Scientology Crime Syndicate

13 Jul 2000

Fredric L. Rice

Mr. Frank Ofman is not being at all truthful about the Scientology cult's involvement in the matter of Thomas C. Padgett. In the letter that Ofman wrote to your paper, he vaguely makes the unwarranted accusation that Mr. Padgett isn't "[providing] the proper food, clothing, and shelter for his children..."

The Scientology cult calls the unfounded and vague accusations they use against critics "dead agenting," following a policy their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard wrote on 30/May/74. Mr. Padgett's wife is a follower of the cult. Even as Mr. Padgett struggles to maintain the health and wellbeing of his children, he (and everyone else who knows this cult) is fully aware that the cult's leaders wind up with whatever money their cult followers are able to scrape up.

Insanely, Mr. Ofman quotes from his mad messiah about loving and helping one's children. Well, in 1951, Hubbard kidnapped his daughter Alexis and later threatened his estranged wife, saying "Alexis will get a fortune unless she goes to you as she would then get nothing" -- this while Hubbard was on the lam from authorities, hiding out in Cuba. Funny how Ofman some how "forgot" to mention that quote, isn't it?

One really can't blame Ofman for his behavior. On September 12'th, 1998, he physically attacked multi-millionaire and Scientology critic Robert Minton outside of the cult's offices in Boston. Video tape and photographs of the attack are all over the Internet, in fact, so that one can see what kind of people fall for this criminal cult. The cult only wants money. Hubbard wrote what he called his "governing policy" of Scientology. It states, "Make money, make more money, make others produce so as to make money." That's the primary driving force in Scientology and the cult's motivation for the harassment of Mr. Padgett is revealed for all to see.


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