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08 Jul 2000

Andreas Heldal-Lund - www.xenu.net <heldal@online.no>

Article from Metro Sunday Times, July 2 2000. South Africa:


"Anti-Scientologist stands his ground against 'evil cult'"

"The land belonging to Woodmead High School -- one of Johannesburg's most famous and progressive schools -- is at the centre of a fight with the Church of Scientology.

"Bob Glenister, co-director of Woodmead Holdings, which owns the land on which the now closed Woodmead High School stood, is locked in a legal battle to prevent the Church of Scientology from buying the northern Johannesburg property for R3.4-million because he believes the controversial group is "morally abhorrent".

"Woodmead High became the first school in South Africa to defy apartheid and accepted children of all races and was the first to replace the prefect system with a democratically elected school council. It closed in 1998 due to financial difficulties.

"The Church of Scientology has made an offer of R3.4-million for the [?] piece of land, near Sandton. Bob Glenister said he was "morally" opposed to selling the land to Scientologists.

""It's just not acceptable to sell the land to these people. In my opinion they're evil and take advantage of people who are in need of spiritual or psychological help."

"Glenister said he had researched the "cult" extensively. "We believe that every individual has the right to have his opinion heard and a right to practice what he believes in. The Woodmead school always stood for ideas and freedom of expression. But the Scientologists are into mind control. They morally blackmail the people to stay in the institution."

"Scientology is described by its followers as a religious philosophy focusing on "spiritual awareness".

"Although Glenister has received other offers for the land, he is unable to accept them as he is locked in a legal battle with Standard Bank in the Johannesburg High Court. He owes the bank almost R3-million, and the bank is trying to liquidate him.

"Because of a legal technicality, Woodmead Holdings needs the bank's permission to sell the land.

"In court papers, the bank says it prefers to sell the property to the Church of Scientology. But Glenister claims there have been other offers -- including one of R4.4 million -- which he should be able to accept.

""If we can get more money from elsewhere why on earth should we be forced to accept this offer by the Scientologists?" he said.

"Standard Bank's Roger Baker, who is involved in the court action, would not comment.

"In court papers, Glenister said: "[Woodmead Holdings] finds it morally abhorrent that the property should be sold to an organisation which propagates the belief and carries on the practices of the Church Of Scientology."

"The Church of Scientology described the legal wrangle as "ridiculous". Paul Sondergaard, a director of the church, said Glenister's personal view was affecting the wellbeing of Woodmead Holdings.

""The idea was for us to put our ecclesiastical management and training centre there [at Woodmead}", he said. "[Glenister] clearly has his views on Scientology which are affecting his decisions."

"Sondergaard said many people still held a negative view of the religion, which was officially recognised by the Department of Home Affairs in March this year when 12 ministers were granted permission to perform marriages.

""But we already have close to 10 million parishioners worldwide."

[picture of Bob with the text: "MORAL STAND: Bob Glenister digs in"]

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