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Miss X Files #6 Miss X on Ron Chester and Data Series 43RA
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:22:56 -0400

I see that Ron Chester quoted from the "Data Series 43RA" Policy Letter of Hubbard. I was curious, so I looked in MY Data Series Pack that I saved from my Sea Org years. What I have is the Data Series 43R, which is the same policy basically, but earlier than the revision released as Data Series 43RA.

In Data Series 43R, L Ron says, "You've got the Guardian Office handling the public and indispensibility of Scientology. Handling the public, handling legal and handling other things. They're outward facing."

The revision of Data Series 43RA was done in part to replace the words 'Guardian Office' with the term 'Office of Special Affairs', since the handling of "enemies", legal matters, investigations, covert ops, etc. is now done by OSA.

It is interesting to note that in this Policy Letter (which is in the Management Series), LRH says "...handling other things." Some of us old timers KNOW that there are LOTS of "other things" the old GO and now OSA handle. This 'sanitary' HCO PL is of course OK for general public consumption.

The "other things" that the GO handled and OSA now handles are of course covered in CONFIDENTIAL issues, orders, programs, etc. The average $cieno will NEVER see these issues. This is why MOST $cienos actually believe that "$cientology couldn't be doing all the terrible things" that the SPs accuse the cult of doing. L Ron hid LOTS of stuff even from his own devotees. Only those entrusted (and whose job involved handling "enemies) were allowed access to the damaging upper level "3rd Dynamic Tech".

But, for a member of $cientology to say that there is "no hidden data line" would be like a citizen of the United States to claim that there are no hidden US Secret Service, CIA or FBI directives. It is just simply NOT TRUE.

I could say this till I am blue in the face or until the day I die. =46or someone in $cientology to maintain that the "Church" only operates on issues in the OEC, etc. just shows their naivete at best. IF CB is not OSA or RTC, it is very possible that she actually believes the CRAP she has been posting. MANY a good $cieno (probably most) believe the same old LIE told by Hubbard and other top management. ONLY one who has seen behind the veil knows the TRUTH. Most $cienos are too blind to even suspect otherwise.

Miss X - another Old Timer (and Big Brother's BIG Sister)


[Reposted by Beverly]


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