Laurie Appleton states:
Of course there was always a LAW of Gravity, whether it was known or not!

Someone else then asks:
Here's your chance, AppleLiar. WHAT IS the 'law of gravity'?

Laurie Appleton responds:
Well you know about the "apple" that Eve ate and gave some to Adam as well, well once you understand that then you are getting close! That event was called the "FALL"! So Isaac Newton, had an experience with an apple and a fall too didn't he? Hey, did the apple actually fall on Newton's head, or did he just observe an apple falling somewhere near to where he was sitting? Could it be that a SNAKE just happened to knock the apple and made it "fall"?

Now do you see the point? Do let me know if there is anything about which you are not completely clear! :-)


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