested officially to leave per policy and was met by various auditors and execs of the FSO and CMO CW (The Int exec had left by then). I persisted in my request and was coerced in session by Jim Sydejko. After the auditing was completed and I still persisted, more FPRD, and sec-check were ordered. Its only EP would be to accept my RPF assignement. I was sent to ethics where I was confronted with the auditor's KRs. About 75% of the KRs were twisted, embellished declarations often with dropped out time, omitted facts and other key illogics. They would have proven a valid foundation for an Agatha Christie novel but they bore little ressemblance with the truth. I was then assigned to another auditor, a friend of mine, the New OT VIII eligibility C/S. I completed all actions, then a compromise was reached. Since I had physical problems (some coming from my leg injury a few years earlier, but a lot coming from a combination of being denied adequate sleep, having very substandard food, gross out-hygiene in the galley leading to diseases and chronic invalidations from brainwashed S.O. members), I would take a medical LOA. I agreed as I felt I needed time and some distance to consider all factors. I saw the MAA who clearly ordered me to divorce my wife as part of the handling. Having completed all steps, I left. I didnt complete the routing form as it would have likely meant more sessions and I would never be coerced into writing a success story for this cycle. I was out of time as the visa of my wife was expiring in a matter of days and I had no money to live in the USA. I planned to see my parents in Canada. My father was ill. I had been refused an annual LOA for 10 years and I hadnt seen my parents during that time despite my desiring to do so. (Most tech and Qual staff at Flag were prevented from annual LOAs since 1982. (Except for Immigration problems and death in the family all annual LOAs were routinely refused for auditors). Basically, because Snr C/S Int (John Eastment who was later demoted to Snr C/S FSO (The FSO covered the demotion by saying we now have Snr C/S Int being our Snr C/S) said something against me, many FSO staff turned against me and I was summarily judged and executed (instead of bullets in front of a firing squad, the FSO use public humiliation, broad publications against oneself and forbid one to read or defend himself. What John Estment uttered against me was published by CMO CW and HCC__) FSO verbatim with no proof or even Scientology, own justice ,, procedures. All my protests were taken as a declaration that Scientology didnt work. As a result the deputy Snr C/S Div 4, ,Ann Glushakow screamed at me that I had false reported on my W/S and shouted at the top of her lungs to confess, as it could 'kill people on L-10. The fact that I didnt falsiffy any W/S was inacceptable because Snr Managagement who never even talked to me on the matter, said it to be so. 8a) Have you experienced any of the following mental or emotional symptoms while in Scientology or since you left Scientology?

* "Floating" in and out of altered (dissociative) states of mind * nightmares * amnesia * hallucinations or delusions * Scientology-related phobias (e.g., fears that you won't be successful or will get sick or go insane) Yes, because, I was thoroughly indoctrinated that the WOG world is only a step into the black pit of oblivion. A class XII, the worst one though (Jo Struthers) wrote me chit calling me a Degraded being and ranting that I was going mad because ! left "THE ONLY GROUP CAPABLE OF HELPING MAN". I found it interesting to see that the average recovery from Scientology was 24 months and I left 23 months ago. also the fact was that when I looked for a job I knew no one who was not a scientologist and I had no experience in anything but Scientology My wife got worse after the purif. Since the purif, she has had hormonal disorders she stopped having her period despite no pregnancy and she felt upset. Scientific evidence reveals that in numerous cases megadoses of vitamins and niacin will impair one's endocrine system. My wife had taken no drugs of any kind warranting the mandatory. cleansing of her body from toxins so she could get spiritual gain. It was enforced on her. Her adverse reaction to megadoses of vitamins and high sauna temperatures was taken as proof of Drug reaction turned on by the purif. A lunatic viewpoint is that the EP of the purif is the person stating his body is free from toxins etc. How can a person adjudicate a medical fact (the presence or absence of toxins in his body) by a cognition alone.'? The person has read the bulletin and the EP before he does the rundown. When he is tired of it, it is so simple to state the EP and save a few days of torture. Doctors she consulted have voiced the opinion that a program like the purif with its megadoses of vitamins could have caused her imbalance. My wife had no prior history' of endocrine troubles before the purif. Her medical records in Bulgaria can attest to that. * inabilty to break mental rhythms or repetitive thought loops * violent outbursts * suicidal or self destructive thoughts * recurring depression and self depreciating thoughts * inability to work * difficult' making decisions for yourself * general inability to compete tasks * difficulty reading, studying or focusing * other (please describe) 8b) Why do you believe the symptoms or health problems mentioned in #8 or #8a are related to your experience with Scientology? QUESTIONS FOR FORMER STAFF MEMBERS Please describe any knowledge you have of the following. 9) Anyone who had to be hospitalized because of their involvement with Scientology I add here a related question of interest: people who have their death related directly or indirectly to Scientology. I give here the story of 2 plane crashes. Tom Clay was a scientologist from San Francisco. He was married to Nancy and they had two beautiful boys. I had first met Tom on the Flag world tour in 1976. In 1978 as I was looking for two raw pc on my NED course, I audited both of his sons. I do not recall their first names but I was impressed by the older one who was only 12 year old and confessed having taken that lifetime "LSD, mescaline, Heroin, Cocaine, Hashish and marijuana" I couldnt believe how such an innocent looking boy (He looked like the young actor McCauley in the movie Home Alone) with both parents fervent scientologists, could have loaded himself with . such drugs. A few years later, Tom who was a pilot took a plane, taking his children with him on a visit (both him and his wife were estranged by then and she had a lot to say against him since her divorce). I believe it was around Lake Tahoe. The plane crashed killing father and sons instantly.. It was only years later that I learn the sad story as I was FESing Nancy's folder. I have since audited her but never revealed to her that I had known her husband or children. She is now OT VIII. She remarried later to a man of whom I forgot the name. He was and possibly still is staff at the white house. I remember reading in her files that her new husband was in an ideal position to have

influenced at the white house as he had an important post "very close" to the president of the United States. At any rate about her children death, Nancy felt considerable remorse to have allowed them to go on that plane with with Tom, when he was disaffected and psychotic per her saying (He was OT V). She felt after the accident that he had voluntarily taken his life and h/s children with him to get back at her. In winter, around 1984, an Air Florida DC-9 took off from Washington airport bound for Tampa. The de-icing mechanism of the plane was faulty. As a result the plane speed was definitely too low for take-off. Instead of believing his instruments and aborting the take-off, the pilot went ahead stating: "It does not look right". The plane stalled and came down crashing its tail on the Potomac River bridge squashing 3 cars flatter than pancakes before plumetting into the icy river. Only 3 passengers survived. It was sensational news in Tampa-Clearwater area as most of its passengers were from those cities. Only years later did I learn by studying reports and folders that the pilot was a scientologist who was not doing well on the bridge at the time of the accident. His wife was a pc at Flag and used most of her insurance money to pay for FSO services. Very little publicity was made of the fact that the first Solo Nots completion Betty Filisky died of cancer at age 57, less than two years after attesting. In 1988, I was considered to be amongst the very best Flag auditors. Betty Filisky had advanced cancer and I was assigned to audit her. The desire was to avoid a PR flap should it be 'known that the first Solo Nots completion was also the first completion to die. I audited her extensively in Clearwater both at the hospital and in a priivate motel room (It was considered out PR to have her at the FLB: for one she was an illegal pc per policy and also she looked like someone who is dying). I audited her until she had a remission and she felt a lot better. 2 months later, she lapsed in coma and was dead 4 days later. The key handlings on the cases by the church was A) to keep it quiet that Betty Filisky had died of cancer at age 57 after being the first recognized Solo Nots completion. B) Punish all her past auditors and C/Ses for out-tech. c) Put all FSO tech and Qual go into a state of terror at the idea that one of their pc could ever go badly in the future and make them ready to take an)' measure sane or insane to prevent any flap involving their ex-pcs. ,As a small parenthesis, Betty Filisky lived in Arkansas, Bill Clinton's state. It would be a possibility of some link of her husband or associate having infiltrated Little Rock Capitol. Blackmail from knowledge of dirty money used by Clinton would have been the perfect tool to coerce the IRS submission and shut up DOJ for at least the Clinton administration (A theory based on a few articles published by Little Rock newspapers, but without serious proot). Gloria Newmeyer is a rich and successful woman from California who is an IAS Patron (she's paid over $100 000) and has been an important member of WISE. Prior to Scientology she was an alcoholic. Since on the OT levels and while on the long level of Solo NOTS she never once took a glass containing alcohol. ,After attesting to Solo Nots, she took the plane back home and got drunk on the plane. The Church decided to make a scandal out of this affair and went on the rampage to harass her and her past auditors and C/SĒs. She started to get drunk and got under threat of expulsion . ordered to report to Flag. I was penalised for having given her her Solo Nots completion check. I had been forbidden to take my day off on the day she attested as I was at the time the only auditor at Flag authorised by Snr C/S hat to deliver Solo Nots EP checks and also a Solo Nots completion was worth 200 paid completion points (Major services were otherwise worth a maximum of 40 points). I delivered the check standardly and made no misses but the search for easy scapegoats found me as a likely victim. I audited her on her return and she was sent to the MAA. Contrari1y to auditors who are veteran scientologists, ministers of the church and well versed in Scientology and even common sense,

MAAs have tended to be robots with essentialS' no training anxious to comply to management orders rather than LRH policy or common sense. Gloria got violently upset at the indications and bizarre handling from the MAA. She went psychotic ,and was held against her will in a room at the Fort Harrisson. She escaped and went to a hotel on the beach and drank a whole 40 oz bottle of Vodka and passed out. She started to act incoherently in the lobby of the hotel and the police invoked the Baker act and ordered her insfitufionalized in a mental hospital for 'observation' for 48 hours. Once again I was ordered to pick up the pieces and to audit her. She was sent again to the MAA after more auditing. The MAA made her spin by repeating how out-ethics she was and that despite having paid for it she would not be able to do OT VII/for years. Per my observation, the threat of being denied doing OT VIII after they had paid for it and been promised it, has been the number one cause of OT VII completions going psychotic. I know of 6 such instances. 10) Any celebrities in or out of Scientology who have had similar symptoms or experiences A very. rich woman from Italy. (she was the first patron Meritorious, because she had donated one million dollars to the IAS), Adriana Saltamerenda was married but being divorced from her husband of whom I forgot the name. He was the equivalent of Johnny Carson on Italian TV. After Scientology coerced into divorcing him. he became rabidly antagonistic to Scientology. Adrianna was seen as little more than a gullible income producer and she became increasingly upset with MAAs and registrars at Flag. She was often treated like dirt and finally. threatened to blow and demand a full refund of all monies paid (close to 2 million dollars) (Probably much of it put into Scientology coffers by violating Italy Currency control laws). I did handle her. She was kept locked up in her room for a while but I managed to cool her down. In fact by that time, I was considered by her, the only trustworthy terminal at Flag and by FSO staff, the only person capable of handling really upset and threatening Italian and Spanish speaking public. Ingo Swann became famous in the 1970's for his paranormal abilities to exteriorize with full perceptions. He also abilities similar to Uri Geller. He went somewhat psychofic at Flag in 1977 or 78. It was all blamed on CIA experiments. He left the Church thereafter. Several books were published after him. The wife of world famous sculptor Alexander Calder was audited at Flag, but heavy disagreements about forcing her to pay more money got her upset. She was very old and is likely dead of old age by now. She received auditing at Flag in 1979. The following are celebrities who left the Church. I add it here as there is no specific question about it and I wasnt on tech lines at the fane. I was on Estates front lines and I got to know most of the them to a degree. Lou Rawls, famous singer, did badly in his auditing. He had a gold record and still sings. He blew from Scientology around 1979, when he had a hit on Billboard top ten. The singers of a canadian group called Edward Bear had a big big hit in 1970: "The last song", one of the top 10 hits in Canada that year. The original gold record award was even in the lobby of the Church of Scientology, of Toronto at 124 .Avenue Road, before the building was completely , razed by a fire started by a child playing with matches next to flammable liquids. (There were no casualties, but most pc folders and documents were burned. The boy at 9. was possibly the youngest person to ever be declared an SP. Since his parents were devout Scientologists, they would have to disconnect from him to not be declared themselves). John Brodie became world famous as quarter back for the 49ers. He and his family were Flag public. They left the church around 1981. The man who owned Pizza-Hut in 1978 (I forgot his name) was also a Flag public. He left the church in 1982.

Omaya Alghanim was the son of one the five richest sheiks of Kuwait. He was getting audited at Flag from Class Xll's. He was very friend with Liz Gablehouse (who was LRH personal PRO until she left the church in 1982). He left at the same time she did. I have always been puzzled why Clint Eastwood has been mentioned as a Scientologist, yet he is never mentioned in official publications. Either he is a blown Scientologist or afraid to be recognized as one. Julia Migenes Johnson was turning sour against Scientology in 1989. She was threatening to go public agiainst them. She was nattery. She was cooled off by being given the International Freedom award at an IAS event, even though she had done very little in the year before and in fact had uttered several anti-Scientology statements publicly. Also look at the following story to show what the church is willing to subject any of its members to, in order to buy off a celebrity gratitude. in 1989, an order came from RTC to assign their best see-checker to Jervis Johnson (ex-husband of Julia Migenes) because he refused to comply with an illegal order from OSA Int. His ex-wife, one of Scientology's top celebrities, was nattery, critical and threatening to turn against the church. There were many reports about her disaffection, several from another public who is a famous script writer. (Jeffrey Scott) Earlier that yeas' when the Johson's daughter was visiting her father, she sneaked up on him while he was in the shower. The father using what he understood of Scientology (he is a CL VIII auditor), decided not to frighten her off by protesting and did not get involved in any immoral acts. Shortly after, when the little girl mentioned seeing her father naked, her mother immediately called her lawyer demanding the father be denied all his visitation lights. OSA Int solution was to make the father quietly sign papers giving up all his rights. He refused, arguing he had done nothing wong, his wife had M/W/Hs manifestations galore, and he wanted to see his daughter again. OSA Int threatened to declared him if he didnt comply but the father was adamant. He was ordered off Solo-Nots and to Flag for sec-checking. I was denied my own day off even if I was very upstat as Snr C/S Int himself had picked me as the auditor for that job. The stated EP of that 2 days sec-check (the father couldnt be absent more than 2 days due to his work) would be his complying with the order from OSA Int Chief off and CO. I did the most thorough job that could be done but he didnt change his mind. It is my opinion that only auditor code breaks could have swayed him from his original decision. Despite the ominous threat from OSA reprisal, I refused to violate any of the rules of auditing. He left Flag happy with my auditing but still wanting his visitation rights. Another auditor was sent to his home in LA but to no avail. RTC ordered me to lenghty sec-checks on 'Similar of my own' to his non existent overt of child molestation. I was token off an incomplete repair correction in my auditing in order to comply with that order. Except for whole track dub-in, I wasnt able to find anything, but the auditing actions I had been winning on were interrupted and I was ordered to write a success story. in compliance to that order, as a prerequisite to my staying on post. Later on when I expressed my disagreement with this RTC cram, I was removed from post. The charge: being critical of RTC during rudiments. The Judge found none of the acts of the father to be incorrect and the complaints of the mother unfounded. No flap for the Church occurred. Since were are on the subject of celebrities and that I see no question clearly; asking for this stuff which could prove useful: 1) A person who did OT VIII had for father the president of the World Bank. To my surprise, there was not the slightest objection to her going up the bridge. At Flag there is a rich italian woman with an arab looking 12 year old son. Her fast name is Loredana. Few people know her except for the fact that she always pays a class XII at $1000 or more per hour and pays $5000 a week for accomodations at Flag. Once she paid for catering

service for the FSO S.O. celebration where caviar, lobster, truffles, were part of the menu (I was told that nearly $100 000 of her money was spent on it) She never needs to work. Her son only travels in a stretched limousine with a chauffeur. She makes "donations" in the 6 figure ranges, monthly. She sometimes wears a five carat diamond around her neck. In fact her husband wealth, would have, when it was at his highest, made Bill Gates look like a pauper. His name slipped out of my mind for the moment but in the late 60's or early 70's a book was published titled: "R/chest Man in the World..." In it one sees many pictures of lovely Loredana and her husband: the number one Weapon dealer in the World, the richest man on earth. Apparently he has only been allowed to get basic auditing and I even overheard his auditor (The husband of Loredana's only auditor) talking about his auditing in a very demeaning manner, laughing at his experiences in prison. He came to visit Flag in late 1991 or early 1992 with his full contingent of bodyguards. A spanish pc of mine told me that he is very well known in Spain where he is continually featured in magazines dealing with celebrities as this arab millionaire frequently visit his mansion in southern Spain. 11) Any persons who were "baby watched" or subjected to isolation orders because they became psychotic or suicidal I witnessed several Flag public being detained against their will after they were locked in a room after going type III. The main concern was not the well being of the person but the fear of a PR flap and the 'knowledge that the senior execs from Int would give horrible punishment to all those who had had a prior involvment in that pc's case. For that reason, many staff were ready to break any laws to subdue the now crazy. public person. I can recall without effort 5 specific cases where I was a witness to public attempting to flee but being brutally prevented from doing so. I know of many more but as hear-say. Those cases I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. One was a businessman from France in his mid 30's. He went lunatic after attesting to Solo Nots. He repeatedly tried to leave the room where he was locked up at the Hacienda in Clearwater. He was jumped on and even slightly injured once in his struggle to go out. I delivered him the Introspection Rundown. He was hallucinating. He was seeing flying saucers everywhere and was convinced WW III had actually begun. His name is Christian Fouche' Another was a woman, a field auditor from Switzerland, she went into a full blown paranoia-persecution fit 2 days after attesting OT VII (Her Solo Nots completion Number was no 107, which got later given to someone else). She was held at the Sand Castle against her will for several weeks. One day she managed to escape from her guard (Susan Hughes, wife of Chief of Security Flag Land Base) and went to the police station but she was so incoherent and hardly knew a word of English, (her main worry was that we were giving her AIDS) that no action was taken. I audited her on the Introspection Rundown and on sec-checks. Her husband flew in to escort her home after she was made to sign affidavits in her incoherent state. Her name is Marylin Stuckly Roxanne Friend, which I didnt audit but her auditor was my co-auditor at the time, went utterly and volently psychotic a year after attesting to Solo Nots. She was held against her will in a room at the Hacienda in Clearwater according to the reports(which I personally read) of both the auditor , (Jim Sydejko, CL XII) and her guard (a Flag trained Class VI), her behaviour was very similar to the girl possessed by the devil in the Movie 'The Exorcist'. She would even masturbate herself without shame in front of her male guards. One night she screamed at one of her guards "FUCK ME!" and went into a catatonic fit. (Many details were provided to me by Jim Sydejko, her auditor who also was my co-auditor and by one of her guards, Andrea Galbiati. She later managed to escape to California and her auditor was ordered to pursue her. Another one, a businessman from Italy in his 50's went completely paranoid after auditing from a Class IV at Flag. Being very. rich, he was made to pay for CL XII rates which corresponded to

close to $1000.00 per hour. He was hallucinating, imagining that his wife who was in her early 40's was not only cheating on him but was having sexual intercourse with various S.O. members each time she was out of his sight. He went so far as barging into her sessions (she was on a Flag internship) being convinced that she was comitting adultery with her male pc in the small cubicle she audited in. I audited him from that time on. He made some improvements but a year later, his wife reported his acting too irrational. Once at Flag, he became violent to his wife and was ordered into isolation against his will. I audited him in a safe house in Belleair Beach, Florida, where he repeatedly attempted to escape. He did not know that the house was being paid out of his own pocket, his wife illegally authorising the debiting of his bank account. The rent was $2500 a month. Once, I witnessed him being savagely being jumped on as he attempted to flee. His guard removed all door handles inside the house and discovered that the public had hidden a screw-driver. In the struggle to seize the screwdriver from him, his arm was injured. Several months passed and he was showing few signs of stable improvement and was frequently non-sequitur even in session. Finall3, his sister, brother and mother flew from Italy as they couldnt tolerate his lateness of several months and his being kept incommunicado. His business was falling apart and was in danger by his failing to sign legal papers and tax forms. He eventually left and I was called upon to do a PR handling on his family in liaison with OSA, as I was highly trained and knew Italian perfectly. His name is Mauro Cinquepalmi. I have the phone number of his wife, himself and his brother. They only speak Italian. I suggest I would be their contact point, as they all respect me. A staff member from Italy started to dramatize psychosis heavily after being exposed to some OT materials in the SO-1 unit. She was locked up and given some auditing by interns. She attempted suicide several times and blew the FLB. When found to be raving mad by Clearwater policemen, they invoked the Baker act and locked her up for several days. A few days after her release, and her return in Italy, she jumped from the 3rd floor. She became permanently and totally. handicapped as a result from this failed suicide attempt. Being highly trained, I read many sessions C/Sed by LRH for XDN, CL VIII, OT 1II repairs, L-10,11,12, when the person had become psychotic, even suicidal. Most of L-11 for instance was developped from the case of a staff member who had become intensely and violently psychotic on the Apollo. (In C/S 22 LRH mentions that a CL XI has a different approach to handle psychosis). After all throughout those materials, LRH boasts that he has the cure to insanity Unfortunately checking into the later track of all those pcs, one finds the bulk of them, far from being the Supermen they were made to attest to, were for the most part later declared SP, showed very aberrated behaviour and failed as execs. The original psychotic out of whom L-11 was derived was named Peggy McCall and her auditor was Liese Klingsvall. According to the case history she had been found to be raving hostile remarks against LRH and had been "violent" (no specifics). LRH invented from the top of his head a process later known as C/S series 37R claiming she would be permanently cured of her insanity by it. After auditing that action and a few other steps (which is textually L-11 as given today) she was made to attest and offioaded. This shows that a powerful rundown claimed to cure insanity, was piloted on ONE person beside LRH doing it solo on himself before being labelled as "full3,' researched and vindicated". The name of the pc on whom L-11 is based is Peggy McCall who went crazy and was locked up on the Apollo in 1971. 12) Anyone not already reported on our January questionnaire who ever threatened, attempted or committed suicide in any way related to Scientology services

Another person from Quebec (Laurent Theberge) who was a class IV auditor attempted suicide 3 times AFTER TRAINING to Class IV. He was sent to do the purif at Flag. In those days, no check was made of the pc folders if a person merely wanted to do the purif. He went utterly lunatic mid Purif. He started to act utterly incoherent and and tore the big picture of LRH in the Fort Harrison lobby. This was april 1980. I was ordered to escort him along with his co-auditor (Roger Veilleux) to Canada. Doctor Jaconello, from Toronto, a flag public on OT levels, also escorted him. He sedated him, to keep him quiet on the plane and the person in charge of the cycle (of whom I forgot the name had no qualms about cashing the unused return ticket of the somnolent person to compensate the church. He almost didn't get the refund as the person acted insanely, endorsing the ticket "Laurent Theberge, L.Ron Hubbard with love and affection forever" and the clerk almost called the police as the person was plainly incoherent. he was eventually escorted all the way to Quebec City. I stayed in Montreal where my parents lived. In Lyon there is a big court case going on right now because Patrick Vick, 30 committed suicide after making his company insolvent from paying several hundred thousands of dollars to Scientology. As stated earlier, Albert Jacquier attempted suicide after attesting OT VII and being denied OT VIII after he'd paid for it and been promised. He became intensely depressed and stated he wanted to die. He fell :from his big Harley motorcycle and badly injured himself. He refused to go to the hospital. Part of his upset was his wife of many years leaving him for another man after she had attested to OT VII. I audited him in his home in Dunedin, Florida. He was very. sour that the church would allow people who had stolen his money to get their services and that no one except his auditors seemed to care. Note on all these people I am considered to be a completely trustworthy terminal and it is my belief that for these and many other ex-scientologists (especially OTs and influential people) will listen to me and follow my advice, 13) Any scientology-related coercion to induce already. weakened. inf'irm or ill persons to buy dangerous additional Scientology services, commit suicide, or speed their own deaths by abandoning normal medical practices for economic, convenience, or security or political reasons Yes, when I was in San Francisco or Sacramento in 1976, I recall an old man Ed or Howard Pughes being made to pay the totality, of his savings for Flag services. He was an 82 year old man who knew he had little tune to live and he was made to spend all of his money in a few months. The main motive was: to get money. I recall the registrar (Felice Brand) saying: "He is a sweet old man who wants to give us all of his money before he dies." As stated earlier, the priest in Lyon and the nurse in Paris exploited the terminatedly ill to sway them into paying money to Scientology 14) Any psychological or physical damage caused to anyone else that could be related to receiving Scientology services :Yes in 1989, a man named Rogers, from Vancouver, B.C. (his wile was Irene Rogers who is a vet3..~ active OT in the area and has ties to people in the stock market. (Incidentally, before I forget, once I audited a pc at Flag whose father was the president of the World Bank, I forgot her name, but it would be a string to pull to discover Scientology banking activities. (as a small unrelated anecdote. once in 1979, I audited a young fellow living in Mexico and bearing the family' name of Castro. When jokingly asking: '"Are you related to Fidel?" his reply,' was yes, he is my uncle!) Mr' Rogers was auditing away on OT VII at home. Since all OTs believe that their ailments are only caused by spiritual factors or other beings, he neglected to get any medical attention even when he experienced extreme dizziness, pains in the chest and along the arms and trouble to breathe..an experienced doctor would have been able to diagnose those as minor heart attacks.

But since all disease at the OT VII level is wholly explained in the mind of Pre-Ots as unfiat OT V, he continued to audit daily and never called the doctor. On a fatidic day in november or december 1989, he felt an acute overpowering pain in the heart, the area kept on reading, he kept auditing it using the technique of the level. (I read the actual W/Ses). He then had a major and FATAL stroke. A few hour later, Irene, his wife returned home and discovered his lifeless body lying on the floor amidst his solo Nots worksheets (she was an OT VII completion herself). She careful' hid them and avoided any mention of it to the police (Obstruction of Justice). Therefore a proof exist that people can and have died in session on OT levels. The recommended technical handling at Flag was to punish his past C/Ses for allowing him with "Unflat earlier levels and sec-checks on). Incidentally, a little known fact is that more than one third of the people who have started to audit on OT VII have blown the level, many have blown Scientology and several times Snr C/S Int and IG tech came to brief solo Nots staff that the biggest threat to Scientology was that so many people had blown the level. Romano Romanini had a major stroke 6 months after attesting to OT VIlI. He had been a cadillac pc all along, had never been overweight and had a stroke at age 40. He remained partial, paralyzed in a leg as a result. Past auditors and C/S were blame as the sole source. TO BE CONTINUED...


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