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11 Jul 2000

catarina@pamnell.com (Catarina Pamnell)

The ARSCC(wdne) Scandinavia did put in a small picket, or rather leaflet run, of Europe's OT Capital last Saturday.

Guest stars: Carina and Lennart from our invisible Stockholm office.

Permanent fixtures: Catarina representing the C Org, and Ake Wiman as the evil genius. (I have now gotten my hands on documentation that reveals Ake's connections to psychiatry, CIA and the international bankers. Must be true 'cause the CoS says so.)

Handlers: OSA PR Anette Refstrup, Erik (I know his last name but always forget it, my Danish isn't what it should be) who seems to be HCO. Also present green-shirted OT and ill security guard.

Handouts: 250 "Beware", warning of the personality test trick, high prices, etc. A5 size in a choice of colors, one side in Danish, the other in English - there are hordes of tourists in central Copenhagen in the summer, so this expands our audience (we actually picked up this idea from the local Moonies)

All four of us got to Copenhagen in the afternoon. We were there for other reasons, but also wanted to throw in some leafletting activity. Started at about 17.00, me and Carina went off in one direction, while the boys had to take care of themselves. We made a quick turn around Radhusplads, the central square, and then a tour passing the AO, DK org and the Nordland, leafletting as we went.

Carina wanted to see the places - she had not been there for years. She briefly got into scientology some years ago when she got a job at U-man, a WISE consultant company. Soon her friends started to worry about what they saw as negative changes in her personality, and eventually convinced her to speak with an exit counsellor (in this case Ake). After that she "snapped out of it" as she puts it, and decided to leave.

The story of our second guest, Lennart, was that he met a wonderful woman who was a scientologist. For her sake he did a course at the org and almost joined staff - as a retired dentist, he now had a lot of spare time and thought it might be nice to spend some of it on church work. But he wasn't really convinced by the course. When he finally told his friend that he didn't really want to be a scientologist, she made it clear that then their romance would be over. He got very surprised and hurt.

The scientologists were not bothering us this time. Kept us under observation, but no in-your-face tactics. I don't think they even filmed, a guard had the video cam out but I didn't see him using it. So it was just a nice walk in the sunshine.

After 30 minutes we all got together again, and realized we had already distributed 200+ handouts. Ake wanted to save the last few for later, so we headed for the Scala, which is a kind of restaurant-cinema-shopping mall just across from the AO and our usual hang-out. Time for snacks and drinks, and to socialize with some other visiting Swedes who turned up.

For some reason, the guys later still yearned to talk to the handlers (those conversations don't entertain me as much, but each to their own). We gave out the last few leaflets, while talking with Anette and Erik, and for a while Green-shirted OT. Neither Anette nor Erik are Clear - must be kind of weird to make press statements to counter Xenu stories, when you are not yourself OT and don't really know for sure what's in the materials. But it's part of the game, I guess. At least Anette said she had looked at www.xenu.net (I don't know if that meant actually reading the stuff on it)

I got a bit worried about the security guard who was standing beside us. He was quite visibly ill. Of course, scientologists also get ill, and I wasn't particularly surprised that the guy worked when he looked as if he belonged in bed. It did surprise me a bit that they put him right in front of the building though, not very good PR. I made an attempt to tell Erik in a nice way that his guard looked physically ill, which he answered with a smug grin "I know where I have my people, I can observe too, you know". Well, he can be smug all he wants, I just hope the guy did get medical attention.

Some time after 20.00 we packed it in for the day, off to dine, plot and scheme with another set of SPs.

Secret note to the ARSCC(wdne) Dept of Marketing: OSA PR Anette said she didn't mind this leaflet so much, and expressed satisfaction that there was nothing on Lisa McPherson in it. Please adjust our next order accordingly. Standard payment routines. OSA PR has not, repeat not, traced distribution channels - still believe the Ake cover story (Ake writing leaflets in Danish - LOL!)



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