From: The Unpleasant Personality of Jesus Christ, C.Maine, American Atheists:

Jesus holds the same position in the Western world as Hitler formerly did in Germany, or Stalin did in Russia. From all sources -- schools, the media, and our parents -- he is represented as either a divine being or a very good and wise man.

It would be extremely disconcerting if someone as worthy as Bertrand Russell were to get this treatment, but when someone as irrational and cruel as Jesus is accorded such veneration, it is positively dangerous, as the history of the past two thousand years shows.

There is much more worth in attacking the Jesus cult than in attacking the vague god myth or in trying to prove that Jesus did not exist. Even if Jesus never lived, it would be impossible to provide evidence for this, as one cannot prove a negative.

But it is quite easy to show that the New Testament contradicts itself and that the personality represented there is far from admirable.

Jesus believed in slavery, in everlasting punishment, in devils, and many other absurdities. We can produce evidence of this from the Christians' own "holy book."

Rational humans should knock this dangerous document, the New Testament, and insist that the privileges it now has be taken away.


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