ICR cult's 'Acts & Lies'

The madmen and liars at the "ICR" put out another issue of their occult paraphernalia called "Acts and Facts[sic]" and to my delight I see they finally got around to addressing my letters. For the past year or so I have been pointing out to them that Creationism is bad theology and makes Christians and Christianity appear like raving fools, imbeciles, liars, cheats, charlatans, and incompetent baboons.

So in reply the chief madman there started the cult's tract with "Is NOT!" and then got even less erudite, more puerile, and much more asinine. (The people at the "ICR" cult must take lessons in stupidity. Morris seems to have moved to the head of that class.) His argument consisted of anecdotes told by true believers who have attended the cult's "Back to Genesis" circus and then wrote letters to the cult saying how much thier occult beliefs had been strengthened. Morris then makes an emotional, occult-riddled appeal to all "scientifically-minded Christians" to abandon their critical thinking abilities and embrace Creationism completely.

The cult's literature is constantly claiming that the cult is a "scientific organization," and not the cult that it is known to be. Odd how Creationists seem to be pathological liars. It is in the job description.

... Hi, I'm your personal god for this evening. How many in your cult?


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