Samuel Lee said to Marty Leipzig:
SL> Tim Lahaye and John Morris have done some exhaustive
SL> research and published it as _The ARK on Ararat_
SL> (1976 time-life). They list 58 distinctive flood
SL> myths attributed to N. American Indian Cultures.

David Rice: You are just being silly. LaHaye and Morris, besides being certifiable madmen, are not competent to "research" these issues. Indeed, anthropologists who have studied for decades in the field and in the class room would never be so bold and arrogant as to make the claims these ignorant Creationists (redundant) make.

Most Native American populations did not have any "flood myths." Some of the surviving ones do not. And it is even probable that the few tribes that did have "flood myths" did not until Spain landed in the new world and spread the myths. By the time anthropologists got around to asking tribes about their myths, they had been Christianized for a century or two.

Samuel Lee: SL> Nuff said...?

David Rice: ROTFL! "I broke his arm and he's in the hospital. 'Nuff said."

Marty Leipzig:
ML> No, as it's bullshit and you're still no where near
ML> substantiating your claim that "all" cultures have a
ML> flood myth.

David Rice: The ones that do probably aquired them from their Christian masters.

Marty Leipzig
ML> You conveniently forgot to mention the Govi nomads I
ML> mentioned earlier. They have no flood myth, so that
ML> alone invalidates your specious claim. The fact that
ML> there are many other civilizations that do not also
ML> have a flood myth merely further debunks your claim.

David Rice: Case in point: the Miwok / Inneko tribes. They are roughly grouped into four tribes, three of which had early Christian contact and the forth of which were geographically seperate. Guess which three have "an ancient flood myth" and guess which one doesn't.... you have four guesses. :-)

The Hookooeko of the Wiwok group have an "ancient flood myth" where four days or rain caused by Coyote-man so he could capture a spouse. He then planted four bundles of feathers in the ground, from which the four tribes sprung up. If the Creationists desire "equal time," I'd be happy to teach this in science class.

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