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RTC = Squirrels (New at LMT Media: DM Squirrels the tech)
Roland <roland.rashleigh-berry@virgin.net>
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 09:16:56 +0100

That is absolutely amazing. That OT VII Mike is a guy I totally respect. I didn't think I'd say that about a Scientologist but now I am saying it. He is truly an ethical person who CAN confront and communicate on any subject. In order to be ethical he has pointed out the squirreling going on by the RTC and confronted them with it. And since they won't stop their squirreling ways and cannot even duplicate simple English then he has done the proper thing and disconnected from them. And in so doing, all his auditing gains have come back.

It is clear now that the RTC are a bunch of SPs who are squirreling the tech. And that Scientologists in the Church are supporting them by deliberately and knowingly not applying KSW. In other words they have turned traitor to LRH and wondering why they are not getting the life-changing gains. Or if they are then they go through bad times - in other words they are roller-coaster. They are PTS because they are connected to SPs - in this case the RTC and the Management of the Church of Scientology.

RTC is a squirrel group who also support criminal acts that breaks society's laws. They are held in office by Scientologists who are members of the Church of Scientology who haven't got the guts nor the inclination to stamp out squirreling and criminal acts within their own Church. Next time I am picketing them and I see these Scientologists come out of the Church then I will know that they are the people who have turned their back on LRH and his tech and are supporting these squirrels and criminals. And if they are on the side of these people or condone their actions then they are PTS or SPs as well. People who are ethically bankrupt.

I would invite any HONEST Scientologists out there to view this video and come to their own conclusions. Keep a pen and paper handy for near the end of the video so you can write down the address and telephone number of this guy and to check out all his facts. You have a decision to make after watching it. "Do you support squirrels and condone their squirreling and criminal acts or do you support LRH?" And if you support LRH then what are you going to do to Keep Scientology Working?


Mark Bunker wrote:

> On L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, I videotaped a message from Mike McClaughry to
> all active Scientologists. In this video, Mike demanded that DM's Church of
> Scientology apply KSW and Keep Scientology Working.
> Mike explains how he and his wife discovered the massive rewriting of
> Hubbard's tech by the current management. This discovery came from a simple
> HCOB that they found to be altered. After doing more research they found
> out just how out-tech the current church has become.
> http://www.lisatrust.net/media/hcob.htm
> We here at the LMT will continue to work with Scientologists who desire real
> reform from the church and wish to stop the criminal activities conducted by
> OSA.


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