Scientology Crime Syndicate

9. The Guardian's Office devised a covert operation to stop Attorney Flynn's client, LaVenda Van Schaick, from speaking outagainst the Scientology organization. The program was code named "Shake and Bake" and pursuant to the program, G.O. agents,including Gary Klinger, were sent to Massachusetts to interrogateMs. Van Schaick and to use various means to have her divorce her husband and fire Attorney Flynn, including the use of her auditinginformation.

10. The Guardian's Office perused Ms. Van Schaick's auditing files, which contained the most personal and intimate details ofher life, and extracted confidential disclosures for the purposeof using it against her in "Operation Shake and Bake".

11. The practice of reviewing confidential auditing files and extracting private and intimate details of an individual's life isa common Scientology practice. The data gleaned from anunsuspecting individual's file is commonly transmitted to "Flag" in Clearwater, Florida and to the California headquarters forextortion and blackmail. This practice occurs regularly. I have personal knowledge of auditing information being sent toClearwater and California for this purpose.


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