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12 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Yesterday the Riverside 911 sheriff office (which the CHP vectored me to) was unable to dispatch because I didn't have the address.

So this morning (7 am) I did, and when Edwin Richardson and thug 2 were sent out, I called and sure enough a while later no fewer than three Sheriff deputies showed up, all at once. I was on the west going leg almost in front of the main gate at the time.

I got the Deputies names, Rahn, Pauling and Kurycowicz (not certain on the last spelling). Appologies for missing ranks. If the Hemet office wants to print out copies of this post and put in in their personell files, this is one citizen who *really* appreciates their responding to a citizen exercising his right to protest. (And I told them so on the spot.)

Turned out that one of them reads a.r.s, or (it wasn't entirely clear) perhaps another deputy reads it. Anyway they were familiar with the whole story dating back to Helena Kobrin's rmgroup.

Ken Hoden came out. The guy looks worse than the last time I saw him. A huge bunch of the staff walked by south of the main gate in sight of three sheriff cars with flashing lights and one guy with a sign which asked on one side "What happened to Stacey Moxon Myer" and on the other, "Knowing How to Know is Knowing When to Blow!"

Later in the picket, while being followed by two very silent thugs at a good distance, I saw one of the buses turn in at the eastern most gate. They are totally disrupting traffic in a hopeless attempt to avoid staff seeing me.

When I decided they had had enough picketing for the morning, I tossed my sign in my car (which was on the west end next to where Ashlee Shaner died) left my thug escort walking back, and drove through the complex to the east end, in sight of (*)'s house. Parked, jumped out and did a few minutes of picketing without my escort. I am sure (*) started screaming at people because I had just tossed my sign in the car when Richardson and thug 2 came tearing up in a black truck. They tried to get my attention, but I was not interested in talking to them.

I think I figured out why the thugs were assigned to me. I mentioned in a posting of some Xenu/OT3 flyers being handed through the fence. I think the thugs are out there to be sure no more of them go through the fence. I really wonder what happened to the ones inside. Were they turned in? Did the people hide them? Were any copies made? Ah, in the answers to such questions lies the measure of the effectiveness of a wasp.

Keith Henson,
Reporting from the Hemet front


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