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The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.

Your question was:

> Most advanced Oracle, you that were prefect from the get-go;
> Does evolution have a goal?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} For those of you who have just joined us we're 80 minutes into the
} game here at Lyons in the Religious Cup finals. The score is still
} tied at Creation 0, Evolution 0.
} Creation has the ball; lineman Falwell is dribbling up the field.
} He's rushed by Evolution forward Richard Dawkins! Falwell makes a
} high pass upfield; it's caught on the chest by Creation forward
} Randall Terry! Terry moves around Evolution rear guard Edmund
} Spenser! He takes a shot!
} What a great leaping save by Evolution goaltender Charlie Darwin! He
} dove to the far end of the net to catch Terry's shot. The Evolution
} line is heading downfield and Darwin waits for the opening. A big
} throw! Reaches Evolution forward Stephen Jay Gould halfway up the
} field. Gould dribbles; dodges Creation's Falwell and passes to
} Dawkins! Dawkins shoots! The shot gets past Creation goaltender
} Billy Graham! It's good! Evolution has a goal!


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