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Scientology Crime Syndicate

First in this series: Mr. Bob Minton describes how the syndicate planned their crimes against him before committing them. He describes an admission of premeditated guilt by one of the crime syndicate's many lawyers. This lawyer admitted to having prior knowledge of these crimes being planned and, though he didn't take part in the crimes, curiously failed to report them to the police -- a behavior contrary to what any normal citizen would do.

As you know, when a number of individuals get together to plan and perpetrate a crime, it can fall under the headings of "conspiracy to commit a crime" and can also fall under the heading of racketeering. As such they become punishable under the current set of RICO laws. Also the activities perpetrated by the crime syndicate should be punishable under the new set of anti-terrorism laws if I'm not mistaken.

Mr. Minton calls these trespassing intruders "picketers" though, as you can see by the report, they weren't in fact picketing anything. The term "wog" Mr. Minton quotes is a derogatory term used by the crime syndicate to mean anybody not a follower of the Scientology cult. "OSA" refers to the "Office of Special Affairs" -- the crime syndicate's terrorist acts planning office.
- Fredric L. Rice

Crime Syndicate Lawyer Knew Of Conspiracy In Advance And Did Nothing
Robert S. Minton writes:

4 OSA picketers were there plus a PI named Middleton from NH who I have posted about before. Mr. Middleton was hired by the Church of Scientology, on this occasion to video the picket. He has now twice confirmed his employment by the Church to the Sandown Police Chief.

One of the OSA people asked Mr. Middleton to enter my property and video whoever and whatever was going on in the swimming pool. Mr. Middleton said he refused as he did not want any criminal trespass charge to mar his PI record in NH. Not only did he refuse to break the law, he left in his car.

Only 4 OSA boys left so what do they do -- they go ahead and break the law. Hey it's "wog law" so it doesn't matter.

Hats off to you Mr. Middleton for refusing to sell your soul to these slime.

Second in this series: Mr. Minton gives a brief overview of what the crime syndicate's terrorists were doing on his property and how his local police department responded to his defense.
- Fredric L. Rice

Title: Shooting in NH: The rest of the story!
Robert S. Minton writes:

There were 2 visits by police, the first after the firing of the warning shots and all was OK with police except they suggested that a 911 call may be a better alternative. The 2nd visit was after dark about 30 minutes later, after the original single police officer responded when said 2nd officer heard another shotgun shell fired on or near my property.

He was an officer in training, knew full well about my involvement with fighting Scientology's tactics and thought we were under attack. He then called Chester, NH and Danville, NH officers for assistance. When they called the house and found only Stacy and me there they asked me to come out -- hands up -- no guns -- peacefully to explain what was going on.

Both Stacy and me told the same story to different officers at the same time 200 feet apart that we did not fire the shotgun when the officer heard it, we heard it though and then the police were on the phone to me.

I was handcuffed because I was belligerent; firstly over the indignation of this hands up bullshit -- was this supposed to be Club Med? And secondly over being manhandled by the police.

The police were doing their job to maintain their safety. My belligerence was clearly not helpful to the situation and I was handcuffed for it.

The OSA trespassers said "Hi Stacy! How is it fucking Bob?" I found this to be sufficiently over the top to leap out of the pool, run to the house and get my keys for the barn, open the barn, open my office, grab my shotgun, some shells and fire into 200 acres of hillside, at least 200 feet away from the OSA brown pants.

Ron Newman, can you please take the trouble to understand the difference between a high powered rifle that can project a bullet as much as 5 miles and a shotgun using pheasant shot.

My wife and children left Boston on Friday morning for England at 8:00am. Stacy arrived about 6:00 pm Friday from LA, on her way to Wellspring on Sunday for 2 weeks of cult rehabilition -- being paid for by my wife and me. My wife Therese was 100% aware that Stacy was arriving Friday in Boston and that we would be together Friday and Saturday.

Now what an opportunity for Miscavige, Rathbun and Rinder. Today Sunday July 26, 1998, my wife Therese receives a hand delivered 6 page letter from Rinder in England attacking Stacy as a tramp who is fucking your husband; a woman who has sucked the life and money from a long list of men; and as a woman out to manipulate your husband to spend all the family money to attack Stacy's arch enemy Scientology.

What a church!

Also, the letter included attacks on everyone I have helped --including according to Scientology, wife beaters, child molesters, whores and pornography editors -- all of which I was exposing my family-children specifically to.

You get the idea -- yada, yada, yada -- more $cientology -- more bad manners. Had I known about the letter to my wife, I might just have aimed at those OSA bastards.

Good night Marty, good night Mike and tell DM he can sleep in comfort -- no coups are coming from inside $cientology.

Please indulge me if you really care about the sham called Scientology and read: Message-ID: <35cfa9d5.5504069@news.tiac.net> entitled:

Scientology versus Democracy Redux.

Bob Minton

Third in this series: The crime syndicate has a long history of assault against innocent people and -- freakishly -- against symbols of their evil hatred with their firearms.
- Fredric L. Rice

Time Magazine, in its May 6, 1991 issue states:

"Obsessed with security, church boss David Miscavige reportedly like to shoot photos of perceived enemies with a .45 automatic..."


Cult's private detective fires at journalists
The Sunday Times, 8 November 1987
by Richard Palmer

A PRIVATE detective, employed by representatives of the Church of Scientology cult to investigate one of its opponents, shot at a Sunday Times reporter and photographer and threatened to kill them last week.

The detective, Jarl Grieve Einar Cynewulf, fired a pistol at the journalists after saying. "You'd better go now unless you want to end up in a wooden box. Do you want to be another Hungerford martyr?"

Although the gun was fired from close range, the journalists escaped unharmed after a chase through the streets near Cynewulf's home in Oldland Common, Bristol, on Thursday night.

Earlier, the private detective had said that the Church of Scientology had paid him $2,500 to smear the author of a critical new book on the late L. Ron Hubbard. Cynewulf said he had been told he could name his price if he could produce evidence that Russell Miller, the author, was an agent of the CIA.

Miller's book, Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L Ron Hubbard, is currently being serialized in The Sunday Times despite protests and harassment from representatives of the church's 6m members worldwide. The book challenges the authorized church version of Hubbard's life and implies that he was a liar and a cheat.

The scientologists, who have been criticized by judges in Britain, Australia and the United States for breaking up families and brainwashing devotees, have employed numerous lawyers and private detectives in an attempt to discredit Miller and prevent the book being published.

Cynewulf is one of several private detectives who have been asked to find a link between the CIA and Miller, a former Sunday Times journalist. The church wants to represent Miller as someone acting on instructions from the secret service because it believes the CIA is behind investigations into its tax affairs in the US.

It also fears the secret service is attempting to get the church banned, and any hint that Miller has links with the intelligence services would enable scientologists to discredit the book.

Although Cynewulf is clearly eccentric, to say the least, it is clear from his detailed knowledge of Miller's private life that he has been briefed and done work on the case. He repeated virtually all the charges, many never published, that have been leveled against Miller by other private detectives.

Cynewulf said he had been employed by Virginia Snyder, a private detective in Delray Beach, Florida, who had been paid by the Church of Scientology. Snyder, who admitted that she had employed Cynewulf on another case and had recommended him to other clients, refused either to confirm or deny that she had worked with him on the scientology case on the grounds that she would be in breach of her client s confidence.

While she confirmed that she is a friend of L. Fletcher Prouty, Hubbard's authorized biographer who has been part of the campaign to discredit Miller, she said he had not asked her to investigate Miller.

During a three-hour conversation last Wednesday afternoon, Cynewulf told a Sunday Times reporter that Miller's phone calls and mail were being intercepted and his house in Buckinghamshire was under close surveillance.

He said that although there was no evidence that Miller had any links with the intelligence community, some investigators would stop at nothing to frame him. "I think Miller is at risk," he said. "People acting for the church are willing to pay large sums for men to discredit him. These bastards will stop at nothing."

He said he was so disgusted with what was happening that he had told Snyder, his boss in Florida, that he no longer wished to work on the case. He said Snyder had also stopped working for the cult.

But following a telephone conversation with her on Thursday morning, Cynewulf said had been instructed to say nothing about the case.

Experts at the Royal Ordnance factory at Enfield, north London, have provisionally identified the weapon used by Cynewulf as an Israeli 0.357 Magnum Desert Eagle pistol.

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET


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