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08 Jul 2000

realpch <realpch@aol.com>

All right, so I'm seriously downstat, having failed to write a report on I think the last two pickets I attended. Here is my makeup essay.

My picket signs (I have two) are made of 1/4 inch foam core. I cut two pieces the same size, and sketched out the lettering on them in pencil, and then lettered them with permanent black markers. If you make a mistake on one side, you can do the other side. Once you have two sides you like, of the same size, you take two yardsticks, tape them together with clear packing tape, then tape them to the back side of one of your signs. Then take the second sign, and tape that to the first, taping around the edges in several places with clear packing tape. Don't forget to tape next to the yardsticks.

What you will wind up with is a fairly sturdy, lightweight sign, which is easy to control. Why is it easy to control? The flat yardsticks give your hands a clue as to which way the sign is pointing. If the wind comes up, my signs are flexible enough not to break, and I can easily grab them and hold them by their edges.

I wish to emphatically state, one must know where one's signs are at all times during a picket! This includes the sign's handle. Xenu would be most displeased to hear that a picketer had poked someone's eye out inadvertently. Also, if you have a sign, you've made it hoping that the public will read it, so be aware if you are holding it in such a manner that the public CAN read it. Large fairly bold lettering will be most visible at a distance.

Thank you for your kind attention!


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