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Miss X Files #18 Forgery of NOTS claimed by cult
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:50:26 -0400

I could be wrong, but I believe time will show that the cult's claim that the NOTS are "forgeries" means nothing more than the fact that they are maintaining that the copies on file in Zenon's and Grady's cases are "counterfeit" or "unauthorized" copies. In other words, I believe the cult will argue that the copies are not "originals", but that they are photocopies, and as such are "forgeries".

The reason I state this: I have seen other cases regarding their copyrights and trade secrets. The cult maintained that they have always kept their "secret scriptures" under the tightest security and that the only time they have gotten out is in Denmark when they were stolen. I am not ageeeing that this contention of the "church" is true, rather only that they will alledge it.

Miss X - Another Old Timer

>>scott goehring wrote:
>>> In article <gradyE0260u.KC@netcom.com>, Grady Ward
>>> <grady@netcom.com> wrote:
>>> >I found out that the criminal cult is telling the Judge that the NOTs
>>> >that I filed under seal is a *forgery*. Now why would they say that?
>>> >Perhaps the contents of the sealed exhibit will magically change
>>> >while in their custody?
>>> well, gee, if they're forgeries, you should move to vacate the seal,
>>> and further Zenon should demand that all the actions against him be
>>> dropped. if they're forgeries, then RTC has no trade secret or
>>> copyright interests in the materials, after all.
>>> it sickens me how these slimeballs run circles around estoppel.


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