"And we never fail to fail -- it was the easiest thing to do."

Christianity EXPOSED!

David Rice:
If your cult ever gains control of the USA government, we can expect much worse persecution against women, black people, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, Janes, The Wrong Type of Christian, and non-believers.

Doug Schwandt:
Non sequitur. Neither do you know what you say to be true. You can't know, because it hasn't happened yet.

Rod Swift
BULLSHIT. Your claim that it is a non sequitur is a RED HERRING. We certainly have seen Christian fundamentalist dogma exerted against minorities in a number of legislative bodies in the US.

We've seen Christians disenfranchise a whole state -- Colorado -- against one group of people. Don't you remember Amendment 2?

Further, we also have the lessons of your cult from history -- the crusades, the witch burnings both in the US and in other nations, the terrorism, the hatred, the spewing of propagandistic lies about "opponents", the divide that Christianity seeks between people...

Race versus race, gender versus gender, sexual orientation versus sexual orientation, religion versus religion, Christianity versus atheism, religion versus science, Christianity versus tribalism, Christianity versus unique culture, ethnic group versus ethnic group, rich versus poor, healthy versus diseased.

It encourages insolence, disharmony, and worst, a sense that no matter what you do you are divine or -- when you screw up -- you have divine forgiveness rather than attempting to fix the problems you create.

Your cult is the cult most responsible for death, destruction, famine and pestilence on this earth -- due to DIVISION.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse is the organized Christian faith -- war, famine, pestilence, destruction.

You have even been deceived to believe your faith excuses your inhumane and disgusting actions against other people. You actively support the continued scourge against human advancement known as organized religion of subservience.

* Origin: The Perth Omen (3:690/660)


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