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Berlin, Germany
April 22, 2000
Berliner Morgenpost

Approximately 500 sects are active in Germany, about 20 of which are counted as the hard core. These organizations make their living by more successfully fighting for the hearts and brains (and wallets) of potential adherents than does the competition. Scientology is one of the leaders of the psycho-market. According to its own figures, the Hubbard sect - which does not see itself as a sect - has eight million members worldwide; in Germany, where Scientology is under surveillance by Constitutional Security, there is an estimated 5,000 members. The German branches of the sect can survive only through massive financial support from the USA. Scientology is recognized as a church there and has prominent adherents, such as in the actors' circles in Hollywood. The secret intelligence service of the organization is also resident to the USA. Its Office of Special Affairs spies on and harasses its opponents worldwide. Scientology's operations are directed towards maximizing profit. Not only are members relieved of their collected fortunes in subtle ways, but Scientology itself has turned into a commercial organization which does everything it can to keep that aspect of its existence unrecognized.


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