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7 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom4.netcom.com>

After playing a little with the buses, I got out there about 7 am, parked on the west end next to where Ashlee was killed.

Thug2 (who did not show yesterday) and the older guy came trudging down from the main gate. Thug 2 came up close and started right in bull baiting. I called 911, and he split back to the guard house, and Edwin took his place. After thug 2 went into hiding, I canceled the 911 call.

I only did one end to end circuit before something else came up which (eventually) involved going over toward San Diego. Spent about an hour in stopped traffic on Hwy 60 because a truck full of boulders spilled them all over both sides of the roadway. I have pictures which (if anyone is interested) I can scan and post.

I am back in Palo Alto for a few days. I can assure you that more picketing of gold base is coming up. If you want to be part, let me know.

And my sincere thanks to those who are sending gifts to support the picketing. I had rather you picket, but for any reason from corns to there not being a scn org for a thousand miles, you can support others.

Keith Henson
Box 60012
Palo Alto, CA 94306


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