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Why Does the Dwarf Wheeze?
27 Feb 2000

"Why does the dwarf wheeze?", you might wonder. Concensus has it that this top OT has asthma, thus he wheezes. But I think it is rather the lung damage caused by daily side-splitting laughter.

Let's think about how Miscavige took over. Hubbard was incapacitated and in hiding. The authorities were getting close to finding him and bringing him to justice over Operation Snow-White. Hubbard was so sick at that time that he was of no use to the organisation. So while the Dwarf and Hubbard's doctor are on a gambling trip in Reno, Hubbard conveniently pops his clogs with a massive injection of Vistaril in his butt. Amd his new Will at that time gives all money and power to Miscavige. And I'd like to remind you all that there was a whole team trained up to fake Hubbard's handwriting when people used to write him letters and he would answer "in person".

"What did the Dwarf want?", you might wonder. Well how about this little extract from this page: http://www.freezone.org/e_tyros.htm

"During the years '80 through '82, David Miscavige was spending approximately one thousand dollars per week of Church funds, under the guise of "security", in carrying out strange and clandestine meetings with Pat Broeker. Miscavige, at that time, bragged that he had eaten at almost every restaurant on La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles, an exclusive "Restaurant Row" in Southern California."

Now it becomes clear. The coup in which he took over was all about MONEY. And it continues to be abot MONEY. Miscavige is in charge of Scientology now and in control of all its funds. All that MONEY is effectively his unless you are stupid enough to believe in the "Sea Org Reserves" - that money that never gets spent unless Scientology is destroyed worldwide. Do you seriously this that money is there for a good cause? I know someone who has two photocopies of checks for huge amounts of money written out by Miscavige and made payable to himself.

The wheezing is surely due to daily side-splitting laughter. Wouldn't you laugh if you had hundreds of slaves working for you for $30 a week unless you fancy a bit more loot and take even that away from them. These uniformed morons who work 100 hours per week plus to keep the millions flowing in to your private bank accounts in Luxembourg. And what happens when these female slaves get pregnant? Can't have that, can we? Babies and children cost money to bring up. So what does the wheezing Dwarf do? He gets "ethics" to send them down to the abortion clinic for a compulsory abortion. The dwarf must wheeze with laughter each week and he sees the girls getting into the van for a drive down to the clinic.

He must wheeze with laughter every day. And if he wants a *big* wheeze he can always go to see a slave on the RPF running around a pole all day in the blazing heat of the sun. But those are just the moronis slaves he keeps as pets until they are too old or sick to be of service in which case they are off-loaded. But he has others pets worldwide. What about the "staff" in the orgs who slave away again for $30 per week accumulating "training" costs all the time such that if they left early they would have to pay back tens of thousands of dollars or be declred Suppressive. And so slave away they do to make him richer. If I were him I'd be wheezing with laughter every waking minute. And what of the stupid public who walk in the door rich? The ones who hand over all their money to help a dead science-fiction writer bring about a new world order. Even millionaires hand over their entire fortunes to make the Dwarf richer still. These rich idiots who think they will get super-powers on the OT levels and write out their checks for their Bridge Power Package and give huge dinations to the IAS for their "war chest" and what have you. Wouldn't you wheeze with laughter with these rich idiots all over the world handing over all their money to make you richer by the millions each year?

And what of the other wheeze? The tax-exempt and charitable status granted them by the IRS. That means every tax-paying resident of the US is giving you some of their money to make you richer still.

With hundreds of slaves to abuse, with staff working the world over through fear of being sued if they left, with rich idiots handing over all their money t get super-powers from a dead sci-fi hack and with every American shelling out money to you every day then I'd wheeze alright if I didn't laugh myself to death. I'm laughing right now as I think of the Sea Org members, org staff and rich idiot Scientology publics all round the world.


"I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other day -- didn't look very uncivilized to me." - L. Ron Hubbard, "Between Lives Implants" lecture, SHSBC #317. 23 July 1963. http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Venusloc.ram


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