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13 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Afternoon report.

*Serious* entheta kept me busy through the heat of the day, but I got back out there a little after 4:30. I was interested in seeing the buses take staff back to their apartments, but this was not to be. It seems (*) had given orders that the buses not be moved while an SP was nearby . . .

Richardson and thug 2 didn't pick up on me till I had walked most the way from the west end to the main gate. They were both in bullbait mode, but I don't think their hearts were really in it. The CHP/Deputies wanted me to get a secret tape of them bullbaiting, so I did. I will get the tape over to the deputies in the morning, but it was more pathetic than anything else.

One of the best was an accusation of having sex with a woman who was not my wife in front of kids--in the front yard. Of course, everybody knows you do that in the *back* yard. :-)

After one pass to the east end of the complex, I stayed near the west end where the buses are parked. 5 pm and no movement, 5:30, still there, 6, 6:30, thug 2 gave up at 6:45 and Richardson followed 5 minutes later. 7 pm and the buses had not moved. Finally pity for those who had been there since 7 am got to me. (Though they might have moved them back to the apartments in the small vans.)

I think by preventing buses from operating this afternoon I equaled (but did not exceed) Bruce Pettycrew's SP powerz of hardening concrete in a wheelbarrow.

I have a hard time *imagining* what it must be like inside the cult's compound. The dwarf must be spitting fire in all directions at the complete mess *one* wog is causing. Of course, I have to give credit where credit is due to (*) for acting like a madman.

Sweet paranoid dreams Davie.

Keith Henson,
Reporting from the Hemet front.

PS, Is another letter coming to Ida?


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