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It is long since time that fundamentalists of every stripe be recognized for the mental cases they truly are... Religious freedom does not include nor suggest the right of idiots and lunatics to impose their phobias and delusions upon others.


Israel Mayor Fights Religious Group

.c The Associated Press

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Israel is in danger of becoming another Iran, the mayor of Tel Aviv warned Sunday at the launching of an organization to battle religious coercion.

The new group, called the Public Committee in Support of Freedom of Religion in Israel, will be co-chaired by Roni Milo, Tel Aviv's secular mayor, and Avraham Burg, chairman of Israel's Jewish Agency and an observant Jew.

At a press conference in Tel Aviv, Milo called for putting a check on the power of the nation's ultra-religious minority.

"Today we see women broadcasters on Iranian television with veils covering their faces," Milo said. "I don't exclude the possibility that we will see women broadcasters on Israeli television wearing long sleeves because to do otherwise offends offends the feelings of the ultra-religious public who dictate in Israel today what will happen in the future."

The organization will work to gain public support for the passage of so-called "freedom of religion" legislation that calls for greater separation of religion and state.

Friction between the country's ultra-religious minority and its secular majority has increased in recent months.

Milo, who has positioned himself as a leading voice against religious coercion, recently formed a liberal centrist party and announced plans to run for prime minister in elections scheduled for 2000.

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