Scientology Crime Syndicate

08 Jul 2000

Hartley Patterson <hpttrsn@REMOVE.ME.vossnet.co.uk>

Weather spotty showers, some sunshine.

The OT intention beams got through again. Last time I had the flu, this time a cold. A-choo!

Jens, Dave Bird and myself were joined by four local SPs for a peaceful picket. I chatted briefly to one handler who promised to send me proof of the Church of Scientology's 8 million members and continuing expansion, swopped tracts with some friendly Christians. It was evidently a good day for canvassing, besides the body routers there was Oxfam, Animal Rights and several others.

Picture on alt.binaries.scientology. Great idea Bob!

"I think of my beautiful city in flames"
A medieval spreadsheet, enturbulating entheta, how to outrun
Thread and some riddles preciousss....


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